Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

On Wed 29 June 2011 … the ole catfish were jumpin at Corky Bells

Hello CREW…Red rose 06-30-11

Yep! Party smile The ole  Catfish were jumpin!    Dinner at Corky Bells was fun!

Attendees: Clark True, George & Lois Reinhart, Bob & Diane Likon
Craig and Tammy Likon, Jane Likon, Greg Seitner,
Dan Shoemaker, Myrna Swindell  and ole B-T-B.
OBJECTION YOUR HONOR!   The Indian known as ole B-T-B  was not there!
“Sustained”!   The Court instructs the CREW to ignore that statement!
The Court will subpoena the ole Indian to determine if a Contempt of
Court charge is in order.  Bailiff issue a bench warrant for B-T-B! 

Thanks to Clark True for the REAL STORY !    Maybe all the rain, lightning and

thunder scared the ole Indian!  Or maybe he was attending a Side-Bar? lol
“Bill” elected as new Cherokee Principal Chief!  Winking smile
TAHLEQUAH, Okla. –   More than 15,000 Cherokee Nation citizens went to the
polls Saturday to select their leadership.    The results show Bill John Baker
receiving 11 more votes than incumbent Principal Chief Chad Smith.
Billy-Two-Beers rec’d…  one write-in vote from an un-named Squaw at JD’s
On The Road: Hi to all –  We are on a cross country tour with another
couple in a R.V.  We went west for the first time Black HIlls, SD
Yellowstone National Park, Montana, Wyoming and on to Canada.
Fly out of Vancouver for Alaska a week and then back to Vancouver.
Pick up R.V. and head home. Long trip full of adventure.
50 year dream for our 50Red roseanniversary. Love to all, Howard & Dee Payne
The CREW luvs to hear about our classmate travels!  Keep us informed!
THE TRIAL: Good Grief! The 4th of July came early to the TRIAL,
Fireworks started early and continued through out the day.
By now everyone has an opinion but,  what will the Jury say?
Good News! Ann Driskill-Rudd will be moving back to the Cocoa area early
in July.  Hopefully she will be able to attend a future event!
Her classmates will be happy to welcome her back! 🙂
Remember a pre-nup! A recent article in the paper stated that the average
wedding costs $26,500! However… that’s the good news!
The average DIVORCE cost’s thousands more!
ASHLEY’S:   Birthday cake Next week the July, CREW Birthday  Celebration!
Are YOU on the July list?  4  Marilyn True 7  Harvey  Baker
9  Priscilla  Firkins 9  Bob Berghult 18  Diane  Likon   31 Tonto
“Don’t let adverse facts stand in the way of a good decision.”
– Colin Powell

Hello CREW… 06-26-11 Meet at Corky Bells Wednesday Evening

Hello CREW… Red rose 06-26-11

By Majority Vote:   Pointing up

next HAPPY  HOUR  CREW event:

5:30 PM   Wednesday   June 29th  at
Corky  Bell’s  Seafood  Restaurant

4885  North Highway 1  Cocoa, Fl  32927   636-1392

Wow! Next week, July 6 CREW B-Day Celebration at Ashleys!    Time is flying!

Are YOU on the July list?  4  Marilyn True 7  Harvey  Baker 9  Priscilla  Firkins

9  Bob Berghult 18  Diane  Likon   31 Tonto

Over heard at JD’s: Two girls talking while enjoying a cold beer!
See that guy?  He’s not EASY but he is horizontally accessible!”

From John & Sybil Dean: We are on the road. Slowly working our way westward
found a nice park in Illinois with great restaurants, golf and etc.
Heard thunder better get going! Hope all is well! Say hello to everyone… j.dean
Hope to get more travel reports from John and …   Auto Mr & Mrs. Brent Parker when they can.
Condolences from the CREW:
To…   Diane & Loraine Thomas.  Their Mother Ruth passed after 88 years.
To…   Family of Daniel Bryan, Class of 63 who passed on June 24th.
June 29, 2009. It has been two years since  Billy Fine passed.
We remember and miss our CHS Classmate and my best friend.
The memories of him and others will be with us for as long as we live.

Billy’s  obituary from the Today N.P.  07-02-09
Please accept this copy… the N.P. has archived the original.

William R. Fine III
William Fine, III – Cocoa – William R. Fine III (Billy), 68, of Cocoa
passed away Monday June 29, 2009. Billy was born in Knoxville, TN, on
January 7, 1941 and the Fine family moved to Cocoa in 1951.
Starting out as a barber, Billy worked most of his life as a car dealer.
He was known for his love of model trains and antique cars.
Preceding him in death were his parents, Mary and Bill Fine and wife, Dottie.
Billy is survived by his son, William R. Fine IV of Cocoa;
sister, Ginger (Gary) Thompson of Rockledge; brother, Jerry (Susan) Fine of Cocoa;
sister-in-law, Jane (Ron) Webb of Andersonville, TN; nieces, Shannon (Ted) Knudson
and Shelby (Donnie) Jones; and nephews, Jerry (Robin) Fine and Robert Fine,
and lots of dear friends. A memorial service will be held at 2 pm, Tuesday, July 7, 2009
at Grace Fellowship Church in Rockledge. Arrangements are by East Coast Cremation.

