Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Regulation of Your Life … That’s ObamaCare

By way of background concerning my view of the world of American politics.   It is the libertarian point of view …

Other people are not your property.

In other words: They are not yours to boss around. Their lives are not yours to micromanage. The fruits of their labour are not yours to dispose of. It doesn’t matter how wise or marvelous or useful it would be for other people to do whatever it is you’d like them to do. It is none of your business whether they wear their seatbelts, worship the right god, have sex with the wrong people, or engage in market transactions that irritate you. Their choices are not yours to direct. They are human beings like yourself, your equals under Natural Law. You possess no legitimate authority over them. As long as they do not themselves step over the line and start treating other people as their property, you have no moral basis for initiating violence against them ‘ nor for authorising anyone else to do so on your behalf. The basic principle of civilised social intercourse was stated in 1646 by Richard Overton:


I see little value in following Democratic or Republican dogma.

  •  The feuding between Republicans and Democrats is an exercise in futility.
    • Differences in policy are very very thin.
    • Both parties stand for
      • bigger government,
      • stronger defense
      • unfair taxation of its citizens
  • If there is a feud that needs to be had
    • it is one of personal liberty versus statism’s control over society
    • It deals with whether or not the Government serves the people of vice versa
    • It deals with whether or not Government has control and regulates its citizens
      • or whether or not citizens have the right, the liberty,   the freedom to do whatever they deem best for themselves as long as the rights of others are not violated,
    • It deals with whether or not Government has the right to grow it’s reach,  span and authority by forcefully taking money from citizens for programs that distribute those monies in an inefficient and arbitrary manner
    • It deals with whether or not our constitution is to be followed giving to the people and to the states all powers that are not specifically asserted by the law of the land, the Constitution.

Looking at healthcare from this vantage point, I see little to no role of Government.  If one takes the time to dissect the Affordable Care Act it is blatantly clear that the government is asserting powers that were never  contemplated and certainly not authorised by the constitution.  That in itself is enough to make one take a position opposing ACA.  But, you might ask, how are we to control the cost of healthcare?  I can say only this … healthcare costs will not be reduced under ACA.  I will take on a  gambler’s bet that they increase.   Two arguable reasons  are ones conservatives like to cite:

  • the individual mandate will drive people away from voluntarily participating in the program.
    • They favor instead accepting the  chance of paying fines if they fail to comply and are in need of healthcare
    • or they will “game the system” by joining the plan only just before they expect to use it!
    • The poor are the most likely to be victimized
      • the very people ACA is aimed at helping
  • Unemployment will rise
    • small businesses employing 50 full-time people or more will
      • downsize rather than institute an employee insurance plan
      • place their workforce on a part time (less than 30 hours) work week

Both stand the tests of logic and common sense.  Both are simple matters of understanding human nature … individuals and employers need to preserve whatever treasures they have.  They do what’s  necessary to ensure that they preserve those treasures.

Other arguments are raised in support of ACA.  Those 42,000,000 individuals currently uninsured are a huge cost to the healthcare system.  Virtually all of the uninsured must use emergency room care …  the most expensive form of healthcare. They use it for everything from taking care of their sniffles to a gun wound to attempting to get a prescription so they can get high on taxpayer purchased  drugs.    Why are costs so high?  In 1986  United States Congress passed the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA).  It requires hospitals and ambulance services to provide care to anyone needing emergency treatment regardless of citizenship, legal status or ability to pay. EMTALA applies to virtually all hospitals in the U.S but includes no provisions for reimbursement. That is why it is so expensive!  Who then pays?  The answers is “everyone who has coverage”.  Healthcare costs are simply spread over charges made to those people capable of paying. Everyone’s costs rise and they  rise dramatically?  Who gets rich?  I am not an expert but I am willing to bet that the insurance companies come out shining under the scenario.  The hospitals themselves are complicit.  Think also,  about the bureaucracy that is in place to monitor compliance.  Taxpayer’s pay …and pay a lot just to monitor the system! With each new requlation the bureaucracy grows as does the taxpayer’s cost to support it.  Bottom line ??? … do we really think healthcare costs are reduced when we place those who would otherwise use ER care into an “insured” category? I would welcome a well supported argument that costs go down!

