Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.

Hello CREW…                                                   05-25-14   Lets Go Fishing!       Hope to catch some Rock Shrimp! 

Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event 5:30 PM      WEDNESDAY      May 28, 2014         FLORIDA  SEAFOOD  BAR  &  GRILLE                                 

Will there be Rock Shrimp? 480 West Cocoa Beach Causeway Cocoa Beach, Florida  32931   784-0892              

Who said that?   I am not against golf, since I cannot but suspect it keeps armies      of the unworthy from discovering fishing!    – Jerry Smith?  

If people concentrated on the really important things       in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles!  – Mark Tersey?

Good News!   Katherine the 14′ Great White Shark            is at the southern end of Florida!   Phew!

Bad News!     Per Today NP Brevard County is               the Shark Bite Capital of the world!  Ugh!   

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain                    and most fools do.  – Benjamin Franklin     Sent from my i-teepee with nothing to complain about!  😉

According to Al Scott …Thailand is Under Marital Law … Wonder What the Law Has To Do With Hubbies and Wives

Hello CREW… Emoji                                              05-22-14
The Steaks @  At  Longhorns…    Superior!   Emoji
Attendees:     Carole Saxe,  Shirley Pomeroy,
    Bill Weinberg, Elma Atkinson, Sherry Gentry,
 Myrna Swindell, George Reinhart, Lois Atkinson,
            David Alexander, Sandee Brannin
   Gerry Heller & Bill Raines, and one ole Indian.
                SERVER:  Allison was very good.
UGH!     Due to technical difficulties (size of pic?)
 w/ Smoke Signal Computer no picture available!
                           Thank you for your efforts Lois! Emoji
Another launch!   An Atlas V  with a classified
             payload to be launched 0905 Thursday?
Something Allen S. said/did?   Read in the paper
    Tuesday that the government in Thailand has
declared Martial Law in Bangkok. Email to Allen.


Reply:   No evidence of it where I am and little elsewhere. Been here through several of these in the past. Take care.  A. 


 The Indy 500…    This Sunday  May 25th  


                             A favorite quote:
If everything seems to be under control… 
you’re just not going fast enough!  – Mario Andretti
1971 – 2012    “Anne the Green Dragon”  RIP!
A Judge has given the green light to raze Dragon Point & remove Anne.
       Oh Well…  I never did get an invitation to attend the parties that were held there.  Ugh! 
Next event:  Florida Seafood,  Emoji  Cocoa Beach
Visit: #17    Last: 01-29-14
A society grows great when old men plant trees
   whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
                                                        – Greek proverb  
Sent from my i-teepee looking for my shovel and gloves.      

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                     05-18-14
Well now Pilgrims, lets saddle up
                           and mosey over to the Chuck Wagon! 
   Beef, it’s what’s for dinner!     
               Knock the horns off and drag it to the table!  lol


5:30 PM   Wednesday   May 21, 2014 
                     770 East Merritt Island Causeway Merritt island, FL 32952  (321) 456-5559          Website:
A Triple?   California  Emoji  Chrome is one race away  from becoming a Triple Crown Winner. All He has to do is win the Belmont on June 7th.
If he wins he will be paid millions in Stud Fees.  Emoji
One Million $ Payday    NASCAR  Jamie McMurray driver of the  CHEVROLET  #1  race car,
     won Saturday’s 30th Annual Sprint All-Star Race!
Ladies…  Get Busy!    Lack of exercise is the biggestrisk factor for heart disease in women aged 30 and above, according to a study.
Hummm  jog on down to next weeks CREW event!   
Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.  – Adelle Davis
Ugh!  Except while attending the CREW pow wow’s!  
Sent from my i-teepee while checking out the menu!  


Why weren’t you there?

