Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Ahhhhh Kelsey’s… 8-29-2012

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                       08-30-12

Ahhhhh Kelsey’s…        The ole CREW is alive and well! 
                              Great food, service and lots of Classmates!
                                Really fun time last night CREW of 20!
                    Many true confessions from Myrna, Ann, Clark.  lol
Attendees:         Ann Driskill, Elma Atkinson, Bill Weinberg,
                  Charlie & Mary Black, Jerry & Dot Fischer, Clark True,
        Dexter & Linda Beck, Gerry Heller & Bill, Geo & Lois Reinhart,
                   Tom & “George” McFarland, Dick & Pat Bankhead
              Myrna Swindell, and ole BTB   Server: Linsey was great!
Attached:   4 Pic’s of the HUGE CREW!  See if you can name them!
               Not shown, taking photo’s…  THANKS Red rose Lois Atkinson!
Shoe fit?    Recent survey has shown that the average woman
                     has 40-60 pairs of shoes.    Average guy: 8-10.
              Ugh!  Ole Indian… “two pair moccasins, 1 winter , 1 summer.”
Blue what?  blue  Freezing  moon  occurs about every 2.5 years.
                     This Friday, August 31, 2012,  then in July 2015.
                 More info…
At Last!  September 1…   College Football Begins! 
       Go Noles, Gators, Knights & Hurricanes? (don’t need them! lol)
Two years ago?    August – 2009  Conrad Koch, Classmate
           and good friend left us to move back to New Hampshire!
             The CREW misses seeing him and we wish him well
                        in his efforts running for a seat in the
                  House of Representatives of New Hampshire!
Next event:  Ashley’s Rockledge Sept 5th CREW Birthday Party!
                              Do I have YOUR  Birthday date?  BTB  

  1  Clark True   10  Gerri Dutcher   11   Mickey Griffis   11  Jerry Fischer

                18  David  Alexander   22  Cheryl King   22  Conrad  Koch

                               26  Buzz Phillips    28  Gerry Trammell

If you’re going to live by the river,

             make friends with the crocodile!

                            – ole Indian Proverb  &  Bobby Bowden

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Gotta Go To Kelsey’s Wednesday Evening

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                              08-26-12

The Tribe? has spoken:       Party smile     Visit: #10       Last:  May 30th
       Unanimous Vote!  

Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event:

   5:30 PM    Wednesday,    Aug 29, 2011

           Kelsey’s   Pizzeria
          1954 US Highway 1, Rockledge.    321 433-0095
         Take a left  at the 3rd red light south of Ashley’s.
That is the Eyster Blvd light!
           Has online menu!
BTB…    Have no news on any classmates!  Is everyone in their
         teepee’s/caves  avoiding the heat?  Did hear Roger Greek is
               doing fine after some minor surgery last week! 🙂 
       With that said…  the following is more somewhat frivolous info:
                                       Ugh!  as usual.       Eye-rolling smile
Hey! Convention Security:  Last week two  school buses  were
                                stolen from the Tampa area! School kid joke?
                                    Or is this part of something sinister  Ninja
                                    planned for the convention in Tampa?
                              Sure hope the Security folks are aware of this!
                                            Good Grief!  What Next? 
Be Alert!  Tropical Storm  Storm cloud Isaac  a Category 1 Hurricane  soon
            and will be S.W. near Florida by Monday!  You have time for
                          one more run to the store for essentials!
                                   Chips, pizza and beer! lol
Two Girls Schools:    Checking the enrollments at FSU and U of F
             Students:  45% male /55% female  at both schools.               I remember it used to be 66% guys and 34% girls at Gainesville!
                      If you wanted a date you had to ask your  H T H !  lol
                                              ( Home Town Honey! )
Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say,
            abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact.
                           ~ George Eliot   ( So shut – up you ole Indian! )
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T’was a Hoot!

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                              08-23-12

Last night:    At   “Hooters”   was  a   Hoot!   Pun intended!   Party smile

                       The ole CREW had a rising good time! lol
                              Server:  Kyrsten did her best!
                Just guessing but…  is she a blonde with her hair dyed?
                  You had to be there to appreciated that thought! 😉
                        At one point she made a innocent ? remark
        that had the CREW laughing hysterically, &  BTB blushing!  Embarrased smile
                             Interesting?  Can a Redskin blush?  
Attendees:   Corinne Bowley, Clark True, Lois & George Reinhart,
              Myrna Swindell, Billy Weinberg, & of course an Ole Indian!
Did you know?   Tropical Storm  Isaac  is on track to hit Florida.
                           Make sure you have plenty of chips & beer! lol

Go Girl!  Forbes magazine ranked German Chancellor Angela Merkel

             the most powerful woman in the world.  Hillary Clinton 2nd
                       but, Hillary has a  net worth of $21.5 million! 
Next event:   Aug 29th  Unanimous vote, Kelsey Italian in Rockledge.
?  Do I have your  birth date?  CREW September Birthday cake event on 09-05.

