Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Sept 1 2010 at Ashleys … Who is Cheryl King???

Hello CREW… Red rose 08-29-10

It’s that time again? September  CREW Birthday  Event!  Party smile

September: 1  Clark  True 10  Gerri Dutcher 11   Mickey  Griffis 18  David  Alexander
22  Cheryl King 22  Conrad  Koch 28  Gerry  Trammell

Looks like we will need another BIG CAKE!  yummmm!

Our next HAPPY HOUR CREW event will be:

5:30 PM   on  WEDNESDAY   Sept 1st  at

Ashley’s  Restaurant
1609  HIGHWAY 1   Rockledge, Fl

Tel. 321.636.6430  ▪  Fax. 321.636.6206


Hummmm Ashley’s changed their menu, and some of the CREW have

made comments!   Please feel free to voice your opinion on

this subject either via email or at our next event, Sept 1st.

Hello…   Emma M. Nutt?    I want to talk to Allen Scott!

Emma  ( the very first telephone operator )  couldn’t connect me but I

got an email from ole #41 Allen…     He says  “All is well!”  and  he  is

happy to wake up every day…   JUST LIKE ME!  lol

Say college football starts this week!  Do you remember?  #39 CM  #21 WW

#27 RT  #20 JY  #26 EM  #13 TN  ole basketball star #5  JD   Can you recall?

Hummmmmmm don’t forget CHEERLEADERS:   LA (captain)   DP (co-capt)

JS VS BR AB BT CC MB BD SH and BB (mgr)   and who could forget????

Little Billy Hardy who used to dance with all of them!   Flirt-male

( just the fast songs…  their boyfriends wouldn’t let me slow dance with them!  sigh!  sniff!  sob!  lol )

Email from Sandee Natowich:
Open House to honor Family and Friends of Art and Sandee Natowich
Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010 2-5 PM    Radisson Resort at the Port
RSVP 321-452-7668 By   Sept 1, 2010     Many thanks, Sandee
Obit for Art:

Weather permitting!  Winking smile Historic Cocoa Village Association    “Cruise In”

Saturday, Sept 4th, 2010.  Time to get the ole 56 Chevy out of the plastic bag!  luv ya B-T-B

“I Cook with Wine.   Sometimes I even add it to the Food!”  –  W.C. Fields

Hello CREW… 8-26-10 … Jimmy’s was Great!

My My!  2  for 1 drinks and great food!  EVERYONE was happy at Jimmy’s last night!

Truly a nice place for dinner!     ATTENDEES: David Alexander, Clark True, Myrna

Swindell, Ralph & Mary Laycock, Charlie & Jerry Sue Murray, nice to see you two!

Our server Amanda was very good…  no hits, no runs and no errors!  lol

And speaking of  VERY GOOD!
My friend, Jerry Fine FIXED MY COMPUTER for me!       Thanks Jerry!
(It was hard to believe how many ole Indian jokes he vacuumed out! Ugh!    )

Classmates and Friends…    If you have a Computer or TV problem, check with
Jerry…   I am totally convinced  JERRY FINE  is a WIZARD AND he is a lot less
expensive than  CALL-A-GEEK! lol

Want a deal? David Alexander wants to let classmates know he has a computer and
lots of accessories for sale.     He just got a new one and wants to find a home for the
older one.

Art Pappa Natowich’s Obituary: I tried to get the link for the obit in the Today
Newspaper  ( August 26th )  but couldn’t find it at the Newspaper web site???

September is next week?  Holy Frosting! Will someone slow down the clock?

Crew Birthdays in September: Yikes!  We will need a  BIG CAKE!