We’ve seen time and time again the efficacy of a government mandates … e.g.,  EMTALA …  aimed at doing good for the poor … Is it an efficient way to run a healthcare system? Does it decrease or increase the taxpayers’ cost?  Will ACA be immune to this kind of unintended consequence?  Just take a look at the ACA’s objectives and one can make a pretty good guess.  The act aims to  provide insurance to the currently 45,000,000 ( the number may be as many or more than 55,000,000 ) uninsured.  Further, it does not aim to reduce the cost of healthcare but rather to reduce the rate of increase in the cost of healthcare.  Several sections of the act refer to the aforementioned cost of emergency room care  brought on by EMTALA as being one of the chief cost drivers.  Nothing that I have read suggests that the ACA included measures to motivate patients to stem the use of ER care.  Nothing in the act suggests that participants be “invested in themselves”,  to ensure they  maintain healthy  lifestyles.  In other words, nothing in the act is  aimed at reducing the real cost of healthcare.  Edward Kennedy had this to say about the passage of ACA  ..what we face is above all a moral issue; that at stake are not just the details of policy, but fundamental principles of social justice and the character of our country.”  I take that to mean that  ACA is legislation born of passion and emotion and not of logic and common sense. At least Ted Kennedy’s remarks would have you think so!

There is no one that I know who does not want to make life better for the truly  uninsured poor and needy of this country.  There is no one I know who  will go out of his or her way to make life better for one not willing to help him or her self.  Perhaps we would attempt to instill a sense of self worth and help motivate  such  a person to seek a more useful life.  That aside, if the act is to really make life better for those in need then it should say something about how personal healthcare is to be improved by the act.  It does not.  It does nothing to improve healthcare per se.

While seeking  background information on the subject of  ACA two notions caught my attention:

My take is that the act  does nothing more than regulate its industry by regulating procedures, processes.  It really does little to reduce actual costs.

For example, insurance companies’ profits and administrative costs are regulated.  Insurers are required to spend 80% – 85% of premiums on health costs and claims. Failure to comply requires that they rebate the excesses to the policy holders.  Regulating the insurance companies’ profits is the best way to eliminate incentives and break down the insurance industry’s competitive climate.

If the aim  of ACA is to reduce costs while expanding coverage, then let the real free market dynamic go to work.  The current healthcare system long ago left the free market system.  By free market is meant businesses competing on an even terrain absent the regulations that favor one firm over another.  It means putting an end to corrupt practices of firms using lobbyists to create for themselves or their industry a favorable business climate.  It means  full transparency of “cost based”  hospital charges for drugs and procedures.  Gone will be the $5.00 aspirin. The $14,000 MRI procedure … gone too.  Gone will be the  costly trend toward non-profit Hospital monopolies and medical staffs that are more and more invading the medical field.

The answers to helping to  bring healthcare to the legitimate poor,  to the helpless children and to the truly needy are not within my ability to know.  What I do know is that the answer lies not in big government, not in bureaucracy building, not in regulations and  not in throwing more money after the problem.  It lies in what I like to believe is a truly free market system free of the corruption that we experience in today’s Crony Capitalistic system.  If the right people are asked to define today’s healthcare system with all of its warts and blemishes ,then dream of an ideal replacement …  an effective system will be born.  It will profit both sides. The needy will be properly served.  The provider will be properly compensated.  The Government’s only role will be to see to it that both sides have the freedom and liberty to follow their preferred course  as long as they don’t trample on the liberty and freedoms of others …  and to follow the mandate … “Other People are not your Property“.

We have a precious few in Congress that believe in these tenets.  They are the ones being reviled by both side of the aisle.  I have seen them alive at the podium.  I have heard them speak.  I have been impressed with their integrity, their intellect and their conviction. I have seen them impact legislation for the cause of liberty and freedom.  If we really care about what is happening in our nation,  we will be active in helping them push the legislative system for the cause of personal liberty.  What I am trying to convey, whether it is coming through my ramblings above or not, is that we can make our thoughts and dreams come to fruition. You and I can improve healthcare for everyone  … Government can’t and shouldn’t try.  All we need to do is speak out.  Let your legislators at all levels of government know what you think is right. Help make them hurt with the pain if they fail to legislate in favor of your cause.  Make a difference!

