Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Today’s email will be a short one.

Hello CREW…                                                          07-31-16

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my  HOTMAIL  account!  ugh ugh ugh

  HOPE  I can send this to ALL CLASSMATES!

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SPECIAL THANKS to  Lois  Atkinson for help

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FINALLY!   Today’s email will be a short one.

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Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event  5:00 PM    Wednesday    July 6, 2016

          Ashley’s  Restaurant

                1609  Highway 1    Rockledge, Fl   636-6430


August…          CREW Birthdays, do I have yours?

10 Barbara Thomas   10 Ginny Brendel   17 Jeanne Kenaston

         21 Sherri Gentry   24 Jim Ward   25 Ruth Zedalis   

            26 Suzanne Worland        32  Lamont Cranston

How about a Kiss!                   Love @ 1st Kiss? 

TV Show Premier’s Wed 10 PM  8-3   TLC Channel

Testing, my teepee, will begin immediately after the show!  😉 

I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.

                                                                      – Arthur Rubinstein

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  Hello CREW…    💘                                               07-27-16
                       EMAILED EARLY BECAUSE:
Will probably upgrade to  Window’s 10  tonight or
     tomorrow.  If you don’t hear from me right away
           it will be because I have, Gone on Warpath!  😠
   Florida  🐟  Seafood C. B.  was a Seafood Delight!
                   Meals and service were very good.
Fl Sea 1
Picture:     L – R    Gerry Trammell, Sherri Gentry,
         BTB, Gregg Seitner, Myrna Swindell, Clark True,
        Carole Saxe, Bill Weinberg, Gray Ringo & Denny,
              Thanks to Ann 🌹 Driskill for the picture.
            SERVERS:  Ashley and Trent kept us happy!
Friday July 29 –    National  Chicken  🐔  Wing Day!  
                                      Ole Indian likes them   HOT  n Grilled!  😋
Too many calls?      To restrict telemarketing calls
                   call  888-382-1222  and  follow directions.
Kudos  to:     Lois Atkinson CHS’59 for maintaining
      AND           Conrad Koch  CHS’59  for maintaining

Next event:   August B-Day Celebration @  Ashley’s
                                     Visit: #87       Last: 07-06-16
The majority of men are bundles of   beginnings.
                                                  – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Sent from my I-teepee,    beginning    to understand?   😉


Hazy, Hot & Humid.

Hello CREW…  Emoji                                                                   07-21-16   15 Cocoa High Alumni  enjoyed an evening at Murdock’s.

             The meals and service  ( Jessica )  were  GREAT!
The place was packed, along with our group there was
    a wine tasting party, a pub crawl, a birthday party and a
        table with women having their…  After Work wines!  lol 
 Murdock's 2
  ATTENDEES:  L – R  David Alexander, BTB, Clark True, Carole Saxe,
         Bill Weinberg, Ruth Zedalis, Gerry Trammell, Tom McFarland,
      Judy Denny, Mary Laycock, Jack Crockett, Gray Ringo & Denny,
     Sherri Gentry.   Special Thanks to Ann EmojiDriskill for the picture.
                      SERVER:   Jessica Emoji was as good as it gets!  🙂   
Florida earthquake?    Naaa, that didn’t happen!
Was the 1st of 3 NAVY test’s on USS Jackson LCS-6.
                Was taking a nap and didn’t feel a thing!  😉
6 cases of Zika in Brevard…    Not life threatening, 
            all contracted while victims were traveling. 
Education for Guys? Trying keep up with the latest
   in fashion  What?    BoHo Dresses and Bralettes?
The three  H’s  of weather:     Hazy, Hot & Humid.
    Ugh!  Thought they were talking about my squaw!  😉
 Star Trek and Beyond, new movie…  
        didn’t go, rated PG-13.   Fun for fans and kids,
               not much excitement for ole Indians!  lol
Next event:    Florida Seafood, Cocoa Beach        Visit: # 25       Last:  04-27-16
Read, observe, listen intensely.
  As if your life depended upon it. – Joyce Carol Oates 
Sent from my I-teepee following “Ms. Oates” plan everyday!  😉

No Want Papoose

Hello CREW…  Emoji                                                  07-17-16

Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event
       5 PM    Wednesday   July 20, 2016 
       Murdock’s  Southern  Bistro 
                 600 Brevard Ave, in quaint Cocoa, FL 32922
(321) 633-0600
Today  is National Ice Cream Day!  Emoji   Yummm!
     THANK YOU!   To the CREW member who sent
    me a  Free Ice Cream Dessert so I can celebrate!
               Yep!  Even ole Indians luv Ice Cream!  Emoji
July 20, 1969  Apollo 11 Crew  lands on the moon!
   47 years ago.  Want to watch one more time?
Next Launch:     12:45 AM   Emoji   Monday
       Falcon 9   Space X   Cargo for Space Station.
Old Guys Rule?  Emoji     73 year old Mick Jagger a
   Daddy for the 8th time with wife Melanie 29.
       Ole Indian always careful…  no want papoose!  lol
Star Trek and Beyond…  NEW movie released today.
  3 Show Times Start 7 PM  Merritt Sq.   Lets Go? Emoji
The art of being wise is the art of knowing
                               what to overlook.  – William James
Sent from my I-teepee  don’t overlook  STAR TREK!   😉

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.