1   Clark  True       10 Gerri Dutcher-Parker      11   Mickey  Griffis      18  David  Alexander

22  Conrad  Koch                28 Gerry  Trammell

If I don’t have the day and month of your B-Day….   email me!  B-T-B

“We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world,
and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.”
– Robert Louis Stevenson

C’ya at Jimmie’s 25 Aug 2010 … The second mouse gets the cheese

Hello CREW… Red rose 08-21-10

Yes!  I am a day early…   My  computer is acting like a patient on its death bed!
My Good Friend…  Jerry Fine has offered to “kick some a$ and take some names!”
Just might be time for me to send this computer to the Great Spirits in the Sky!  lol

CREW suggestions for the next event location:    Kelseys,   Jimmy’s,   Grills,   Dogs R Us

By majority vote:  Sarcastic smile

Our Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event

5:30 PM    Wednesday,  Aug 25th 2010

Jimmie’s Restaurant, at Turtle Creek Golf Club
1279 Admiralty Boulevard, Rockledge, FL 32955
(321) 632-4611‎

This will be our 2nd visit.
For more info:,view:text&ei=ZsoHTJPCFJqINcKN8bYI

August 25th National Kiss and Make-up Day! Winking smile Well my goodness!   Are any of
you Ladies mad at me?   Here is your chance…  oops!  I mean my chance…  Pucker Up!
Watch out for the ole Indian, he sometimes goes out to round up a Maiden to Sacrifice!
Always looking for a little gem?  lol  Hummm probably couldn’t handle it if he found one!

Email from Sandee “Corvette” Natowich:
Open House to honor Family and Friends of Art and Sandee Natowich
Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010 2-5 PM    Radisson Resort at the Port
RSVP 321-452-7668 By Sept 1, 2010     Many thanks, Sandee

HISTORIC COCOA VILLAGE will be having a  Cruise in Car Extravaganza!
Saturday,  September 4th, 2010   INFO:

If we get some cooler weather for this event ole B-T-B might just challenge
“Corvette Sandee” to a drag race!      Shucks! I’ll spot her 2 car lengths!  lol
Winner gets a free WAX JOB! Winking smile

Hummmm       What ever happened to  Jerry Smith,  Dan Shoemaker,  David Alexander
John Dean, Tom Newbern, to name a few?   Most are out of town. Hope to see ya soon!

The early Bird gets the worm but, the SECOND MOUSE gets the cheese!  – unknown

Hello CREW… 08-19-10

Hello CREW… Red rose 08-19-10

Holy  Beer-Sting guys!       JD’s last night was a “Blast”!      The food was good and the beer….

was the coldest ever!   Even good buddy Ralph, Mary Laycocks hubby,   said  “That’s Awesome!”

ATTENDEES: Clark True, Corinne Bowley, Myrna Swindell, Susan Ellinor, Ralph & Mary Laycock,
Billy Weinberg, Lynn Kernole (sp?)  Gerry Trammell,  Barbara Thomas,
Sandee “Corvette” Natowich,  Harvey & Sandy Baker, Roger Greek,
and Happy Newly Weds  Brent & Gerri Parker! Our SERVER “Lindsey” made quite
an impression on one particular member of the CREW! (Ralph lol)

Imagine That! After diner, ole B-T-B spoke with John, the owner of JD’s.  Told him the CREW was
very pleased with the food, service and COLD BEER. A few minutes later John came
over to the table and thanked us for coming.
THEN he told “Lindsey” to give us all a free drink on the house! Party smile

Yummmmm Chef-Boy-Hardy     Smile will be preparing pizza’s at the American Legion Post 22.
Under the water tower in Cocoa.  Thursday night 8-19-10  from 6-9 pm   Come on down!

Some Sad News… Cocoa High Coach Mitch Tidwell has passed, for details go to:

Tourism office seeks Brevard’s ‘hidden GEMS’ Hummm  have you been looking for one of these?  

I certainly have! Winking smile These little GEMS are very difficult to find!    Only a lucky few of us ever find one!

Party smile For more info go to:

Sandee Natowich says info on the CHS Class of 1961 reunion is availabe at:

Chairperson Corinne and I want to thank all of you for joining in on the CREW events!  luv ya Red heart B-T-B

I  don’t  find  it  hard  to  meet  expenses!   They’re  everywhere!  –  Anonymous

Hello CREW… 08-15-10 C’ya @ JD’s Sports Bar and Grill

Hello CREW… Red rose 08-15-10

At the Longhorn Steak House last week the nominations for the location of the next event

were:   Dogs R Us     Corky Bell’s     Ying Yang???  (Cocoa Beach)    and  J.D.’s Sports Bar.

