Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Hello CREW… 12-16-10 Corky Bells was Swingin’

Hello CREW… Red rose 12-16-10

The CREW arrived at Corky Bell’s around 5:30 and  YES! The party started! (Thank you for the comments you sent about the music!  We are a Happy CREW! )

Everyone seemed to be in great spirits!   No pouting, no crying,  no whining, just folks that wanted to have a good time!  We started by sampling  deep fried pickles! The ole Indian had never tried them, so he ordered a basket full and everyone gave them a try! A little salty, a little sour but a lot of good!   Before dinner arrived, jokes were told, even one about Indians!  Luv those kind!

Lots of talk about the Cocoa Football team winning their 3rd straight State Championship!

Kudos!  To coaches and players!

Myrna told us why the STAR player  Chevy? did not get to play!  Yikes!  It surprised us all! Later two former Cheerleaders led us in a couple of the old school cheers and one of the gals even sang us a song!   My! My!   We are a talented bunch!

ATTENDEES: David Alexander, Dan Shoemaker, George & Lois Reinhart, Myrna Swindell,
Gerry Trammell, Billy Weinberg, Clark & Marilyn True, Harvey & Sandy Baker, Ty Epling,
Mary Laycock & Ralph, Tom & Gloria Tinker.          Server  Krysti was very efficient!

Email from Jim Ward: CHS #14
It was exciting seeing Cocoa win the game Sat. I watched it on tv, but earlier in the day

I was there to see Trinity Catholic win their game. I have a grandson on the team and
a granddaughter is a cheerleader there also. Both games were very amazing.
Brings back memories when I watch a game.
Hope to be able to come down one wednesday and join you all for dinner. Jim
Email From Ann Rudd:
It’s been a long time since I have talked to you but I know you are doing well because
Sarah Crockett Gamble sends me a copy of the Crew Review. Jim is doing a lot better.
He is now able to eat a few things and is not sleeping as much as he did.
The mass in his right lung and neck have grown about 1 cm but have not spread any
place else at this point. The lesions on his brain have gotten smaller but are still there.
Sent this video out last year: It’s a toe-tapping, sing-along review of things
that happened during the early years of OUR lifetime.  Probably any kid in high
school right now would not recognize anything on this video…  YOU  WILL!  🙂
Ye Li
has  Updated the video so I am re-sending it for you viewing pleasure!
Hope you like it as much as I do!
A really sad Baseball note: Bob Feller 92 died.  He was a pitcher for the Cleveland
Indians.  Pitched 3 no-hitters and 12 one-hitters! I remember getting his autograph on a
Baseball Program when I was only 8 years old. Still have it. One of the Greatest Pitchers!
An optimistic note… the weather is warming up a bit, time for this ole Indian to get
out there and round up another Squaw for the winter  OR buy a couple more blankets!
When asked why I called a past squaw  Three-Horse? Was because she nags nags nags!
Hummm Crazy Best bet would be the blankets…  they don’t nag!
He who opens a school, closes a prison. – Victor Hugo

Corky Bells the Place to be Seen on 15 Dec

Hello CREW… Red rose 12-12-10

Cocoa High Football Team – A Three-peat!
( Details… )    Open-mouth smile WAY  TO  GO  TIGERS!

BTW! NAVY beat  Army!    The ole Navy goat…  kicked the Army’s  ass!  oops!  MULE!  lol

By Majority Vote:   Pointing up

The next HAPPY  HOUR  CREW event will be:

5:30 PM   Wednesday   December 15th at

Corky  Bell’s  Seafood  Restaurant

4885  North Highway 1  Cocoa, Fl  32927   636-1392

Did you know? Chief Sitting Bull was killed by Indian Police.  Dec 15th 1890!
He was in hot pursuit of a spicy Indian Maiden!  Sad to lose a Bro!  Crying face
To honor his memory I will have TWO BEERS TONIGHT!  lol
( Peace Pipe is optional!  lol  )

Wanna have fun? Hop on the Venga-CREW-Bus! Take a ride to the next CREW event!
WE DO LIKE TO PARTY!   Party smile Watch for a couple of us in this video!
This video has almost  2 million hits!   Happy Music for the HAPPY CREW!

Another Classmate Book: Per email from Suanna Bird  CHS
LaVerne (Morgan) Roxby, Class of ’64. Some of the crew may remember her sister as
well, Babs Morgan. Anyway, we are all so proud of LaVerne’s accomplishment and
have purchased a copy of her book.    It’s a wonderful and entertaining book of short
stories.  I thought someone in the “crew” might be interested too. The web link is below.
Thanks, Suanna Bird-Hamilton     THE NUN AND THE GARDENER
For more information, go to

Hey Classmates…     Conrad Koch wants us to take a look at his Xmas decorated yard!  Where

Nuff stuff  4  now!     luv ya,  Red heart B-T-B

“There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.”
Christopher Morley

Hello CREW… 12-09-10 Longhorn’s steaks are really great!

Hello CREW… Red rose 12-09-10

Wow! Those steaks at Longhorns are fantastic!   Tongue Luv that place!
Was hoping for a little  SPICY dessert but none available! lol
Went over to JD’s for ONE beer, sad nothing  SPICY there either!  Sad smile
Ended up at  Cocoa Joe’s Lots of  SPICY cajun boiled peanuts there!

ATTENDEES: Lois Reinhart & George, Clark True, Mary Laycock & Ralph,
Myrna Swindell, Ginger Fine, Billy Weinberg, Carole Saxe, Dan Shoemaker,
Jerry Smith, Gerry Trammell, and surprise guests  Howard and Dee Payne!
Nice to see them,  Howard says they are retired and happy!