City of Rockledge: Received an Award for  “The Nations Best Crime Watch Program”!
Crooks beware! Clark T, Myrna S, Susan E, Ginger F, Billy W, Carole S, Corinne B,
ole  B-T-B and other Rockledge CREW members are watching you!

“If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life.” – Confucius


All had fun at No-Bras in Cocoa Beach as they dined Al Fresco (in the nude)

Hello CREW… Red rose 06-23-11

5 PM As I arrived at  Bra no’s Italian last night, their Marquee out front

noted a welcome to the:  Cocoa High School CREW! Nice touch!
Lois & George sent me a picture but I was unable to successfully attach it to this email!

Attendees: David Alexander, Lois & George Reinhart, Bill Weinberg,
Clark True, Amber Forest and a rare guest Bobby Likon!
Our server Pete was exceptional!      Great Job!
A remembrance: Bobby Likon mentioned that this month marked three
years since his brother Ronnie passed.  He is missed by all.
A little humor: One of our CREW mentioned to me that it was a little
objectionable that we were going to a place that stated…
BRA no’s! Surprised smile Possibly we could go to a place that
stated  Pant no’s…     Good Grief!       What Next! Winking smile
Update: A phone call from Barbara Thomas informed the CREW that she
is in some pain but recovering from a recent fall which injured her knee.
Red rose Get well soon, we miss ya!
The TRIAL: Seems to be getting bogged down with forensic people.
Most of them from the FBI labs in Washington, DC
Holy Work Batman!  Who the heck is left up there to WORK!
Guess everyone wants to come to Fla to visit Disney World! lol
CREW, I might not be at the event next week!  Possibly I will be called
to testify for the JURY! WE ARE BORED TO DEATH!

Next Wed 6-29:   Corky Bells,  7th visit,  last time 12-15-10

A bit of fragrance Red rose
always clings to the hand
that gives the rose. Red roseChinese proverb


Hello CREW… 06-19-11 Be at Branos … 5:30 PM Wednesday June 22nd

Hello CREW… Red rose 06-19-11

Happy Fathers Day to all you  “Proud Daddy’s” out there! Hot smile

By majority vote:

next  HAPPY  HOUR  CREW event

5:30 PM   Wednesday  June 22nd

Brano’s Italian  Grill

3680 N. Atlantic Avenue
Cocoa Beach, Fl 32931
321  783-6031

Early bird dinners from 3 to 6 PM  $2 off all entrees
Happy Hour 3-6 PM, offering 2-4-1 draft beers and house wines.
Certificates often available in newspaper TGIF & Wednesday inserts
offer a free bottle of house wine with 2 entrees at full price.
( see page 7  of TGIF section  June 17th, 2011 !  )

Where are my flop-flops? Tuesday is the 1st Day of Summer!
Big party at 4th st south….  ??
Naaaaa lets go to JD’s for a beer!  lol
THE TRIAL: Holy Courtroom Batman!  This legal business is
eye opening!  Surprised AND SOMETIMES very boring!  Sleepy
Devil Can hardly wait for the VERDICT!
I  C  U !   Wink Interesting! Go to this website and type in your name.
Then find the right State and see what
information you can find!
(  Billy-Two-Beers? lol  Nope could not find him?  )
To-Do-List: Stay indoors…  avoid heat, rain, thunder & lightning!
Play in-door games!  If you have an available squaw!
Stay In Touch Gang! Your friends luv to hear from you!
“Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.”
– Herbert Hoover

There was a full moon over JDs on 6-15-2011

Hello CREW… Red rose 06-16-11

There was a full moon, but no one could see it!  Only a few “hardy”
CREW members braved the Storm cloud rainey night to travel to the JD’s event!
Food was good and server “Tavon” did her part to make the evening fun!

Attendees: Clark True, Greg Seitner, David Alexander, Susan Ellinor,
Bill Weinberg, ole  B-T-B and a long list of others too large
to reveal.  (wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge?)

After the event, the ole Indian stayed around to experience the sting of
beer that comes after a few cold ones!  He was a little concerned that the
Cheerleaders from Dallas might return and  “Have their way with him”!
However, in order to keep the peace with the white-eyes… Ole Indians
will make what ever sacrifice is necessary!      (sorry the  Devil made me do it! )

Fathers Day Sunday: Don’t forget dear ole Dad this weekend!
Take him out for some Cold Beer and Hot Wings!
In case you know a bachelor…  Who me? take him along too!
Who know’s, he might want to try to be a Dad someday!