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                             05-15-14

Bizzarro’s Italian…   the wine and pasta!     Delizioso!
Last night:  CHS Classmates enjoyed happy conversations,
memories, wild n crazy stories  & very good Italian cuisine.
                              Why  weren’t  you  there!   Emoji
Attendees:     Allen S, Ed M, Alice & Ann B, Ann D, Dan S,
           Tom & Gloria T, George & Lois R, Sandee B, Myrna S,
          David A, Bill & Gerry, Jack & Linda Y, Wilt & Donna W,
      Corinne B, Carole S, Jim & Brenda W, Harvey & Sandy B,
    Shirley P & Don, Bill & Karen, Elma A, Susan E, Roy Rogers.
  Are just some of the Classmates who did  NOT  attend!
                                  See ya next week?   Emoji
Some who did…  Clark True, Gerri Dutcher, Helen Granger,
              Bill Weinberg, Jack Crockett and one token Indian.
                              SERVER:   Anna was a delight
3-2-1   Emoji  8:08 PM   Delta V Launch scheduled tonight.
        Read it in the paper 5-14-14…  Russians to QUIT the Space Station
                       in 2020.    They want to spend money in other areas.  
      Nyet cosmonauts?  Nyet cussing?     Cогласие  ( yes )    MORE VODKA?
Not too late?
Class of 64 reunion:   Cocoa High Alumni  are invited to
   attend the Friday  ( May 16, 5-10 PM )  night  ICE BREAKER.
                          Who are those Tiger Cubs?  
       For details go to:
Sighted in Cocoa:    C.H. Hibbard,  Bill’s younger brother.
                                                 Doing well, long time no see! 
Hummm  Good or Bad?  Having coffee, reading the Obits.
                                        15 of 34 were younger than me.  Emoji
She’s baaaaak!    Emoji   Katherine a 14 ft,  2500 lb female
                 Great White Shark in water off of Sebastian Inlet
  moving south.  Use this tracking website for her & others!
By POPULAR demand:  Emoji
Next event:                   Longhorn Steak House on M.I. 
                                                   Visit: # 18      Last:  03-12-14
Wishes cost nothing…
        unless you want them to come true.  – Frank Tyger 
Sent from my i-teepee contemplating my next wish!

NYET Bullsheetski?

ello CREW… Emoji                                                       05-11-14

 Next HAPPY HOUR CREW event 
             5:30 PM     Wednesday    May 14, 2014 
         Bizzarro’s  Italian  Restaurant
         325 East Merritt Island cswy   453-2610
Mom’s are valuable! Emoji  Recent article in Today NP.
    If you hired a Mom it would cost you  $62,985 p/yr.
                     That’s a 5% increase over last years mom! Emoji
Class of 64 reunion:   Cocoa High Alumni  are invited to
   attend the Friday  ( May 16, 5-10 PM )  night ICE BREAKER.
                       Who are those Tiger Cubs?  
       For details go to:
Burgers for breakfast?      Coming soon at   B. K. ?
     The “King” will have burgers available for breakfast
        with  Shakin Flavor Fries!   (ranch, garlic & spicy buffalo)
              Now if good ole Tom N.  (CHS  #13)  would
  serve up a big glass of cold Buttermilk!   yummmm!
From Classmate Alice Barron:    If you have not seen
    this, it’s worth the time.  The Blue Dot.  – Carl Sagan 
NYET Bullsheetski?  The Russians have passed a law
                to ban cussing?   No longer allowed in songs,
                     conversations, movies or stage shows.
                Hummm that will leave some  comrades  speechless!   lol 
The art of being wise is the art of knowing
                                 what to overlook.  – William James 
Sent from my i-teepee practicing my Russian…  NYET!  NYET!  NYET!    

Smoke Signals … Hazy … Distorted!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                     05-08-14
    Twenty CHS Classmates enjoyed Ashley’s!   Emoji
                       and the coconut B-Day Emoji Cake! 
SADLY!   Emoji        Due to technical difficulties
                   no CREW pictures are available this week.
                             Ugh!  Smoke Signals hazy and distorted! 
Attendees:         Ann Driskill, Corinne Bowley,
          Elma Atkinson, Bill Weinberg, Shirley Pomeroy,
              Myrna Swindell & Grand Daughter Amelia,
              Jim & Brenda Ward,  Clark & Marilyn True,
          Donna Price, Wilt Wagner, Jack & Linda Young,
              Gerri Dutcher, Helen Granger, Jack Crockett,
         David Alexander and  One almost healthy Indian. 
                SERVER:  Christie  (As always “outstanding”!)
   Emoji  Mother’s Emoji Day this Sunday!  Emoji
CHS Class of 64     Very young  TIGER  Cubs are having
                   their 50th Reunion  May 16, 17 & 18, 2014.
Kingston Trio!     Classmates, we all luv the oldies.
     This video, sent to us by Conrad Koch is a WINNER! 
  Thanks Conrad!    It is a 1981 Kingston Trio Reunion.
         If your a Folk Music Fan you will be entertained.
Conrad sings…  Emoji   Don’t miss, Tears on my Pillow
          They Call the Wind Maria & Singing the Blues!
Don’t know how he does it but it is a joy to listen!  Emoji
   Like fine wine…  he gets better as the years pass! 