          1  Clark True   10  Gerri Dutcher   11   Mickey Griffis   11  Jerry Fischer

                 18  David  Alexander   22  Cheryl King   22  Conrad  Koch

                                26  Buzz Phillips   28  Gerry Trammell

Never Explain…  your Friends do not need it and 
                         your Enemies will not believe you anyway!  
                                                                       – Elbert Hubbard 

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Hooters Sports Bar for the Crew Aug 22

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                             09-19-12
Ready for this?    luv2    Due to the low attendance lately,
           it was suggested that we try someplace NEW!   HOOTERS! 

Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event
               5:30 PM   Wednesday   August 22
                       Hooters Sports Bar
            125 N Sykes Creek Pkwy, Merritt Island FL 32953
                                      (321) 449-0752
Speaking of Hooters lol:   It is  LEGAL  to go Topless in New York.
                       On a recent Dr Drew show, this fact become known!
                             Might be a ploy to get some Muslims to move?  😉 
Happy Days!      Congratulations to  Red rose John & Sybil Dean! Red rose
                          Last week celebrated 32 years of marriage!
New CREW Classmate:   Robert “Boots” Evans & his wife Jan
                            have been added to the CREW list. (see attach)
    Bob, “One of the best dancers at TeenTown!”  Welcome aboard! 

Come Fly With Me!   ( ole Blue-Eyes! )
      The odds of being killed in an airliner accident is 52.6 million: 1.
Noteworthy:      Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown  a
                      self-described devout feminist  who paradoxically
            preached that “If you’re not a sex object, you’re in trouble.” 
               and    “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere!”
                                    Died 8-13-12  She was 90.
                     Hummm   Some truth to these thoughts!  heh! heh! heh!
We neither get better or worse as we get older,
                             but more like ourselves. – Robert Anthony

Sent from my i-teepee writing up the list of expected attendees at Hooters!
                             ( Bill W.   Clark T.   Jerry S.  and of course…  BTB ) 

Awesome Steaks at Longhorn’s … Ya’ shoo’da b’in there!

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                           08-16-12

Mooooooo!         The Longhorn steaks were awesome!

                       Don’t know ANYPLACE that could do better!

Attendees:    Clark True, Myrna Swindell, Ann Driskill,

                     David Alexander, Bill Weinberg, Jeff Larson
                            Connie Habib-Larson and ole BTB.
                              Server:  Allison did a good job!

Eat more chicken!    

WHO?    Never heard of this one!  Have you?   Interesting Menu!

                 Buddy Freddy’s Restaurant…   opening soon?
To be located in the old Whistle Junction Restaurant in Titusville.
             Three located in Orlando, Country Buffet Cooking!
                 Orlando folks:  Bill, Karen, Elma,  Anyone tried it?
Let’s Dance!    The Stroll!    Black Loafers, white socks, buttoned
    down collars, long skirts, flats, & sweaters buttoned up the back!
           Watch!  Did you see Harvey, Sandy, Boots, Sibby, Ed, Vicki,
                 Roy, Barbara R, Danny, Janet, Jerry, Corinne, Geo, Lois,
             Wilt, Donna, David, Barbara T, Tom, Ann B, Jimmy, Ann D,
   Buzz, Myrna, John, Carla, Allen, Alice, Bill, Carole, & many more!
Say What?      Thinking smile       “Hey!  It’s snowing down south!”
                          If you ever said this…  you were a teen in the 50’s!  😉 
Slam Books:      Anybody remember them?  7th-8th grade I think?
                       Little Blue Books with classmates names and details
                     were passed around for others to read and comment!
                                Like with out the pictures! lol
Next Event:   Hummm  Hooters  on M.I.  has been suggested!  3D Emo 07 Emoticons
                                      TBD!   Comments from YOU?
I have enough money to live comfortably
                         for the rest of my life, if I die next Friday.
                                                                 –  My Stock Broker
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C’Ya’ll at Longhorn’s … Weinberg’s Principle Place for Proper Provisioning of Prreferred Proteins

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                             08-12-12

A very popular choice:    Party smile      Visit: #13     Last:  April 18th

next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event  

        5:30 PM    Wednesday     Aug 15, 2012

              LONGHORN’S   STEAK   HOUSE
770 East Merritt Island Causeway
Merritt island, FL 32952  (321) 456-5559

    Your gonna order what?  
Dessert?    August 15th is National  Lemon  Meringue Pie Day!It ain’t cheap!   Gas prices RISING  Disappointed smile  again, use this website

                              to find the best deals within your zip code!
Hummm Wonder if Allen Scott in Bangkok,Thailand has a car?
                       Heck!  Does he even have a Zip Code?  lol
    Don’t forget to check out  
       You might have a chance to win a surprise gift!
Our Classmate Conrad Koch is running contest!  
                 No you can’t win his classic Ford Tractor!   lol
Hey Guys!   Ref:  New books, Shades of Grey.   Talking with an
                  “aware”  woman yesterday and she said after reading
            the book when she thinks about it…  she get’s all  tingly ! In love
           Ole Indian has seen some “tingly” squaws at JD’s!   heh! heh! heh!
      Wow!  Next time don’t try candy, flowers or liquor, just hand
              her the book and… Sneaky  be patient while she reads!  lol
                            Another  O.I.T.     (ole Indian Trick!  lol )
Success is how you bounce when you hit bottom.
                                                                  – George S. Patton 
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Classmates from as far back as 1959 AND some youngsters from ’63 and ’64

