Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing


Hello CREW… 💘                                         11-09-17

22 CHS Alumni  enjoyed  an OUTSTANDING
            event last night at Norman’s in Cocoa.
L – R      Jerry Smith, George Reinhart,
            Karen Kamin, Bill Hibbard, Bill Weinberg,
            Carole Saxe,  Linda, Jack and Dan Young!

  L – R       Gerri Dutcher, Barbara Bolte,
         Roy Tharpe, Sherri Gentry, Priscilla Firkins,
     Clark True, Judy Denny, Mary Laycock, Laura
     Minot, Tom McFarland, Ruth Zedalis, Indian.

BIG THANK YOU!  Lois 🌹 Atkinson for pictures.
               SERVER:       Brandy was Excellent! 

November 11th     A Salute to Veterans!
             Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex 
    Veterans admitted   FREE   November 10 – 12
   and 50% off admission for up to three guests.    
          Bring your DD214 or Veterans ID Card.
  Also  Nov 11 & 12  Titusville Warbird Museum. 

   Many More  –   Locations Honoring Veterans:

Attention On Deck!   US Navy  considering
re-activating a WWII  IOWA Class Battleship. 😲
      Ugh!  Need ex-Navy Indian???    Go Navy!  
Next event:   Beef O’ Brady’s  on Merritt Island.
                                  Visit: # 9        Last: 06-29-16  

A professional writer is an amateur
                            who didn’t quit.  – Richard Bach

Sent from my I-teepee,  practice, practice, practice!   😉


Did you set your clocks BACK 1 HOUR? Be on time for Norman’s event!

Hello CREW…                                                     11-05-17

          Did you set your clocks    BACK  1  HOUR?  
                       Be on time for Norman’s event!   
  Memories, memories…  CREW  started  here! 
Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event 

  5:00 PM    Wednesday    November 8, 2017
    Norman’s Raw Bar & Grille  
              3  Forrest Avenue,  Cocoa  433-0872
                                Visit: # 21       Last:  07-26-17  
Old School memories… Nov. 8th is Dunce Day!
  Dunce Cap:  Duns Scotus of Duns, Scotland medieval
    scholar, believed that cone shaped hats increased
  learning potential.  Knowledge would flow from the
    point of the cap down into the head of the wearer,
     making that person smarter. This would motivate
          wearer to learn more, to be rid of the cap.
                                Worked  for  me!   😉
Pickled eggs?  Emoji     Place hard boiled eggs in a jar,
     add can of beets, cover with vinegar, wait 2 days. 
Preserves EGGS so that they can be eaten weeks later.
 Favorite snack in pubs, bars anywhere beer is served.  
       Remember them at Triangle Bar in Rockledge?  😉

Another CHS memory… French Fries and Mayonnaise.  
Even if we can’t be happy,
               we must always be cheerful.  – Irving Kristol 

Sent from my I-teepee,  CREW events are always CHEERFUL! 

It was HUGE! 21 CHS Classmates met at Ashley’s.

Hello CREW… 💘                                                       11-02-17

 It was HUGE!   21 CHS Classmates   met at Ashley’s.

                  Another  VERY HAPPY  Wednesday event. 😁

Kudo’s!  ⚾  Baseball  Champions  –  Houston Astro’s.

Pic 1  L – R  Judy Denny, Mary Laycock, George Reinhart,
                       Gregg Seitner, Carole Saxe, Bill Weinberg,
                                       John & Peggy Ramsey.
Pic 2  L – R           Corinne Bowley, Myrna Swindell,
  Priscilla Firkins, Clark True, Indian, Linda & Jack Young,
               Roy Tharpe, Gerri Dutcher, David Alexander.
                           Not in pic,  Charlie & Gerry Murray.
           THANK YOU,   Lois  🌹 Atkinson for the pictures.
               SERVER:   Christie was, as always  EXCELLENT.

Don’t forget! 🕐  Set clocks BACK 1 hour this Sunday!
Info a Day Late?  lol  👺
“Witch”  stems from the Old English word  wicce,
                    which means “wise woman.”  😉
Trick-or-Treating goes back 2,000 years to Ancient Celts.
They celebrated a pagan festival called     Samhain     on
November 1 that marked the end of the harvest season.
Night before they believed the dead returned as ghosts.
They left food and wine  on doorsteps to appease them.
8th century Christian church replaced Sahmain with ALL
SAINTS DAY or All Hallows of course became Halloween.
“Bitch”…  Now that is another story for another day! 😉 

Next event:      Norman’s Sports Bar in Cocoa
                                         Visit: # 21    Last:  07-26-17  
In times like these, it helps to recall that there
           have always been times like these.  – Paul Harvey

Sent from my I-teepee, Take note, these are the  Good ole Days!

