Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Longhorns… What a treat on 1-30-2013!

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                    01-31-13
Longhorns…    What a treat!   Best steaks ever!   Yummm!
Attendees:      Barbara Thomas, Clark & Marilyn True,

          Bill Hibbard & Karen Kamin, Bill Weinberg, Carole Saxe,
          Harvey & Sandy Baker, Mary Laycock, David Alexander,
Tom & Gloria Tinker, Steve & Michele Westman, Myrna Swindell,
           and the ole Indian.     Server:  Jessica was very good!     
Good News…     Charlie Butler's back surgery went well,
                                   he is at home recovering.
Did U hear the rumble & the roar?             Beautiful!
       Last night the Atlas 5 launch went on time @ 8:40 pm.  
Indian luv?    BillyTwoBeers  thinks he found his true luv!
  Ninkasi  Princess  – the Sumerian Patron Goddess of brewing!
The Sumerians, one of the earliest civilizations on earth (3500-1750 B.C.)
but the existence of such a people/civilization was not even suspected until
the middle of the 19th century. However, after a few beers everyone knew!
In case you didn't know…  She lives in the Temple of JD's Sports Bar!   Sneaky   
Next Week:   CREW  Feb. Birthday Celebration @ Ashley's
                                       Visit # 45    Last: Dec 3rd

 1  The Indian   1  Jimmy Pitts   1  Glenda  Nelson   5  Charlie Black   6  Ty  Epling

        11  Brenda  Graves   13  Gloria Tinker   14  Brent Parker   15  Ben Young

           16  Gerry Heller   19  Dexter Beck   19  Dick  Nelson   20  Ann Driskill

                                                     30  Mortimer Snerd


It's choice not chance that determines your destiny.  Jean Nidetch 
  I'll take a chance on that!  😉 
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Your Shipmate, Bill Hardy “Hatch” GMM2

To:     "Tree"  MT3    and    "Skates"  MT3
Memories for my GM Division Navy Shipmates!  USS Springfield CLG-7


Aye! Matey's!   Shiver me timbers!   It's my turn to go on Shore Patrol!
                                         In Whites and Blues!
Think I'll have a little fun and Cancel-out  ole:  Tree, Skates,
           Beasley,  GILBERT ugh!    and any others I see!  
              ho ho ho    No Bottle of Rum for me! 
Found these pictures of all  5' 6"  135 lb  of Military Law Enforcer!  lol

Shore Patrol Duty


To be honest…    Devil  never sent anyone back to the ship! 
Your Shipmate,
Bill Hardy   "Hatch"  GMM2
SENT  BCC:   To a few Classmates and friends of mine!  😉 


C’ya at Longhorn’s Wed Evening

Hello CREW… Red rose                                           01-27-13
Very popular choice:  Open-mouth smile    Visit: #15   Last: Oct 10th 

Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event 

     5:30 PM     Wednesday     January 30, 2013
                LONGHORN'S   STEAK   HOUSE  
             770 East Merritt Island Causeway
        Merritt island, FL 32952  (321) 456-5559

    Your gonna order what?    
      To heck with eating more chicken! lol
Gator the eel?   Rec'd some info on the black eel with
              white stripes we saw at Fla Seafood last week.
            John Dean told me the eel's name is "Gator" ?
             If that's so I sure don't want to pet that rascal! 
Welcome back!     Very happy that Carole Saxe Red rose
           has moved back to Cocoa!  Always great to see
             her at the the Happy Hour Crew events!   Open-mouth smile
Reminder:   Check out  and  for info on your classmates
and future activities.  Lois Atkinson and Conrad Koch do
a GREAT job keeping these websites updated!  Kudo's!
CHS Class of 63:   Making plans for the 50th Reunion!
           More info at:

You can go to heaven if you want…

                         I'd rather stay here!    ~ Mark Twain & BTB! 