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                              08-09-12

JD’s Sports Bar…    What a crowd!  Classmates from as far back as

                                 1959 and youngsters  from CHS 63 and 64! lol

Attendees:        Clark True, Bill Weinberg, Dexter & Linda Beck,

                     Lee & Lynn Rolle, Myrna Swindell, Jerry & Dot Fisher,
                Bob & Bonnie Pippin, a quick visit from Roger & Pam Greek,
               Chairperson Corinne Bowley & her kemosabe BillyTwoBeers. 
                                     Server:  Kelsey was great!  
GO GREEN?    What?  Confused   Wed. Aug 8th was National Zucchini Day!
                   1st I knew of it!  Heck! I don’t even know how to spell it!
          Hummm  Ladies are the zucchini’s located in cucumber section?
Turn on the light!    Wow! A simple but amazing idea will help!
                              Thanks for sharing…  Ginger Fine-Thompson Red rose
Record Broad  Jump:  1968 Olympics, Bob Beamon,  29′ 2  1/2″ 
                               Cocoa High School:  Ed Murphy, over 15 feet!  
                        US Navy:  BTB,  2 or 3 while on liberty in France! Sneaky
ENVY!   Green with envy  Darn that Murphy kid…   he was the best at everything!
                      (but don’t forget ole BTB beat him at marbles ONE time!) lol

Next event:  Longhorns Steak House M.I.     Visit #13   Last: Apr 18

There is always room at the top – after the investigation.
                                                                          – Oliver Herford

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C’Ya At JDs August 8,2012

Hello CREW…   Red rose                                               08-05-12

Aliens on Mars?    Watch tonight for the landing of the

                           Mars Rover, “Curiosity”   10 PM – 2 AM
                    Will there be a Martian Welcome Committee!
     Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event
5:30 PM   Wednesday   08-08-12

  JD’s Sports Bar and Grill
                          (the  old  Boarshead  Lounge) 
                   1644 Fiske Blvd  Rockledge, FL 32955
634-1811� – Bar     634-1841� – Fax

Jack Hobby  Aug 2nd, sad to note the passing of a former CHS

                   School teacher.  82 years young, a really great guy!
You need this:  A useful website if you need  WORD  help.

This country has come to feel the same when Congress

  is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer!
                                                                      – Will Rogers

Sent from my i-teepee while wondering what Martian Squaws look like!

Dinner at Ashley’s, another good time for the CREW!

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                          08-02-12

TOO HOT?     Dinner at Ashley’s, another good time for the CREW!

          Food was great, SERVER Christie was, as always THE BEST!
           Attendance was light but that meant more cake for all!  lol
                              BlueBerry Key Lime!  Awesome!
Attendees:   Chairperson Corinne Bowley, Ann Driskill, Clark True,
                      Bill Weinberg, Geo & Lois Reinhart, David Alexander,
         Hummm one more?   Ugh!  No Remember?   (sugar overload!)  
Don’t Forget!  JPL Curiosity  Mars Landing this Sunday, Aug 5th
                           Watch this video display of the Mars Landing.
                                 Thanks to Jim Sisco for the video!

Didn’t you get the email?     A Japanese soldier, Hiroo Onoda
         in 1974 came out of the jungle of the Pacific Island of Lubang.
  He had been hiding for 29 years, unaware that Japan surrendered!
Was it good 4 U!    Men think about Beer & sex every 7 seconds!
     Having Beer & sex at least once per week can lower a man�s risk
     of heart disease by 30%, stroke by 50%, and diabetes by 40%.
         Curious,  the article didn’t mention anything about women?
     Men with an active Beer & sex life are likely to live past 80 years.
                           Ugh!  Ole Indian  (71)  knew that!  Sneaky
                   So do:     Allen, John, Roger, Conrad, Ed, Charlie, Clark, Craig,
                           Howard, Roy, Tom, Wilt, Paul, Geo, Jerry, Bill, Don, Dave, Dick,
                          Jack, Brent, Dan, Bob, David, Fred, Harvey, Ty, Jim, Buzzy, et al!
      Hummm do the women have a “clue”?   lol   Ole Indina know one squaw does! 
Batman!   $11.50 IMAX Show   $5.50 Popcorn   $4.50 Coke  X  2
                   Hummm  $43.00    Should have taken squaw to JD’s.
              Would have great dinner, firewater  & dessert?  afterward!
       The Old State Theater  Ticket:  $ .25    Popcorn:  $ .10    Coke:  $ .10   X 2
           Hummm   $ .90  Reasonable price for a date!  But NO Dessert Afterward! lol
Well maybe…   a Cherry Coke or a Vanilla Phosphate at Campbell’s Drug Store!
Next event:     JD’s Sports Bar     Visit: #15      Last:  May 16th
                           Batman won’t be there but ole Indian will!  lol 
You cannot snore and dream at the same time.  Confused
                                       – Provided by Random History . com 

Sent from my i-teepee….  while  trying  to  live  to  80!   lol