Digger O’Dell

Hello CREW… 💘                                          10-29-17


  5:00 PM   Wednesday   November 1, 2017

          Ashley’s  Restaurant

                1609  Highway 1    Rockledge, Fl   636-6430


                           Visit: # 102    Last:  10-04-17

Celebrating  CHS Alumni   Nov. Birthdays:

       01  John Ramsey   02  Patsy Johnson   02  Jimmy Sisco

        3  Nap Salvial   08  Barbara Bolte   10  Amber Forrest 

        11  Fred Tucker   13  Judy Berghult   18  Suanna Bird

        24  Lynn Krnoul   26  Alice Barron   26  Anne Barron

              27  Helen Granger       31  Digger O’Dell 

Oct 29th  Nat’l  Hermit  Day  Anyone you know?

      A day to spend quietly by yourself in seclusion.  

        Hermit –  Latin ĕrēmīta, meaning  “of the desert”.  

Oct 30th  Space X Falcon 9   🚀   Launch 2 PM

What’s New?

    Stay tuned CREW  –  places to visit soon?

Malibu’s in Rockledge has been replaced by   

Ice House Seafood & Sport Grille.

*   German Beer Garden,  Delannoy Ave, Cocoa  TBD. 

*   Time-Out Sports Bar in Cocoa.                   Visit # 2

              Sound deadener in work.  We will re-visit then.

*   Alfredos Paradiso 217 Crockett Blvd, M.I.  Visit # 1  

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen,

the moon laughs and whispers, ’tis near Halloween.

                                                           –  Author Unknown

Sent from my I-teepee   Ha-Na-Toche!   ( go away evil spirits )

       10-29-62   55 years ago today, Indian joined  US Navy,

                   after I found out they let Indians serve.  😉 

14 CHS Alumni really enjoyed the Olive Garden

Hello CREW… 💘                                                10-26-17

14 CHS Alumni  really enjoyed the Olive Garden!

   Food and Service  (Taylor & Andrew)  were excellent.  

           Sorry no picture, check your Year Book.  😉


             Clark True, Sherri Gentry, Gregg Seitner, 

          Harvey Baker, Sandy Mangum, Ann Driskill,

         Bill Weinberg, Carole Saxe, David Alexander,

            Mary Laycock, Laura Minot, Judy Denny,

                        Jack Crockett,  and one Indian.

Sad news – Antoine Dominique Domino passed. 😢

               a.k.a.  “Fats”   Most of us have listened

            and danced to his great Rock n Roll songs.


                         This one and soooo many more! 

What?  Vladimir Putin…  sings  Blueberry Hill!  😉  
Can’t  BEET  it!   😉       Did you know?
       Beets  possess high levels of antioxidant and
      anti-inflammatory compounds that can assist
      in lowering the risk of certain types of cancer
   and offer resistance against harmful carcinogens.
     Romans considered beets to be an aphrodisiac
             and they promoted amorous feelings.
Eat your Borscht  – Russian Beet Soup. Yep! It helps!  lol 
Next event:  Ashley’s November B-Day Celebration
                                 Visit: # 102      Last:  10-04-17

The more joy we have,
                the more nearly perfect we are.  –  Spinoza

Sent from my I-teepee,  Firewater,  helping Indians find  joy?

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid. – Ben Franklin

Hello CREW… 💘                                                                   10-22-17

Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event 
       5:00 PM   Wednesday   Oct 25, 2017  
    205  E.  Merritt Island cswy    459-0306
                  Location of the OTHER  BEST  “Lasagna”   😁
                               Visit:  # 9        Last:  05-31-17 

A coincidence ?   On the computer news page this  A.M. 
        7  Things you never knew about  Olive Garden?
Another coincidence   ??    Wed  Oct 25th  is  World Pasta Day
    Established as an annual event at first World Pasta Congress
         held on October 25, 1995 in Rome, Italy.   Viva Vino & Pasta! 
Third coincidence      ???    Next to Kelsey’s, the  Olive Garden
                                                     has the best  Lasagna  in the area! 

Fourth Coincidence ????
        Ole BillyTwoBeers  will be there…   WILL YOU?  😉

Indian suggests you try  Merlot 🍷 Ecco Domani  w/dinner.
Magnifico Wine  –  Hot Squaws  –  Fast Ponies,  Life Is Good!  😈 

We are all born ignorant, but one must

                           work hard to remain stupid.  –  Ben Franklin

Sent from my I-teepee,   Ugh!  Must  not  be  working  too  hard?  😉  lol 

Retirement life is Terrific

Hello CREW…  💘                                             10-19-17

15 CHS Classmates and Friends enjoyed El Tucan.

        The Food, Service and Margarita’s were GREAT! 