By majority vote!       ( I just luv  Party smile The CREW democratic selection process! )

The next   HAPPY  HOUR  CREW event:
5:30 PM   Wednesday   08-18-10

JD’s Sports Bar and Grill
( the old Boarshead Lounge)
1644 Fiske Blvd
Rockledge, FL 32955

634-1811‎ – Bar 634-1841‎ – Fax

The coldest $1.25 draft beers in the county!  Trust me…  Winking smile I’ am a Medicine Man!
You have all heard of bee stings, wasp stings and criminal stings!    Well…
the beer’s here are soooo  cold it will give you a BEER STING! lol
And you know that’s not all bad!  lmao!
After a hot day a good BEER STING is the answer to all your troubles!  Sarcastic smile

CREW this email will be short…   got a software problem with my Dell computer.

Who is “General Failure” and why is he reading my hard drive?   Steaming mad B-T-B

Hello CREW… 08-12-10 DIN-DIN @Longhorns

Hello CREW… Red rose 08-12-10

It was the best New York Strip Steak EVER!   Yummm!  Dinner at Longhorns was a

real treat!   Chairperson Corinne talked  ole  B-T-B into TWO Amber Bock beers

during dinner and along with the steak it made a delicious combination!  lol

Ahhhh  but sadly….   NO DESSERT! :-((( Gee whiz!  Wednesdays usually meant

AWESOME TREATS!  Devil Oh well…   maybe another time!

Attendees: Chairperson Corinne Bowley,  Mary Laycock & husband Ralph,

Dan Shoemaker, Barbara Thomas, Gerry Raines & husband Bill, Billy Weinberg,

Carole Saxe,  Clark & Marilyn True!   All were very happy with the dinners!  Open-mouth smile

After dinner the ole Indian headed for  J.D.’s Sports Bar in Rockledge.
While there ole  B-T-B had his third beer!  ( Billy-Three-Beers???) Yikes!
Quite a lively crowd there!  Heard some funny jokes,
hummmm  couple were a little too rough for some of us!  lol

i.e. Heard one of our classmates wanted an  SUV for his birthday…  ?
He got:      Shirts, Underwear and Viagra   lol

Hey Classmates!
For those of you who want to know, the contact for the Class of 1962 is:
Dick Bankhead…

Email from Jack Young, Class of 59:

Bill, I appreciated the dog days info.  Right now, Linda and I are in Telluride, CO
for the Telluride Jazz Celebration.  This is 12 in a row for me and 11 for Linda.
Temps are high in mid 70’s and lows in mid 40’s.  Great for this time of year.
We drove out and plan to drive to 3 Nat’l Parks before ending in Santa Fe for
the Indian Market 3rd weekend of August then drive back to NY. Plan to get back
to Cocoa early October and see everyone at the Wednesday gathering. Jack Young
Well  KIDS!   Nuff for now!   Stay COOL and Stay In Touch Gang!  luv ya, Red heart B-T-B
I  intend  to  live  forever!    So  Far  So  Good!   –  anonymous

Hello CREW… 08-08-10 C’Ya At Longhorns 8/11/2010

Hello CREW… Red rose 08-08-10

Ahhhh  the Dog  Dog face Days of Summer! 🙁 Well no hot dogs for us…!    🙂

Dog Days”  are the hottest, most sultry days of summer. In the northern hemisphere, they usually fall between early July and early September.  Dog Days can also define a time period or event that is very hot or stagnant, or marked by dull lack of progress. The name comes from the ancient belief that Sirius, also called the Dog Star, in close proximity to the sun was responsible for the hot weather.