Subscribe and win millions

of whatever …

Turn off the player  in the upper

right hand section of the sidebar!!!!

[youtubefeeder feedtype=”uploads” feedid=”cpkoch” orderby=”published” limit=”3″ width=”335″ height=”275″ dateformat=”n/d/y” datelocation=”aftertitle” description=”0″ thumbnail=”1″ title=”1″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ rel=”0″ showinfo=”0″ controls=”1″ disablekb=”0″ fs=”1″ theme=”dark” autohide=”2″ color=”red” cc_load_policy=”0″ iv_load_policy=”1″ modestbranding=”1″ cache=”3 days”]
Do  U?   40% of Americans take a daily multi-vitamin.
Next week:     Bizzarro’s Italian on Merritt Island
                                Visit:  # 24      Last:  02-19-14
It is easy to sit up and take notice.
  What is difficult is getting up and taking action.
                                                                 – Al Batt 
Sent from my i-teepee while trying to get UP and take action!

Average Social Security payment to retirees … $15,528/year

Hello CREW…                                                05-04-14


Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event

      5:30 PM    Wednesday    May 7, 2014

     Ashley’s  Restaurant

              1609  Highway 1    Rockledge, Fl   636-6430



CREW May Birthdays   2  Tommy Tinker   5  Judy Parker

n/a  Karen  Martin   10  Dan Young   13  George Reinhart

18  Delores Peavy   18  Donnie Olsteen   29  Charlie Murray

30  Ed  Murphy   31 Dot Lanier

      32  El Frito Bandito


Free Coffee!    at the New  Dunkin  Donuts

        The 1960 Rockledge Blvd store will be offering

free coffee Monday thru Friday.

Lounge seating with Wi-Fi & TV Screens.

    Ole Geezers & Indians are welcome!


$1294 p/month,  

      Hummm need donut money, might have to go back to work?


KENTUCKY DERBY!     Winner California Chrome.

  Daddy = Ole Chevy,  Mommy = Tigress… equals a fast horse! 😉

                     Met at the Barn Theater on Merritt Island!

  Based on peace pipe history pow wow with CHS tribe elders…


Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to

be made a victim.  Accept no one’s definition of your

                     life, define yourself.            – Robert Frost


Sent from my i-teepee looking for definition of  “ole Indian”!


Si! Mon. May 5th … Cinco de Mayo! Luv those taco’s!

Hello CREW…     05-01-14   The Beef O Brady’s event was the place to be!

Beef O Bradys 04-30-14

Attendees:  L-R   Gerri Dutcher, Elma Atkinson,

          Clark True, David Alexander, Jack Crockett,

      George Reinhart, Lois Atkinson, Bill Weinberg,

 Helen Granger visiting from Atlanta and No Indian! 

Ole Indian still recovering from    bug.   Making progress but not back to 100%. “Thank You!”  For the good wishes from friends & classmates. 

Si!  Mon. May 5th   Cinco de Mayo   Luv those taco’s!    Siete de Mayo  (May 7th)  Date of next CREW event. Maybe Ashley’s will have some left over margaritas or burritos?  lol Jalapeno Cake?  for Mexican Birthdays?  heh heh heh!   Noteworthy?  $$$   A new stock market record! The Dow gained 45 points, to end above 16,580 for the first time.   Next Event:   Ashley’s Wed.  May 7th in Rockledge                  Visit # 60    Last: 04-02-14   Crew Birthdays:    2  Tommy Tinker    5  Judy Parker n/a  Karen  Martin   10  Dan Young   13  George Reinhart 18  Delores Peavy   18  Donnie Olsteen   29  Charlie Murray 30  Ed  Murphy   31 Dot Lanier 32  El Frito Bandito   Sent from my i-teepee while drinking Indian Tea!