 Hello CREW… Emoji                            07-14-16

     Kelsey’s Restaurant was an Italian Treat for  16 CHS Alumni!

Kelsey's 1
         L – R   Roger Lyle and wife Jeanene, Myrna Swindell,
                                  Buzzy Phillips, Jack Crockett.

Kelsey's 2

L – R   Token Indian, Gregg Seitner, Carole Saxe, Bill Weinberg,

       David Alexander, Clark True, Shirley Pomeroy, Sherri Gentry.
                      Thanks to:  Ann Driskill Emoji for the pictures!
                      SERVER:  Jennifer was VERY good & single! 
    Not shown are new Folks:  Gray Ringo and Husband Dennis. Emoji

Ugh!   Reviewing my retirement savings I found

                               out that the  K  in  401K  stands for  “Kaput”!   

July 14th  –  Happy Bastille Day and “Vive la France!” 

Next event:    Murdock’s Southern Bistro in Cocoa

                                      Visit: #10       Last: 4-6-16   
Yea!  They finally fixed the Air Conditioner!

The pessimist complains about the wind;
          the optimist expects it to change;
                   the realist adjusts the sails.   – William Arthur Ward

Sent from my I-teepee ole NAVY INDIAN’S  know how to sail!  😉

See what’s happening at your favorite vacation spot!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                   07-10-16

   Hey Luigi!    How’s the Pasta?    mmm Lasagna!  Emoji
Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event: 
         5:00 PM    Wednesday    July 13, 2016 
   Kelsey’s  Pizzeria                              
             1954 US Highway 1, Rockledge.    321  433-0095
              Take a  left  at the 3rd red light south of Ashley’s.
That is the Eyster Blvd light!
July 10 –  Nat’l Golfers Day!   Fore?  Four?  For what?
DDos?   Ever heard of it?   I had not until I visited
             Bright House CH 1299  Interesting crazy stuff!
                 NO!   This is NOT a commercial   Just an opinion!
Watch Out behind you!   Emoji  11 Men gored including
3 Americans running with the bulls Pamplona, Spain.
 Ugh Not on Bucket List!   More fun to run with CREW Ladies!
See what’s happening at your favorite vacation spot!

Act like what you do makes a difference.  It does!

                                                                        – Henry James

Sent from my I-teepee – what’s different?   ahhh  Lasagna!  Emoji

Dove è il vino?

HELLO CREW… Emoji                                                                    07-07-16

      13 CHS ALUMNI  attended the July B-Day Party at Ashley’s.
                         Mmmm  the chocolate cake was de-licious! 
Ashley's 7-6-16
ATTENDEES:     L – R   BTB, Corinne Bowley, Bill Weinberg,   Carole Saxe, Gregg Seitner, Jack Crockett, Mary Laycock, David Alexander, Priscilla Firkins,  Myrna Swindell, Clark True, Gerry Trammell.                            
Thanks to Ann Emoji Driskill for the picture.                              
I tried…  but could not get the picture to rotate.  Ugh!  
Oh well  YOU  should have been there!  lol
                             P.S.  Thanks to Jack Crockett for the Shrimp appetizers.
SERVER:    Christie with help from Natasha was  SUPER! 
Breaking News!!!       A new survey finds…
                    Pasta  is good for you!   No joke ask any Italian!  
                 So guess where we are going Wednesday  7-13-16
                       Right you are!  Emoji   A favorite of the CREW! “Mangiate, bevete e siate felici!”
                                          Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!
Yea!      We have lots of time left!  Emoji        Paper say’s…
                  The average life expectancy is now 78.8 years!
Medicine Man say,  Ugh! Drink beer and dance you get 2 more years.  
Did you know?   CREW emails are sent to 154 email address.
                                        Some Alumni actually read them.  😉
Next event:      Kelsey’s Italian in Rockledge                                Visit:  #12      Last:  04-13-16 True happiness is …  to enjoy the present,        without anxious dependence upon the future.   – Seneca Sent from my I-teepee, looking for my Italian translation book! 
 dove è il vino?   Where is the wine? 😉 


Monday’s Child is Fair of Face

Hello CREW…                                                     07-03-16

Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event

 5:00 PM    Wednesday    July 6, 2016

          Ashley’s  Restaurant

                1609  Highway 1    Rockledge, Fl   636-6430


July…  CREW Birthdays, do I have yours?

    1   Julie McClure    4   Marilyn True    7   Harvey  Baker

      9   Priscilla Firkins    9  Bob Berghult    18   Diane Likon

   19   Howard Payne    23   Jack Crockett    32   Paul Bunyan 

Mondays child is fair of face,
 Tuesdays child is full of grace,
Wednesdays child is full of woe,
Thursdays child has far to go,
Fridays child is loving and giving,
Saturdays child works hard for his living, the Indian!  😉

And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay!  WHAT?  

Find out what day of the week you were born on:


CHECK YOUR ORDER!   A recent study claims an error

                               in  1 out of 4  prescription orders!  Ugh

July 6th  –    National Fried    Chicken Day

                    And it’s International Kissing Day!

                                Kiss the 1st Indian you see?   😉

It is not who is right, but what is right that is of importance.

  – Thomas Huxley

Sent from my I-teepee, is it right to have Chocolate Pie or Cake?