Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

The world owes you nothing. It was here first.

Hello CREW… Emoji       04-28-14


Back from Jamaica  Emoji  520  Pow Wow! Emoji

Still have the munchies!  NOT! 

Seriously,    Had a great time at the Sandals Resort and usually it’s No Problem Mon!  But this time a problem.   Still fighting the respiratory bug.  Hope to be able to     attend next CREW event.  Wed @ Beef O Brady’s M.I.


Thanks to Lois Atkinson, George Reinhart and Clark True for the Kelsey’s event information & picture.

kelseys  04-23-2014

Attendees: L-R  Elma Atkinson, Donna Price, Wilt Wagner, Sandi Brannin, Lois Atkinson, Clark True, Jack Crockett, Gerri Dutcher, Bill Weinberg    Special Thanks to George Reinhart who took picture!


HOT PEPPERS!    Luv the HOT  STUFF!  Emoji Check website for the Scoville Ranges.  So far I have tasted my  way up to the Habanero and Scotch Bonnet. Hummm Doubt if ole Indian has the nerve to go higher!  lol  Next event:    Beef O Brady’s  on  Merritt Island

 Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living.    The world owes you nothing.  It was here first. –  Mark Twain  

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kelseys 04-23-2014.jpg

Beef O’ Brady’s

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                            04-28-14

 Next   HAPPY  HOUR  CREW event:
                          5:30 PM    Wednesday   April 30th
          Beef  O’  Brady’s   
  1450 N Courtenay Pkwy  Merritt Island 32953  459-6665 
North on Pkwy, 1st right after Merritt Island High School. 
        Monday 9:45 PM,  back from the pow wow. 
Good times in Jamaica!  Had a great time but shortly
before leaving I got bit by a respiratory bug! Emoji  UGH! 
   Had my flu shot but this bug wasn’t on the kill list.
Jamaican Voodoo Doc shot me full of antibiotics, gave
 me 3 pills to take every day.  Am still coughing, weak
                         and shaky while in recovery.  
           Felt like a Cowboy Chuck Wagon ran over me.
Thanks Clark True & Lois Reinhart for info about the
4-23 CREW event at Kelsey’s.  REVIEW to follow later. 
Why are gas prices climbing?    One reason might be… 

Drivers in the U.S. are facing rising gasoline prices ahead of summer

vacation season, as refiners here are shipping more gas to other countries.         

Short email tonight,
              gotta hit-the-rack and get some zzzz’s.
It is better to live rich than to die rich.  –  Samuel Johnson
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R U ready for Pasta? Kelsey’s Lasagna 5:30 PM Wednesday April 23

Hello CREW… Emoji                                               04-20-14

     R U ready for Pasta?   Kelsey’s Lasagna  is…  Emoji
Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event:
         5:30 PM   Wednesday   April 23, 2014 
   Kelsey’s  Pizzeria                              
             1954 US Highway 1, Rockledge.    321  433-0095
              Take a  left  at the 3rd red light south of Ashley’s.
Sandals BeachSandals BeachSandals Beach
That is the Eyster Blvd light!
                           Visit: #15    Last: 1-15-14
 The Indian to attend 420 Emoji Pow Wow in Jamaica
        this week and will miss the 4-23 event.  Emoji
Maybe one of you could?    Make the  Tiger Toast,
   record attendees/server and any details of note.
       If you do, email to BTB and he will send out
    the  CREW REVIEW  smoke signal upon return!
420?   Younger generation uses  420  as a code
              for marijuana.  Derived from April 20  4-20
           as  Marijuana Emoji Appreciation Day  in USA!
             Ugh!  Found this out after reading the Sunday NP.  😉
My apologies:  sigh!    Accidentally left Bill Weinberg
                      off of the Attendees last Wednesday!
               Ugh!  White eyes  “Firewater”  make me dizzy!   lol 
The hottest places in hell are reserved for those,
                who in times of moral crisis, do nothing.
                                                          – Dante Alighieri 
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This is CocoaCrew Post Number 529

Hello CREW… Emoji                                            04-17-14
La Marimba was a real Mexican treat!  mmmmm Emoji
           Classmates & Friends enjoyed spicy dining
                and YES, some SPICY conversations!
Attendees:   Corinne Bowley, Shirley Pomeroy,  Don Baker, Clark True, Gerri Dutcher, Myrna Swindell, Dan Shoemaker, Sandee Brannen, Tommy & Gloria Tinker,  and the Indian.
 SERVER:  Kyle was very good.
Worth the time:   Classmate Bob “Boots” Evans  sent this great video for us to share.  I really enjoyed this visit to the past.  BTB 
You   will have to  cut n paste  to see this one.
Ole Indian has not figured out the problem.
 A few moon’s ago was easy to visit a website, copy the address and insert it into an email.   Ugh!  Won’t work now? Suspect a Virus from nurdy white eyes! 
What?   Today (17th) is National Ford Mustang Day!
For those who care!  signed:  An Indian with a Chevy! 
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            “Blind Carbon Copy”   for all recipients.
  2. Please delete or highlight & cut any forwarding
          history which includes all email addresses.
Next event:     Kelsey’s Italian In Rockledge
                                 Visit #4   Last: 1-15-14  
Vigorous writing is concise. Omit needless words.
                          – William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White
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Tue, April 15th income taxes $$$ are due.