If you’ve time, I would truly appreciate your comments


October is near! Time for a Treat not a Trick!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                   09-29-13

October is near!   Emoji  Time for a  Emoji  Treat not a Trick! 

   Next    HAPPY  HOUR  CREW   event
       5:30 PM   Wednesday   October 2, 2013
     Ashley’s  Restaurant
               1609  Highway 1    Rockledge, Fl   636-6430


October Birthdays:   5   Ginger Fine    18   Sandee Natowich

       19   Bob “Boots” Evans    20   Allen Scott    27   Spencer Payne

        28   Sarah Policicchio    32   Lamont Cranston   33 Margo Lane

         (in case you forgot, Margo was the Shadow’s companion!)

Remember?   Flat Tops?   Indian Burns?   Sock Hops?
          This cool video is a quick reminder of our youth!
ROY-G-BIV  Emoji   A test clue!    Saturday morning while
                 returning to teepee after breakfast powwow,
     saw a huge RAINBOW.  One end in Cocoa, the other
       in Viera!    Riding ole paint at top speed, when I got

 to Cocoa…  Ugh! No Pot-of-Gold,  and  No Leprechaun! 

College Football:       FSU  48  –   Boston College  34

                              Gators  24  –   Kentucky  7
   Close game!     Georgia  44  –   LSU  41
Golf: Tiger Woods named Player of the Year! Go Tigers!
If you are going through hell, keep going.

                                                    – Sir Winston Churchill

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Classmates and Friends visited Roberto’s Cuban Restaurant Last Night

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                09-19-13

HAPPY  Emoji  Classmates and Friends visited Roberto’s
 Cuban Restaurant last night, smiles were everywhere!
                   The “dessert” was soooooo good! 
Roberto's 9-25-13
Attendees:  L to R       Jack Crockett, Gerri Dutcher,
   Sherry Gentry, Donna & Wilt Wagner, Lois Atkinson,
Dan Shoemaker, Charlie & Liz Butler, Steve & Michelle
   Westman, Gerry Heller & Bill, Clark True, ole BTB.   
   Thanks  to George Reinhart for taking the picture!
  SERVER:   Sonya  (a French Lady)  did a GREAT JOB!
                     And she really knows all about wine!
Memories to share!  From Allen Scott in Thailand!  Emoji
THANKS   Allen!

New Money?      The new  $100 dollar bill
                 will be in circulation on October the 8th.
                 Ugh!  Many moons ago we use wampum & blankets!
Pass the Maple Syrup.   Today is Nat’l Pancake Day!
Gee!  I miss Mom’s pancakes!  sigh
Winter Fun?  Maybe Conrad Koch  in New Hampshire
   would invite us to come up and ENJOY the winter! lol
      (Thanks to Paul Rufo for providing the video!)

Next event:     CREW Birthday  Emoji  fun @ Ashley’s!
                                  Visit #52   Last:  9-4-13
Blessed is he who expects nothing,
    for he shall never be disappointed. – Alexander Pope

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Roberto’s 9-25-13.JPG




Hello CREW… Emoji                                                09-22-13

      Si!  Cuban food…    by popular demand!   O’lay! 
No need to arrive before 5 PM, that is when they open the doors!


 Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event

     5:30 PM   Wednesday    September 25, 2013

  Roberto’s Little Havana Restaurant

            26 North Orlando Ave  Cocoa Beach, Fl.

                                  866 339-7042

           Across the street from the Heidelberg German Restaurant

                                     A  favorite spot of Conrad Koch!   😉   (print YOUR coupon!)