L – R     Bill Weinberg, Carole Saxe, Clark True,

     Ann Driskill, Myrna Swindell, Sandy Mangum,

Harvey Baker, Indian, Gerri Dutcher, Sherri Gentry,

         Gregg Seitner, Mary Laycock, Judy Denny, 

           Laura Minot, not in picture Roy Tharpe.

               SERVER:   Savanna was excellent!

 Special THANKS! 😊 –  Harvey Baker for arranging 

 seating for our large CREW with the management.

Oct 19th       Evaluate your life day.  

                     Can it get any better than this?  😁

Retirement life is Terrific! 

Happy Birthday   –   this Friday to Classmate
 Allen Scott in Bangkok, Thailand.  CHS Football #41
                   and my friend for over 60 years.   

Next event:     Olive Garden Italian on M. I.
                                       Visit:  # 9        Last:  05-31-17 

Be kind, for everyone you meet,
                               is fighting a hard battle.  – Plato

Sent from my I-teepee, Fla Seminole Tribe is still unbeaten! 

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. – Abraham Lincoln

Hello CREW… 💘                                                       1O-15-17

Si Amigo’s!  Zee Burrito’s  R  theese  beeg!

   Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event

       Cinco PM     Wednesday     Oct 18, 2017
El Tucan Mexican Restaurant, M. I. 
            225 N. Sykes Creek Parkway M.I.  453-7501
About a 100 yards North of  HOOTERS!
  What    Sneaky
        Click for zee MENU!

No Alumni news,  so below some things you  might
find interesting? 

October, 2017     This week the  Apocalypse  begins?

         According to conspiracy theorist, David Meade.

            Reported by:  Newsweek, Time and The Sun.

                 Ugh!  Hope it can wait till after we visit El Tucan?

Up In Smoke! 😲  No wonder some folks in California

  are  STONED!  Hundreds of acres of marijuana farms

         have burned due to recent uncontrolled fires.

              Hummm  David M. was probably there  Inhaling! 

October 18th  –      No Beard Day, time to shave?

Do you remember what you looked like?

Nascar Fan?  🏁  Gov. Kay Ivey declared Sunday as

          Dale Earnhardt Jr. Day  in the State of Alabama.

Most folks are about as happy as they

         make up their minds to be.   –  Abraham Lincoln

Sent from my I-teepee, Indians try to be  HAPPY  every day! 

Gumbo – African word for Okra

Hello CREW… 💘                                                    10-12-17

    19 CHS Alumni   “shrimping”  at Fl Seafood C.B. 

  Left:      Bill Hardy, Gregg Seitner, David Alexander,
                     Sherri Gentry, Ann Driskill, Clark True,
                Priscilla Firkins, Bill Weinberg, Carole Saxe,
             Gerri Dutcher, Harvey Baker, Sandy Mangum.

 Right:    Midge Koch, Laura Minot, George Reinhart,
Lois Atkinson, Judy Denny, Mary Laycock, Conrad Koch.
        SERVER:  Chelsey was VERY GOOD!   She took pic.

NOTED:   With all the troubling events in America
          and the world, this  CREW of CHS “Kids”  are still
            enjoying friendship’s formed, a long time ago.
      The stories they tell.  YOU  should have been there! 

I Got Mine!   Don’t wait,  GET YOUR FLU SHOT!  😰
Gumbo 4 Me? 😋     Today is National Gumbo Day!
                                      Gumbo  –  African word for Okra.
         Enjoy Louisiana Cajun cooking and Zydeco music.
                  Cajun’s are descendants of French Canadians.

Next Event:       El Tucan Mexican on M.I.
                                     Visit # 16     Last:  07-19-17

A bank is a place that will lend you money
     if you can prove that you don’t need it.  –  Bob Hope

Sent from my I-teepee, sell buffalo hides & beads, get  GUMBO!

McDonald’s just launched a Vegan Burger

Hello CREW… 💘                                           10-08-17

     Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW  event:

5:00 PM   WEDNESDAY   Oct 11, 2017


               480 West Cocoa Beach Causeway

         Cocoa Beach, Florida  32931    784-0892


                              Ahhh   SEE  Food   –   order it!

         Try to arrive before  5 PM  that is when we order.

What?  McDonald’s just launched a Vegan Burger.

                         McVegan’s   for  the  CREW?  😉

Monday –      Columbus Day.   Wonder if ole Chris

                        “Took A Knee”  when he arrived?  lol   

Pendejo!  (pen de ho)  Spanish for “Stupid or Idiot”.

                            Just thought you would like to know.

Follow up…       Do any of you remember  WHO 

         was involved in the painting of CHS in 1959?

                    Steve Moorehead bought the paint?

The measure of who we are is what we do

                   with what we have.   – Vince Lombardi

Sent from my I-teepee, teepee need smoke signal upgrade! 

Big Trout in River.jpg