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Went to Florida Seafood With 18 Old Tigers and Tiger” Tales”

Hello CREW… Red rose                                       01-24-13

Ugh!    Ole Indian rec'd bad  Smoke Signals!   Went to
            the Mosquito Beaters meeting on Sunday and
            found out it had nothing to do with Folding,
            Stuffing or Stamping envelopes!   Seems the
            email I rec'd telling me about the meeting was
            NOT asking for help! The Stuffing will be held
            at a later date. T.B.D.    Sorry bout that Chief!  
Florida Seafood    was….  amazing!   18 CHS Alumni
 gathered for another enjoyable CREW event!     
Fla Seafood

Attendees:     L to R   Donna Price, Wilt Wagner,
     Tom Tinker, Ann Driskill, Clark True, Lois Atkinson,
    George Reinhart (took picture) Barbara Thomas, David
   Alexander, Bill Weinberg, Sandy Baker, Harvey Baker,
  Bill Raines, Gerry Heller, a token Indian, Gloria Tinker,
  Jack Young, Linda Young.     Server: Kristin was great!    
We were surprised!   Before we were seated we looked
                into the fish tank in the front of the restaurant.
                           There was a 2-3 foot Moray eel!
                It was black with thin white stripes (like a zebra)
                   None of us had ever seen anything like it!
                    Hummm  He/she was not on the menu?
                            And YES, they are eatable! 
A myth?     Vinegar Can Clean Anything?


          Contrary to popular belief, vinegar does not clean everything.


    Example: Vinegar will damage hardwood floors if used as a cleaner.


     Adding vinegar in a laundry machine, will harm the washer as well.


                Vinegar may adversely impact your potassium levels.


        BUT!   Mixed with a light flavored oil and added to my salad… 


                                     It  tastes  great!  
Next event:    Jan 30th  Longhorn's Steak House on M.I.  
We all admire the wisdom of people who come to us for advice!
                                                                                – Jack Herbert
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Hello CREW… Red rose                                           01-20-13
Got Time?   Clock              2 PM  TODAY!
     Help needed at the Cocoa Historical Library.
              I'll be there…  will you?      ~  BTB  

Lets go fishing!          Visit:  #12     Last:  Nov 14
  Next    HAPPY HOUR CREW event:  

            5:30 PM   on  WEDNESDAY    January 23, 2013  



                                    Luv  their Rock Shrimp!  😉
                         480 West Cocoa Beach Causeway
                     Cocoa Beach, Florida  32931   784-0892
New CREW:    Welcome aboard Richard Griffin & Family.
                          Cocoa High School  Class of 1961
Holy Crazy  Batman!     You  sold  the  Batmobile?
     Last night on Barrett-Jackson auto auction the original
          Batmobile sold for $4.2 Million to…  The Joker?
            Heck!  That's almost as much as I would ask for my 56 Chevy!

Jan 23 National Rhubarb Pie Day  Confused  What's a Rhubarb?

Party at Doc's!   Today 2-6 PM  Beer, food, happy folks
                     and live music at Doc's Bait House on M.I.!
                     CHS Class of 55? Tom Norwood invites all! 
Get Well Soon!  To Charlie Butler, having back surgery.
                          To Bob Berghult,  recent back surgery. 
Condolences:   To family of Sharon Pletcher-Brown who
              passed on Dec 7th.  Today NP  01-20-13   P. 6B                                                     

Longevity check:   Last one not comprehensive enough?
       Check out this one sent to us by Jimmy Sisco.  It asks
      more questions but,  Smile  I liked the results…  88 yikes!

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Be a good listener.  Your ears will never get you in trouble.
                                                                                ~ Frank Tyger  
Sent from my i-teepee, 1 mile as the Eagle flys from JD's Sports Bar! 
       Ugh!  Firewater and many Squaws there!  Keep ole Indian happy!   

Holy Pasta! Bizzarro’s was like another Class Reunion On 1-16-2012

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                   01-17-13 

 Don't Forget:  Help needed  at Mosquito Beaters Workshop!
   SUNDAY, Jan. 20th 2 PM  at the Cocoa Historical Library! 
                          Can you:  Fold  Stuff  Label  Stamp   the mail outs
                             for the upcoming event to be held in March, 2013?   
                                  If your there it can done in a couple hours!
                       It is easy and we always have fun!    See ya there?

Holy Pasta!   Bizzarro's was like another Class Reunion!
                      Big turn out, lots of laughter, good food,
                             and awesome CHS Classmates!
                                     Server:  Anna was great!         
Attendees:  Bill Weinberg, Carole Saxe, Clark & Marilyn True,
                       Jack & Linda Young, Wilt & Donna Wagner
               Tom & Gloria Tinker, Gerry Heller-Raines & Bill Raines,
           Special Guest: Barbara Thomas! Winking smile  And the ole Indian.