Sports Section:      FSU 54   Bethume-Cookman  6
                                    Gators 31  Tennessee 17
Education Section?    Embry-Riddle is offering a
        Masters Degree Program in Drone Emoji Warfare!!
History Section:    Read an article in Today N.P.
           Sept 21  P. 1B      Found this video on Youtube!
                       BLAME  IT  ON  FLORIDA!
          It’s a short movie flash back to 1969.   Surfers,
    Nort Kirlen’s,(sp?) La Scene  He is in the video.  Views of
     Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach, 1956 Chevy, the Pier.
        As you watch ya might see yourself or a friend!
Obituary Section:             The  End  is  Near!!!    
    Destruction of  Glass Bank in Cocoa Beach in work.
    Built 1961 has been a landmark for the beach area.
      Shucks!   Always wanted to have a tour of the penthouse!
Weather Section:  Today 4:44 PM  1st Day of Autumn.
                The Equinox  –  Sun crosses from North of the
            equator to the South!  Hummm cooler weather?
Funnies Section:     Your paper didn’t arrive today?
        the latest funnies!
Everyone has talent at twenty-five.
               The difficulty is to have it at fifty.
                                                             – Edward Degas

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Longhorn’s – 15 Classmates & friends ponied up

Hello CREW… Emoji                                             09-19-13Longhorn’s –   15 Classmates & friends ponied up

             to the corral for an delicious steak dinner!
Longhorn Steak 09-18-13
Attendees:  L – R     Bill Weinberg, Mary Laycock,
Clark True, Corinne Bowley, Ugh! ole Indian drinking!
Bill Raines, Gerry Heller, Sherry Gentry, Lois Atkinson,
    Ms. Ann Driskill Emoji view of new hair dew!   Nice!   
Off to the left:   Gerri Dutcher, Jack Crockett,  
      Elma Atkinson and  (not shown)  Sandy Brannin,
       THANKS  George Reinhart for taking picture!
Sooo funny!   In case U missed it, also attached is a
         really funny  spoof  of a recent TV commercial.
Sigh, not me!     Somebody in South Carolina won
                    the 400 million dollar Power Ball Lotto.
A Rumor?  What?  John and Sybil Dean back from a
    recent vacation?   Bet they missed the HOT WINGS
at JD’s Sports Bar!  BTW…  JD’s has reopened in their
             new location and now has a full menu.
     Hummm maybe the CREW should give them another visit? 


61 Blends:     Yep!  The new  Starbucks  on M.I.
         (the old Long John Silver’s place)  will be open soon.
                 Yikes!   $4.50  for a cup Emoji of  “Joe”?
   I want a double Pumpkin Spice Latte with a twist of jalapeno,
                         shaken but not stirred on the rocks?  lol   Next event:    Roberto’s  Little  Havana  Restaurant


                                  Visit # 2     Last:  6-19-13    Print Ur coupon!


He does not seem to me to be a free man who does
                       not  SOMETIMES  do nothing. – Cicero

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5:30 PM Wednesday September 18, 2013 … LONGHORN’S STEAKHOUSE

Hello CREW… Emoji                                             09-15-13

  5:30 PM   Wednesday   September 18, 2013

 770 East Merritt Island Causeway
Merritt island, FL 32952  (321) 456-5559

                              Visit # 18    Last: 6-12

Fries with that?   September – Nat’l Potato Month!

College Football:      FSU 62  –  NEVADA  7
                              UCF 34  –  PENN STATE 31 (wow!)
                                        Gators – Idle
Happy thought!   Good to see Shirley Pomeroy Emoji
         moving to Cocoa and attending CREW events!
               Her mom,  Mrs. Pomeroy – a great CHS Teacher!
Big Money!   Saturday’s Powerball at  $317 Million.
               Would be  COOL  if one of the CREW wins!
The Best!     This is the best  INFO  website ever.
               Has it all.  With access to this location we
           could pass any test CHS Teachers could give!

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

                                                            – Tom Robbins

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Hello CREW…  Emoji                                               09-12-13

Kelsey’s:  The scene of the latest  CHS TIGER GROWL!
19 Classmates said…       Emoji  GO TIGERS!

Kelsey's Sept 11
ID is tricky,  left to right,  back & forth!

