Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Hello CREW… 10-31-10 … Do it on 2 November not 3 November

Hello CREW… Red rose 10-31-10

A final political comment: Regardless of your opinions and beliefs…

  • (Better make that 2 November 2010)


November will be here tomorrow!  Time for the CREW B-Day  Birthday cake event!

Happy Birthday Classmates: 11  Fred Tucker 24  Lynn Krnoul
26   Alice Barron 26  Anne Barron 27  Helen Granger
Note:  Alice and Anne are not twins!  But both were born on the same day!

Our next HAPPY HOUR CREW event:

5:30 PM   on  WEDNESDAY   November 3rd

Ashley’s  Restaurant
1609  HIGHWAY 1   Rockledge, Fl

Tel. 321.636.6430  ▪  Fax. 321.636.6206

The email from Lynne:

B -T-B    My birthday is November 24th.  Will not be able to attend-

we have a Chamber Event at Rusty’s at the Port.
Hate to miss my cake!!  Let Bill Weinberg eat it! Crying face Lynne Krnoul Roll
Ugh!  ole Indian  B-T-B  will only get one piece at this pow wow?  Where
Both the Classic Car show and the Air Show at Cocoa Beach went well!
The weather was beautiful…   and speaking of weather, this sent by one
of our classmates:              OUCH!  THAT’S  GOTTA  HURT!
Oct 5th Arizona Golf Ball size  hail…  Storm cloud Where is my hard hat?
Set clocks back… 1 hour  Clock on Sunday, November 7th this year!
“A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to
love whoever is around to be loved.”    – Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Ole  Kurt  must  have  been  a  bachelor! Sneaky luv ya B-T-B

Hello CREW… 10-27-10

Hello CREW… 10-27-10

Only one thing to say about tonight! Another  Great  Evening!

Not one complaint was heard,  all enjoyed the food, company and fun conversations!
Longhorn Servers, Matt and Gina did a great job keeping  20 CHS youngsters happy!

ATTENDEES: David Alexander, Lois and Geo Reinhart, Billy Weinberg, Carole Saxe,
Gerry Heller and Bill, Clark True, Gerry Trammell, Greg Seitner, Sara Policicchio,
Joyce Spell & Ed, Mary Laycock and Ralph, Barbara Thomas, Myrna Swindell and the
Newlyweds  with the look of youth and happiness!   Brent and Gerri Parker!

Almost Missed it!
Navy Day established October 27, 1922 by the Navy League of the United States.
Battle Stations,  Liberty Call,   Rain lockers,   Anchors Aweigh,   Go Navy!  lol

In case you were wondering?      Fall  back  1 hour  Nov. 7, 2010.
The return to Standard Time (ST) begins at 2:00 am local time
in the U.S. on the first Sunday in Nov. which in 2010 is November 7th.
Gee!  Will there ever be any frost on the pumpkin?

Next week,  CREW  birthday    party: so far I have 4, are you missing?

November:   11  Fred Tucker    26  Alice Barron    26  Anne Barron    27  Helen Granger

As you know we will be a  ASHLEY’S  in Rockledge for the B-Day party event!

If you don’t attend someone else will eat your share of the cake!  lol
Reminder –  Classic Car Show!
6th Annual Harvest CARnival Invitation Show.  Sat  10-30  10-2 PM
Grace Fellowship Church,  3420 Murrell Road Rockledge

Big Air Show at Cocoa Beach: This weekend the Air Force THUNDERBIRDS
will be performing at the air show!

Latest Class of 61 Reunion Info: ===>

Spread the laughter, share the cheer, lets be happy while we’re here!
– Unkown

Gee!  I wish I had said that!    Luv ya     B-T-B

Hello CREW… 10-24-10 … Fall is in the air… Warm closeness and innocent kisses

Hello CREW… Red rose 10-24-10

Ahhhh!  Yes!    Fall is in the air…     cool nights and days,  an excitement
that arrives with the weather changes…        Letter jackets,  Sweater girls,
pep rally’s, football games, dances in the gym and Teen Town, parking with
your sweetie, the warm closeness and innocent kisses,  the fabulous fifty’s
music on the radio!  Visits to the A&W hamburgers & fries, Hour Glass Grille
chocolate pie, Pasqual’s pizza to go!  Your Hit Parade on TV and best of all
finally getting your drivers license so you could date!  Sweet! Thinking smile

I digress… Eye-rolling smile lol

Suggested:  Longhorn SteakHouse  Grilles Seafood  Lea’s Bistro  Corky Bells
By majority event attendee vote!      The next…    Party smile


5:30  Wednesday  October 27th, 2010 at


770 East Merritt Island Causeway
Merritt island, FL 32952  (321) 456-5559


Message from Allen Scott:

Glad that you liked the pictures.  Pictures present Bangkok in a very favorable light.
They do not show the massive traffic problems and the crowding.
Thais admit to at least 12 million people in Bangkok, may be an even greater number.
Perhaps close to one quarter of the sixty-three million Thais live there.
It is very difficult to get around in the city by driving.
They do have pretty good public transportation to most areas of the city.
Hope you guys are enjoying the football season.
I watch a lot of it on the internet over here. Take care. G.A. Scott
Got a suggestion from a CREW member that we have an event there soon!  Where

Answers to previous questions from: Mr. E.  Alice Barron  Ginger Fine:
Phil Eschbach (Mr. E.)  says that Martha Thompson is  just MISSING!
VIcky Smith Gardner, married Joe Gardner Winter Park, FL.  Four children.
Have asked to find out if she wants to be on the CREW email list?  

Classic Car  Auto Show? 6th Annual Harvest CARnival Invitation Show.
Saturday  Oct 30th   10-2 PM  Grace Fellowship Church,  3420 Murrell Road
Rockledge,  636-3051  This one usually gets a big turnout.  60 – 100 cars.
Free: admission, prizes, soft drinks, food, parking and fun!

It has been determined, after an intensive search in Brevard County
Property Records that Billy W.  doesn’t own any hotels! Therefore
it is my contention that I have finally beaten him at Monopoly as I
now own two houses! Concession… Back in the 50’s  Mr. W. did
teach me all I know about playing Monopoly but I seem to have
hit a lucky streak! lol   No Doubt Mr. W.  will rebuke this review
but for now I am  ENJOYING  MY  VICTORY! Crazy Almost as much
fun as my other one time victory…   beating Ed Murphy at marbles!
L I F E    I S    G O O D  !    luv ya  Red heart B-T-B

A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation.
– H. H. Munro

Hello CREW… 10-21-10 Bizzaro’s … The Place to Have Been

Hello CREW… Red rose 10-21-10

When the moon hits the sky, like a big pizza pie… Pizza

Ouch!   I got soup  Bowl in my eye!   lol          Now back to my day job! 😉

Last night was another winner!  Food was great and the  CREW enjoyed the evening!

ATTENDEES: Clark True, Ginger Fine, David Alexander, Carole Saxe,  Barbara Thomas,

Billy Weinberg, Dan Shoemaker, Gerry Trammell  and back from their long vacation in

St Thomas…  Mary Laycock and  RALPH!  Smile Server  ANNA  was great as usual!

Allen Scott, don’t worry about your birthday Birthday cake dessert!  THERE WASN’T ANY!  Angry
Everyone loved the pictures of Bangkok, Thailand!  Thanks for sending!

Classic Car Show: Auto Mclarty Park, Barton Ave, Rockledge  Sat.  10-23  4-8 PM

Kids, these Wednesday events really keep us in touch with our Classmates, heard

that David Stackhouse is alive and well in Tallahassee!   Any body know what the

status of Vicki Smith or Martha Thompson?

Ole Cocoa High School had a lot of great teachers and students!

Go TIGERS!     Go  Noles!    Go  Gators!     and  Miami?  Who cares! lol

“Pay attention to your enemies,
for they are the first to discover your mistakes.” – Antisthenes

Hello Crew… 10-17-10 … On 20 Oct … it’s Bizzaro’s

Hello Crew… Red rose 10-17-10

Well…  new this week, note the rare  SPORTS SECTION!

The suggestions were: Bizzarro’s    Dogs R Us    Corky Bell’s    Chaparral

By majority vote:   ( last visit was July 14 )

Our next HAPPY  HOUR  CREW event will be:

5:30   Wednesday   October 20th  at

Bizzarro’s  Pizza    (Italian)

325 E Merritt Island Cswy  M.I. Fl 32952    321 453-2610

Hummmm A RARE Sports Section?  lol
This has been another crazy weekend…   # 1 Ohio  upset,  South Carolina
the team that knocked off last weeks  #1 Alabama  loses  to Kentucky and
WHAT? The Gator’s lose 3 in a row?  Crying face Now this was a shocker!  They
have a week off to prepare for their next game! GET IT TOGETHER GATORS!

Cocoa High School  Party smile wins 31 in a row!   Go Tigers!

Jamie McMurray wins at Charlotte 500!   Points Leader Jimmy Johnson 2nd!

Another Momentous Win… Billy Hardy defeats Billy Weinberg at Monopoly! Where
Apparently when the game ended, the ole Indian wound up owning one more
house than B.W.  located on VIRGINIA AVE!   Big Pow Wow there soon!  lol
Thus ENDING the age ole battle between these would-be slum lords!  Laugh

I remember…   In case you did not see the 1991 Super Bowl Game!
This is Whitney Houston when she was at her best!
Grab a kleenex and enjoy!


Her performance was one of those special moments, there are others!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away!