Suggestions: Corky Bells,   Dogs R Us,   Longhorn,   Steak & Shake

By majority event attendee vote!  The next…    Party smile


5:30  Wednesday  August 11, 2010 at


770 East Merritt Isld Causeway
Merritt island, FL 32952
(321) 456-5559


Email from David Alexander:
B-T-B : Sorry I missed the dinner Wednesday but I have been down with a sinus infection

that got into the chest.  Didn’t want to cough on everyone.  Judy & I will be out of town for
the next two Wednesdays as I have finally gotten her to agree to go to her 50th class reunion.
We leave Monday for Alabama.  Will miss you guys at the dinner’s.  David
Email from Conrad Koch:
We celebrated my Daughter’s and Grandson’s B-Day’s  (Aug 6  and July 31 respectively).”
Conrad noted that it had been a year to the day since he and I had arrived in NH
after the long drive from Florida!  Wow!  What a TRIP that was!     I must repeat
that Conrad, Midge Red rose and their family made me feel very welcome in their homes!
And I thought that  Southern Hospitality was the best!   NH folks are  A-OK!  :-))
A sad note… this year I missed the Milford NH Fire Fighters Breakfast Sale!
No Waffle’s n Sausages for the   FAT LITTLE INDIAN!   Crying face RATS!
Hummmm  Have not heard much from Thailand?  Allen Scott, hope all is well!
OR from Georgia,  ED Murphy, hope the fire damage to his home is repaired!
Luv to hear from all 82 of you, Occasionally, on the HAPPY HOUR CREW email list!
Any updates you might want to share will be welcome!    Don’t forget to visit:
for MORE news about our Cocoa High Classmates,
Friends and other Cocoa folks. luv ya all, Red heart B-T-B
“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems,
but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”    Winking smile
– Herm Albright

Hello CREW… 8-05-10 … A Carrot Cake Delight

Hello CREW… Red rose 8-05-10

Man O Man that  Carrot Cake was AWESOME! Thanks Corinne! Great selection!

Well the Birthday folks couldn’t make it last night…         Barbara Thomas, Sara Rufo

and Suzanne Worland!   Too bad kids!  lol       MORE CAKE FOR ME!!  Yummmm!

ATTENDEES: Clark & Marilyn True, Carole Saxe, Corinne Bowley, Dan Shoemaker,

Myrna Swindell with her sister Sue and granddaughters;  Amelia and Isabella,  two

little “cuties”!  Hummm?  Amelia didn’t have any cake…  MORE FOR THE CREW!  lol

Sandee Natowich with a new hair do!  Princess Gerry Heller & husband Bill Raines,

and 1st time visit Joyce Spell!  Welcome! Mary Laycock   ( Shucks! her hubby

Ralph couldn’t attend! )                 Mary took some cake home for him!  :-))

Some corrected information via email about our good buddy, RALPH!

Bill, Thanks for the nice comments about Ralph.
Actually, he was born in Equador, Guay-ah-quil, he’ll pronounce it for you.
From there, his family went to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands,
when he was 2 and a half.  His first language was spanish by virtue of
his mother being from Spain.  He visited his folks in Cuba, as his father
was sent to manage the cable office there, many years later.  By that time,
Ralph was in Miami going to the U. of Miami.   Mary Laycock  (Ralph’s wife)

Wanna Help? Myrna’s Sister Sue…
is the lady who collects items for homeless folks,  bars of soap, toothbrushes, combs,
deodorant, toothpaste, etc  and puts them into care packages.  If you have any thing
you would like to donate, bring the items to the next  CREW event and Myrna will be
sure to get them to Sue.  Angel (Questions…?   Myrna )

Regular attendee Billy Weinberg was a little under the weather and
missed the event!     SO MORE CAKE FOR… the fat little Indian!  Sick smile lmao!

Secret telling smile Heard good friend Sandy Baker is a recovering from a medical
issue, not life threatening but any medical bouts are not fun!

My Lady Friend, Ginny continues to improve after her foot operation.  :-)))

Ruth Bryant likes being a CREW member!   Thanks for the comment Ruth!
Your e-mails are just hilarious and wonderful. I can hardly wait for the next one.
Thank you again for sharing with all of us.    My birth date is March 22.
Every week I hope it’s THE week Frank and I will make dinner on Wed.
It’s just been one of those summers – surgery, company, etc.
As I said earlier, when you least expect it!         Love, Ruth Bryant Aaron

Gee!  Are you bored yet!  lol    luv ya,  Red heart B-T-B

“The short words are best, and the old words are the best of all.”
Winston Churchill