Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Hello CREW… 3-25-10 … Bill Hardy

Hello CREW… 3-25-10

Dinner at Bizzarro’s last night!   Ahhhhh the Pasta n Bean Italian Soup! 

Learned a lot about this.  There must be  50-60 +/- types of  PASTA !

How about  Anelli  Pasta?  After a quick look at the list above, I think this

one is used by the good folks at Bizzarro’s on M.I. ?  (will “surf” more later!)

It is fantastic!   Still trying to determine the type of bean they use….

Navy, Great Northern, Adzuki or Cannelloni? (s.p.)?

Attendees: Clark & Marilyn True, Gerri Dutcher, Ty Epling, Carole Saxe,

Billy Weinberg, Tom & Gloria Tinker, David Alexander & “The Soup Nut!”

As usual, lots of good conversations about… A RANGE OF TOPICS! and

since you were not there!!!!     WE  TALKED  ABOUT  YOU! lol

Classmate Status Checks: Conrad & Midge Koch made it back to New

Hampshire safe and sound…  Was great to see them at last weeks events!

Dick Gray is in re-hab after falling and breaking his hip.  Art Natowich is still

under careful watch before his operation.  Having trouble with keeping his

appetite going & trying to put on some reserve weight before the operation.

Hummm anyone seen Susan Ellinor?  I might have to go back to SMOKE SIGNALS!
to make sure she is getting the CREW emails!

Senior Citizen News flash!

Well I’ll be darn!   While ordering one of the new Taco Bell   “Shrimp Taco’s”

the lady said…   Do you want your  Senior Drink?  WHAT? Hummm it seems

that Taco Bell now gives senior citizens a free drink of their choice with every

order!  (at least, at the Taco Bell in Rockledge)

HEY! It’s here!   Look on page 48 of the Hemmings Classic Car  magazine!

An article on  Bill Hardy’s  Belair Chevrolet!  As you can guess I am soooo

proud of my grand child!   opps!     My  1956  Chevrolet!    ho  ho  ho

And yes… I do have a picture in my wallet!  lmao!     luv ya B-T-B

After reading this review I think this is appropriate!
Do you know any normal people?

“The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.”
– Joe Ancis

Hello CREW… 3-18-10

Hello CREW… 3-18-10

Aye!  Laddy’s and Lassies…  It seems that the  CREW really likes to

celebrate St Paddy’s Day! 15 Classmates at Beef O Brady’s last night! 

ATTENDEES: Ty Epling, Myrna Swindell, Clark & Marylin True, Brent Parker,

Gerri Dutcher, new member Helen Granger-Phillips, Carole Saxe, Bill Weinberg,

David & Judy Alexander, Dale Dixon, Jerry Smith, and another visitor from Calif,

Holly Spragens Class of 60.   Beef O Brady’s  was packed with folks lined up

outside!      Lots of Irish fans!     Food was good, the GREEN BEER

was cold and our server…  Cheri   was cute and efficient!  lol

Classmates…   I never thought being retired and getting older could be fun

but every Wednesday CREW night, just makes it a fact! luv ya  CREW!

Have sent this to you before,  I am listening to it now!, Found this special

song when I was feeling so bad after my best friend Billy Fine died…

The more I listened to it the more it helped me realize how blessed we are and

why we should count our blessings everyday!  Play it now!  See if you agree?

When you reach the 2 minute & 37 second mark…  If you are not feeling good

and your eyes are not just a little bit misty…?  Re-start and play it again!  lol

“There will come a time when you believe
everything is finished, yet that will be the beginning” 

– Louis L’Amour

And a Good Time Was Had By All

Hats off to the folks who made the weekend past one to be remembered for years to come.  The CHS Class of  ’60 Reunion Planning committee did an outstanding job.   I thought it was particularly neat that Mr Bill LeDue was the guest of honor.  I believe that he felt honored to be a part of the Golden Anniversary celebration.

Although we had to leave early, the picnic really capped off a very nearly perfect weekend.   Thanks to all!


5:30 PM Wednesday March 17, 2010 at Beef O’ Brady’s

Hello Crew… 3-14-10

Well I can’t remember a week with so many activities!  Reunion dinners

and picnic’s, Skeeter Beaters (two events), a visit to Tom & Gloria Tinker’s

beautiful condo at Cocoa Beach ,  Air Shows at Titusville, Festivals at

Cocoa Beach and a Chili cook-off in Melbourne.  Plus countless friends and

classmates at all the locations!  Phew! I need a nap! lol Thanks to all who

helped make these events so much fun!    WHAT’S  NEXT?

Why   St Paddy’s Day of course!   Corn Beef and Cabbage!

See full size image

Hummm Everyone wear  SOMETHING   green!

next HAPPY  HOUR  CREW event:

5:30 PM    Wednesday   March 17, 2010  at

Beef  O’  Brady’s  

1450 N Courtenay Pkwy  Merritt Island 32953  459-6665

North on Courtenay Pkwy, take 1st right after Merritt Island High School.

Some secret Bachelor info:
The place to go if you have a question about any DRINK!

Go To: Every drink known!

They have listed one I submitted,  “Luv” (back in the 1980’s)
( Hummmm  two of these and you will  WANT TO LUV! )

And now a couple of thoughts from our IRISH friends:

May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.

There are good ships, and there are wood ships, the ships that sail the sea.

But the best ships are friendships, and may they always be.

Aye laddie!  tis the way it should be!    B-T-B

Hello CREW… 03-11-10

Hello CREW… 03-11-10

Our visit to the Chaparral Mexican Restaurant last night was a “hoot”!

Wow!   Those   2-4-1  Margaritas  put  us  all  in a  PARTY MOOD!  

Attendees: Corinne Bowley, David Alexander, Gerri Dutcher,  Mary

Laycock and husband Ralph, and  New guests;  Peggy Kiser and her

friend Dolly!   Peggy will be here for the Mosquito Beaters Events so

all of her classmates and friends will have a chance to catch up on

things with the traveling lady! 

Conversation topics ranged from  Prom Dresses,  to travel experiences,

to recalls of FIRST REAL KISSES! (Yes, the first time memories!)

Hummmm  That Jimmy Powell left some of the Cocoa Virgins with exciting

memories! lol   The more we get together the more HAPPY MEMORIES are

re-visited!   Our server Katie did well and  Oh Lay!  The food was good!

ONE LAST TIME:   CHS Reunion info:

Mosquito Beaters info:

Expecting a great turn out for both these events!  Don’t  Miss Them!

Awwww Shucks!   I have  NO NAMES  for CREW April Birthdays!
(Let me know your Month/Day?)

One more thing…  When you can visit the new blog site that our good
friend Conrad Koch
has created!
luv ya B-T-B

The old believe everything;
the middle-aged suspect everything;
the young know everything. – Oscar Wilde