                   Cherokee Indian, Ann Driskill, Donna Price,
           David Alexander, Wilt Wagner, Myrna Swindell,
                   Shirley Pomeroy, Clark True, Pat Pace-Hill,
   George Reinhart, Carole Saxe, Mary & Charlie Black,
   Jack Crockett, Elma Atkinson, Cheryl (Elma’s Daughter),
   Mary Laycock, Bill Weinberg, Lois Atkinson took pic.
                        Server:   Holly did a great job!  
Sad news!     Betsy Buchanan, Class of 59 passed.
      Obit in Fla Today NP 9-12-13 look for:  Betty Jean Croskeys
          A very cute, happy girl who luv’ed to dance.
              Memorial Service, Saturday Sept 14 at 10 am
        Trinity Presbyterian Church, S Patrick Dr Satellite Beach. 
What does a Fox say?  Emoji    This is crazy but cute.
  Latest dance craze?  Will never replace Rock n Roll!
Cough!    Cough!    It’s time to get your flu shot!
Say what?   Arkansas approved teachers to carry
                 guns at school!     Oh My!  What would
                 Phil Eschbach, J.V. Revels, Bob Roth, Mitch Tidwell,
                  Dorothy Cunningham, Jim Jenkins, Mrs. Pomeroy,
     Margret Mathews, Julia Beckman, & Margarita Payne say?
Next event:   Longhorns Steak House, Merritt Island 
Visit: #18   Last:  6-12-13
When a person can no longer laugh at himself,
   it is time for others to laugh at him. – Thomas Szasz  

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5:30 PM Wednesday September 11, 2013 Kelsey’s Pizzeria

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                09-08-13Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event:

   5:30 PM   Wednesday   September 11, 2013 
  Kelsey’s  Pizzeria                              
            1954 US Highway 1, Rockledge.    321 433-0095
              Take a  left  at the 3rd red light south of Ashley’s.
That is the Eyster Blvd light!
                        Visit:  #14    Last: 5-29-13

National Grandparents Day!     Today – Sept. 8th 
             Give Grandpa and Grandma a call!
                   Ugh!  Ole Indian has no papoose!  
Patriot Day  –  September 11th!
         Hey Classmates this event, a special day.
     Lets all wear  Red, _______ ( White ) & Blue!
Yikes!  Emoji  Find the best  Emoji  gas prices at this site:
The Gators:   Upset by Miami Hurricanes  21-16
               Fumbles, interceptions & numerous team
                       penalties lead to loss Saturday.The only test of leadership is that somebody follows.
                                                     – Robert K. Greenleaf

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Hello CREW… Emoji                                           09-05-13

Shocking news at Ashley’s!     Well I’ll be darn!  Emoji
Some Classmates are getting older?    naaa !

       September  Classmates Birthday Celebration
        1   Clark True   9   Shirley Pomeroy   10   Gerri Dutcher
    11   Mickey Griffis   11   Jerry Fischer   12   Mary Ann Rector
     18   David  Alexander   22   Cheryl King   22   Conrad  Koch
           26   Buzzy Phillips   28   Gerry  Trammell    31   Kilroy
Ashleys 9-4-13
Attendees:  L – R     Bill Weinberg, Lois Atkinson,
                 Ann Driskill, Donna Price, Wilt Wagner, 
Mary Laycock, David Alexander, Conrad Koch (pic) 
                  Jack Crockett, Gerri Dutcher, Clark True,
         Sherri Gentry, a token Indian, Corinne Bowley,
             Cheryl Walter, Elma Atkinson’s daughter,
Geo & B-Day Cake
       George Reinhart…      took pictures, can be seen
                     serving B-Day Cake in picture # 2.  RED  names
                        above celebrate their B-Days in September. 
                           SERVER:  Christie, always her GREAT self! 
Awesome start…      FSU  beats  Pitt   41-13  
                               Even the Half time show was terrific!
Brrrrrr?   Farmer’s Almanac predicting harsh winter.
     A blizzard at the 1st outdoor Super bowl in years?
                   February 2, 2014…  mark your new calendar.
Holy Molly!  While at FSU she was my “lady friend”.
   Now “molly”  is a DRUG name.  A purer, powdered
               form of  Ecstasy  chemically known as
Next event:    Kelsey’s Italian in Rockledge
                          Visit:  #14    Last:  May 29
Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life.
        Laughing at someone else’s can shorten it.
                                                      – Cullen Hightower 
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