Email from Judy Parker:

Bill, Just thought I’d pass this along to you, Sue Wells now Kirwin
was a classmate of ours and left to go to Jacksonville in her senior year,
anyway she is a published author now and her first book is  Hurricane..
so glad she is having success with it. Judy
Employment Section: Looking for a job?  Saw it the paper that there
is an opening at Gainesville for a Head Coach!    Urban Meyer quit! Stress
You don’t suppose good ole Bobby Bowden would…….  naaaaaaaaaaaaa  no way!
Classmate Myrna Swindell… reported that the donations to the homeless
that the CREW gave, went to help a woman with a baby and no home!  If you
have any toiletries, blankets, towels etc you would like to donate. ck w/ Myrna.
Gift with a bow 15  shopping days till…   ho ho ho   What
Dear Santa, bring me something  HOT  n’  Spicy for Xmas!   lol  B-T-B
( Santa… please bring the GATORS a new coach!  Sneaky )
“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally look at the results.” – Winston Churchill

LONGHORN’S STEAK HOUSE The Place to be on 8 Dec 2010

5:30  Wednesday  December 8th, 2010 at


770 East Merritt Island Causeway
Merritt island, FL 32952  (321) 456-5559


Can you believe what you read in the papers?
In the Today NP Wed Dec 1st,  it was stated that the Rapture will occur on May 21st,
this year and we already know that the end of life on earth is on  12-21-2012.
Do you suppose there are enough HOT WINGS and  COLD BEER to last till then?   Stress
Being 25% Cherokee Indian, I am praying for one more MAIDEN SACRIFICE CEREMONY
before I go to the Happy Hunting Grounds!  Where Hope they have heap much FIREWATER!
Ha – Na – Tah – Chee!

Hey Kids… This is not a paid commercial announcement!    ( I don’t own stock! )
My travel agent is Jean Paugh, Travel Specialist
For the past 3-4 years  she has taken care of all my travel plans.     She is terrific!
She keeps me on what I call a  READ-SET-GO-LIST ! If a special comes across her
desk and  you can travel on a 4-5 day notice you can get some really great bargains!
i.e. She once booked me a 5 day cruise on Royal Caribbean for $50 per person!
My suggestion…   GET ON THE LIST! Winking smile Fill in the  TripBlip at the web site!
Did I mention… she specializes in helping  ole Geezers!  Like me!  lol

Warning: The latest ripoff device!   What?  What If you have an R F I D
symbol on the back of your credit card  ===>  ((((
There is an APP that lets someone read your credit card info while in your pocket?
EASY FIX! ===>

On that friendly note…    nuff for now! luv ya   High five! B-T-B
Put your cursor on the symbol to see what it means!

“Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them.” – Albert Einstein

Hello CREW… 12-02-10 B’Day Party at Ashleys

Hello CREW… Red rose 12-02-10

Brrrrrrrrrr It’s already December!    Anybody looked at the pumpkins?  lol
42 degrees tonight?    Luv the Sweater weather!
Before I forget,   What this important notice for you Kid’s.
DEAR SANTA: If you want to hear from  Santa this year, call 321-633-1874
they will tell you what to do to receive a call!  Will I get that Corvette! 😉
23  days  till  X’mas

The CREW birthday event at Ashley’s was a  Party smile great time for all!
ATTENDEES: George & Lois Reinhart, Barbara Thomas, Mary Laycock & our buddy Ralph,
David Alexander, Carole Saxe, Jackie Lane, Clark True, Ginger Fine, Dan Shoemaker,
Bill Weinberg, Myrna Swindell, Sandee Natowich, Amber Forrest and ole B-T-B.
Chairperson Corinne provided us with a very tasty Coconut Cake for the December
B-Day Classmates. Lois Reinhart, Lee Roll, Judy Bowles, Barbara Griner, Tom Caples,
and Susan Ellinor.             Our server Danielle did a great job!

CREW CONDOLENCES TO: Corinne Bowley Red rose

Hi Billy,   Sorry I missed last night.
I took the cake by Ashley’s earlier but didn’t feel like being social…
My brother Bruce passed away November 28th.
He will have a Military ceremony in Tahoma National Cemetery, Kent, WA.
Most of his family lives in the Seattle area.  Talk with you later,
Love ya, Corinne

Conrad Koch to CREW via email to Corinne and B-T-B:
“First let me tell you both that it was so great getting together and seeing
everyone last Wed night.  I can’t tell you how great it is to be blessed with
friends that care.  There is no other group on earth that is quite like that
bunch we’ve grown to know and love!
Please tell everyone that I really appreciate their coming by JDs!”
Conrad is one of the charter  CREW members.  Always a pleasure seeing him!  Open-mouth smile

From Classmate Barbara Greiner-Robinson: December 12 (the big 70, can’t believe it).
I kept two of my grandchildren overnight, so Mom and Dad could go to the GA Tech/GA game.
They are 5 and 11 months.  Had to get up once during the night with Grant – 11 months.
What can I say, it keeps me young, or that’s what I like to tell myself.  I’m sorry about the Gators,
but not really.  Spent Thanksgiving with my brother in Madison, FL and his family, a bunch of Gators.
My two nieces went to the game, that’s one they will want to forget.  Really enjoy reading your weekly
e-mails, makes me want to get down to Cocoa on a Wednesday night.    Keep up the good work!
Thanks Barbara… Red rose Hope to see ya at a future event!  B-T-B

Soooo funny! This is the one I mentioned to you Amber! Wink

OMG! It’s almost  NAP time… Yawn Gotta go!     luv ya,   Red heart B-T-B

“No one has a finer command of language
than the person who keeps his mouth shut.” – Sam Rayburn
Learned this lesson in the 5th grade!  Sometimes it works!   lol