Hello CREW…  Emoji                                                 04-13-14

Ca-rumba!       Si  Senior’s, Senorita’s & Indians…
               it’s time for Mexican food and drink.   O’lay! 
   Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW  event
         5:30 PM   Wednesday   April 16, 2014 
    La Marimba Mexican Restaurant  
             411 Barton Ave Rockledge, Fl 32955    637-9607
                       Hungry  for  Emoji a  bowl  of  Chili?  
Uh Oh!   Emoji  Watch out!   Top weather forecasters predict
         a  Quiet Hurricane Season?  ha!   (June 1 thru Nov 30th)
            They say only 3 major ones in 2014.   Get Ready!
R U Ready?  Tue, April 15th income taxes $$$ are due.
              Will you have enough left over for a Mexican dinner?  😉
USA Today says:    56.7 % of American Households pay
              taxes and  43.3 % don’t?   That is a taxing thought!
                    Ugh!  In case you wondered…  Indians do pay taxes.
Flying is safe:     Considering the number of daily flights
   and the number of aircraft in the air, it is the way to go!
    Cut n Paste this website and view just one days flights.  ????
A man who dares to waste one hour of time
      has not discovered the value of life.  – Charles Darwin 
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2 Pleased, Happy, Smiling, and Talkative Classmates at Murdocks

  • Hello CREW… Emoji                                            04-10-14

    A Great time!   12  Pleased,   Happy,   Smiling,
                 and Talkative   Classmates attended last
                    nights event at Murdocks in Cocoa.
                       You should have been there with us! Emoji
     Murdock's  04-09-14
    Attendees: L-R pic #1  Don Baker, an ole Indian,
    Corinne Bowley, George Reinhart, Ginny Brindel,
        Myrna Swindell, Gerri Dutcher, Clark True,
     Bill Weinberg, Jack Crockett, Shirley Pomeroy.
              Lois Atkinson Emoji took the picture.
             SERVER:  Daniel was very efficient!
     Captured by RRR
    L-R:  RRR Leader, Linda, Donna, Ann, Jack & Wilt. 
                      Guess they will just have to suffer! Emoji
    Shocking: pic #2   Seems 5  CHS Classmates may
          be in captivity by a band of  Rogue River Rats
         and are being held on a Riverboat for ransom.
          The  RRR  band is demanding a coconut cake!
           Too bad we ate it all at the last CREW event. 
    Look Up!  Emoji  An Atlas V is scheduled for launch
            today at 1:45 PM.  Another Secret Satellite? 
    A tribute:     This video shows a special tribute
                            to two fallen Vietnam Aviators.
    Next event:   La Marimba’s Mexican in Rockledge
                                  Visit:  # 2    Last:  01-2-14
    Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit
            of happiness and just be happy!  – Guillaume 
    Sent from my i-teepee  Emoji  just being a happy CREW member!

There is an Irish Navy?

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Hello CREW… Emoji                                       04-06-14

1st visit!   Was a winner!  Emoji  Let’s do it again!
Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW  event
     Wednesday   5:30 PM   April 9, 2014
  Murdock’s Southern Bistro 
            600 Brevard Ave, Cocoa, FL 32922
(321) 633-0600
April 9th!  is    National Name Yourself Day… ?
          Give yourself whatever name you’d like…  for a day.
       Hummm  has  BillyTwoBeers  already been taken?  lol 
There is an Irish Navy? Emoji    I didn’t know that!
       ???  you might have to cut n paste to see this video!
Ping, ping, ping?  R we close to finding the 777? 
                                   Two good leads have emerged! 
Ugh!  Florida is #1:  1 in every 372 housing units
    rec’d a foreclosure filing. Nationally, 1 in 1170.
Happy Days    Finally some  Florida   Emoji  weather  has arrived!   Mmmm,  very nice!
Even if you’re on the right track,  you’ll get run over if you just sit there.
                                                       – Will Rogers
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U Should Have Been There … Ashley’s … That is!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                04-03-14

 Ashley’s…        No  April   Emoji   Fools  Joke.
        Great Classmates, good food, terrific service,
         and  mmmm   coconut cake w/ice cream.  Emoji
  An awesome evening, U Should Have Been There.
 Ashley's  04-02-14
Attendees: L-R         Ann Driskill, Bill Weinberg,
   Jack Crockett, Gerri Dutcher, Sherry Gentry, Clark
   True,   Lois Atkinson, Steve & Michelle Westman,
David Alexander, Shirley Pomeroy, Corinne Bowley, Bill Hardy
   Bill Hardy, who ?    THANK YOU, George Reinhart.
He took the picture.  SERVER:  Christie was terrific!
Birthday addition:   Nancy Cisco Emoji  April ____?
What next?      Some Chiropractors claim that
               excessive texting lowers your life span.
              Ugh!   Will text the medicine man to let him know! 
A few years ago!     As some of you know, in my
     younger days…  I thought   I was a very good
       pool player.    Take a look at this guy & his
     girl doing some great trick shots!  Awesome!
Latest:    FLT 370 reported to have landed at the
               KSC  landing site!  Will be examined by
NASA for possible government (NSA) tampering!
Next event:   Murdock’s Southern Bistro, Cocoa
                  See menu:
                                Visit: # 2      Last:  11-20-13  

No one ever said on their deathbed,
Gee, I wish I had spent more time
alone with my computer.  – Danielle Berry

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,PO 486 Cocoa 32923 (321 504-1177
When  you do it, write it down,
 if  you  didn’t  write  it  down,
                 IT  DIDN’T HAPPEN.  What