The author is a Canadian man who wrote the quote on a greeting card
for Carleton Cards in the mid 70’s!
luv Red heart B-T-B

Hello CREW… 10-14-10 Report from Fl Seafood

Hello CREW… Red rose 10-14-10

Well nothing but…  GOOD things to say about the Florida Seafood Restaurant!

Great food, good service and reasonable prices.     Definitely a place to re-visit!

ATTENDEES: David Alexander, Ginger Fine and daughter Shannon, Greg Seitner,

Gerry Heller & Bill,  Billy Weinberg, Clark True, Lois Atkinson, Ruth Bryant & Frank

Jackie Lane, Myrna Swindell, Joyce Spell, Sara Pollichico (sp?)  & Ed.

A surprise to all,  Jack & Linda Young! Where Server Jennifer did a great job!
( no dessert for me!!  lol )

19 CREW members!   See there Billy W.  I told you nobody would attend! Wink

At this point if someone suggests  Bangkok, Thailand, we could expect 10-12

CREW members at least!  Crazy I’ll bet we would really surprise Allen Scott!  lol

Go Tigers! check out this website for a great write-up about the CHS Tigers!


Think everyone knows I collect  Louis L’amour Western books! Got Books?

Well take a look at this web site and see how many cowboys you remember…

You will be surprised!    ===>

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth
has a chance to get its pants on.” – Sir Winston Churchill
Hummmm What was ole  Winnie thinking about? Luv Ya  Red heart B-T-B

Hello CREW… 10-07-10 Apple dunkin’ Time

Hello CREW… Red rose 10-07-10

Just how good can it get? Open-mouth smile Cool weather, friends and classmates,

birthday cake,  good food,  Funny Jokes,   and   HAPPY PEOPLE!

Last night we had it all…

ATTENDEES: Corinne Bowley, Clark and Marilyn True, Carole Saxe,
Billy Weinberg, Gerry Heller & Bill, Myrna Swindell,
Greg Seitner, David Alexander,  Brent & Gerri Parker,
and       Sandee “birthday gal” Natowich! Red rose
Corinne brought a delicious coconut cake for dessert! yumm!

SOME OF US! Wore Mad Hatter Hats!  Party smile Myrna Swindell won the
best hat award! Wish we had a picture!  She might be
a member of the Jimmy Buffett Parrott Head Gang! Winking smile

ANSWER TO THE QUIZ? “it’s time for APPLE dunking”! What lol
A Quiz: Can you complete this little Halloween rhyme?
When the frost is on the pumpkin….

SOME SPECIAL NEWS! Secret telling smile
Newly Weds,  Brent and Gerri bought a 5th wheel travel trailer and
are making plans for a two year tour of the good ole USA!   Kids this
is an example of “The Never Grow Old Attitude”! I did my 14,000 mile
around the USA trip back in 1972, in a Volkswagen camper!   arrrrrrg!
These two will have a little more comforts of home and I am envious!

Chairperson Corinne and I wish to thank all of you who put donations into
the  TEA $ POT! The money is used for cards and cakes so we all share
in the fun!  (No truth to the rumor that the money is going into Corinnes  401K!  Wink lol)

And not to forget our Server  “Christie” did a heck of a job!

“I am an optimist.
I don’t know where I am going,
but I am on my way.” Carl Sandburg

GOOD LUCK!   Brent and Gerri!  Red rose

Hello CREW… 10-03-10 … Hey Kids … It’s Apple Dunkin’ Time

Hello CREW… Red rose 10-03-10

Guess What?   What Yep, it is a new month, OCTOBER and time for the

CREW Birthday  Celebration!

The ONLY honoree this month is    Oct 5th   Ginger Fine! Red rose

Our next HAPPY HOUR CREW event will be:
5:30 PM   on  WEDNESDAY   October 6th

Ashley’s  Restaurant
1609  HIGHWAY 1   Rockledge, Fl

Tel. 321.636.6430  ▪  Fax. 321.636.6206

Mad Hatter Day is 10/6:

Hummmm  The CREW should do something about that! lol   I Got It!
Hey!  CREW… Everyone wear their FAVORITE HAT to the event!
At some point we will all vote for the most favored hat! ????
WHAT NO HAT? You might get voted off…  TO THE ISLAND! The Tribe will speak!
A fate worse than…?   My M.I. Visa expired in 2002 :-((

Talk about flexibility / talent: Wow!  Wait till you see this talented little GEM?
David Alexander found her on the Internet!  Please watch all of this video.
“Swan Lake”  as you have never seen it!  WHO IS THAT WOMAN! Where

A Quiz: Can you complete this little Halloween rhyme?
Some of you may know the answer?  Smile

When the frost is on the pumpkin….
_____________________________! LUV YA !  Red heart B-T-B