Bon Voyage! John & Sybil Dean left Wed in their Land Yacht for a trip to
the mid west.  They are in search of  cooler weather!
John promised me he would send some back!    (if they find it! lol)

Condolences from the CREW: Jerry Smith’s mother passed away this week.

THE TRIAL: Whether or not you think she is guilty, the trial has been very
educational!   The term “side-bar” has new meaning to me!
And I won’t show anybody… anything…  unless I have…
Permission to publish your Honor?  lol
Hummmm Does anyone know where “Zanny the Nanny” might be? lmao!
Maybe the CREW should visit the FUSION bar to look for her?

A STAR is shining! In case you could not view this one on Face Book,
check out classmate Conrad Koch providing some
vocal at a local Boys and Girls Club at a Fund Raiser
in New Hampshire, called Broadway Showcase.

“A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather
and ask for it back when it begins to rain.” – Robert Frost

Sent from    myTeepee PAD    in  Cocoa!

JD’s the Place To Be 15 June 2011

Hello CREW… Red rose 06-12-11

The last event:
As mentioned in the  CREW REVIEW 06-08-11 a really strange
thing took place later that evening!   A vote had been taken for the
next event location while at Longhorn’s…         BUT!
After leaving Longhorn’s ole B-T-B moseyed over to JD’s Sports Bar
in Rockledge to have some  fire-water & possibly some conversation
with one of the cute squaws that stop by for blanket weaving classes! Wink

Well while there, a posse of  Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders reined
up and stormed thru the front door.  They immediately spied the
ole Indian and proceeded to “rough him up”! A horrible ordeal!
After what seemed to be hours of shear terror, he finally agreed…
(or he would have been tared’n’feathered)      that the:

Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event:
5:30 PM   Wednesday   06-15-11

JD’s Sports Bar and Grill
the old Boarshead Lounge)
1644 Fiske Blvd Rockledge, FL 32955
634-1811� – Bar 634-1841� – Fax

Another Mini-Crew breakfast event:
Just got back from Gaskins Family Restaurant. Six of the CREW
met for; eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, coffee & Fried Green Tomatoes!

The TRIAL: A Tribal Counsel recently determined that…
Casey Anthony has two chances…  slim and NONE!
( unless the Spirits in the Sky perform a miracle!  )

Make Betsy Ross proud: Tuesday, June 14th is Flag Day!

Beware… Wed, June 15th there will be a FULL MOON! Vampire bat
Have your garlic, wooden stakes and silver bullets handy!
If you come to JD’s…  Don’t be afraid of the Indians.  :-))

“I love taking naps! ( me too! )
My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake!”
– Ernest Hemingway

Pandas are People too aren’t they? Cute images after Japan’s Earthquake

Pandas after the earthquake.

The earthquake was right in the area

Where giant pandas live.

Most pandas in this area were rescued.

Particular attention was given to the

Babies..  All the pandas were scared.

The photos were taken right after

Earthquake and during rescue effort.

All the pandas were released back

Into the wild and it was noted that

All of the bears stayed together.

People rescuing pandas

Giving them milk-

After meal

Look at these babies!

Staying here maybe safer…

I don’t want a shot!

You scared me!

These pictures are too cute not to share.









Hello CREW… 06-09-11 … What happened last night at Longhorns

Hello CREW… Red rose 06-09-11

Whoa Nellie!   Turtle
5:30 PM a whole passel of Pilgrims bellied up at the chuck wagon
and ordered some prime beef!   The fixings at Longhorn Steak
were tempting enough to make a Calico Queen trade in her bustle!

Attendees: (17)
Joyce Spell, Sara Policicchio &  Ed, Carole Saxe, Clark True,
Lois Atkinson & George, Mary Laycock & Ralph, Bill Weinberg,
Myrna Swindell, Gerry Heller (with her new hair-do) & Bill,
David Alexander, Bill Hibbard & Karen Kamin, & ole B-T-B.
Nice to see Bill & Karen… all the way from Orlando! Open-mouth smile

Can u believe it? Harvey Baker is retiring from KSC in a month or so!
He has been there since they opened the doors!  lol
( bout time Jitter… original Jitterbug Man! Time to “get out there” and have fun! )

A Moment of reflection… Gone but not forgotten!
This week marks the 5th year since we lost our
classmate Gwen Asher Red rose to cancer.  We all have
fond memories of this vivacious, fun and caring lady!
She is missed by all! ASHER&DATE=Jun 07, 2006

Next Week? You can’t imagine what happened last night!
Be sure to CAREFULLY read the CREW email Sunday! 6-12-11

Ole B-T-B knows! Foolish brave tells squaw to Shut Up!
Wise ole Indian tells her that her mouth is
extremely beautiful when her lips are closed!

Hey! How about a mini-CREW early bird on Sundays?
Give me your name and a suggestions for a location! luv ya, Red heart B-T-B

“Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.” – Tom Stoppard

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