Jan 16 was Nat'l Fig Newton Day…    Did you have a fig? 
Adult Cruise?     Wow!  My Navy was never like this!  lol
                                Do any of you know about this?  Wanna go?
Going swimming?  See where your favorite Great White Shark
                                           (and others)    are swimming today!
Next Week:          Visit: #12    Last:  Nov 14th
                          Florida Seafood at Cocoa Beach!     
You're never as good as everyone tells you when you win,
and you're never as bad as they say when you lose. – Lou Holtz  
Sent from my i-teepee while trying to decide who will win the Super Bowl this year? 










Lindbergh’s Epic Flight … A Wonderful Facinating and Compelling Documentary

This film/video created by Win Perkins (whoever he is) is absolutely captivating.

Ronnie Wegelin of Tri-Tone's fame, from out in Nebraska

…  who also has a Tractor  … a Farmall …  

sent it to me! I think he got it from Charlier Butler who got it from Greg  Morehead!



To view the thing …
click Contact
then click Part 1
watch it to the end
 go back and click Contact
then click Part 2
etc. etc
until all four parts have been viewed


I didn't expect to

but I really and truly did! 

Hello CREW… 01-13-13 Worker Bee’s: Help needed at Mosquito Beaters Workshop!

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                  01-13-13 

By Request:   Visit:  #20      Last:  September 19, 2012  Disappointed smile 


next    HAPPY  HOUR  CREW event
             5:30   Wednesday    January 16, 2013
                Bizzarro's Italian Pizza
                    325 E Merritt Island Cswy  M.I.   453-2610              


      Hello Anna!     Remember Us?    My order?  Smile with tongue 
 yes… the pasta n' bean soup!   Bowl   yummmm
        One cannot luv well unless you have dined well!   Anna told me that ? 
Worker Bee's: Help needed  at Mosquito Beaters Workshop!
Next Sunday, Jan. 20th 2 PM  at the Cocoa Historical Library! 
      Once a year volunteers meet with Speedy Harrell  and help with the
    Fold  Stuff  Label  Stamp  mail out effort for the upcoming event to be
       held in March, 2013.       It  Can  Be  A  Lengthy  Process!   BUT,
       with the help of the CREW members it's done in a couple hours!
           It is easy and we always have fun!   See ya there?

                    Mark your calendar!  I did! 

How long will you live?    Take  this  short  test! 

                                  Hummm 83?   Hope Ole Indian's  401K lasts until 2024!
Super Bowl Game:  21 days to go!  Feb 3rd  New Orleans!
 Ugh!   Hoping to live forever, so far so good!    Sneaky    ~ Ole Indian
Sent from my i-teepee while marking my calendar for the Mosquito Beaters Workshop!







 Hello CREW…  Red rose                                          01-09-13
We are back!    Great to be with the CREW at Ashley's ! 

                              Be sure to view the pictures…  definitely

  Check out the size of the pork chop that Geo and Wilt received for dinner!  Wow!

P.S.  The coconut B-Day cake was great!



Attendees Starting at left in picture: :      
Ann Driskill, Clark & Marilyn True, David Alexander Lois & George Reinhart, Donna & Wilt Wagner, an Indian & Chairperson Corinne Bowley
                     Christie our server was FANTASTIC !  

Remembering:   Our classmate and friend, Billy Fine
                             would have been 72 on Jan 7th.
                                     The CREW misses you!   BTB
Giddy up!   The ole Indian is going to Fla Driver School
                          for Seniors in Melbourne today,
             the GEICO  Green Lizard  made me do it!  lol  
Mc Wings  Mild, medium or hot?  Mc Donald's is going
                      to try serving hot wings in 500 locations!
                            What next?  Mc Sushi?  Mc Pizza?
                          Might work if they serve  Mc MAX  cold beer? lol 
Sigh! Crying face   College football is over, some of us are happy,
                  some are disappointed but in the big picture,
                  Teams From Florida Were Awesome !
Next Week:  Bizzarros Italian M.I.    Visit: #20    Last: Sept 19