Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Obvious Corruption Regarding Gas Prices in and Around Orlando International

To the Orlando Sentinel Investigative staff:

I sent by email the following letter to  Speaker of the House, Will Weatherford and a copy to Steve Crisafulli. Please look into the allegation I present.

I would also ask all those receiving copy of this message to read and distribute the message to all  who might be impacted by the  alleged atrocity.

As a current land owner  and former resident of Florida I remain incensed at what appears to be outright corruption and collusion among personnel in the Orlando International Airport Authority, the Highway Toll Commission, the Air Port Rental Car Companies and the gasoline filling stations that operate closest to the airport.

Not long ago, one could plan to fill up his or her rented automobile, as a stipulation of his or her rental contract at any one of several filling stations within fairly close proximity  to the Airport on Rt 436  North, Semoran Road.  For years I got used to filling  my rental car before returning it at the Seven Eleven or the Mobil Station across from  the Seven-Eleven.  Again those were within close proximity to the Rental Car Return areas.  ON 28 August 2013, I planned to do the same only to find those filling stations no longer  existed.  Instead, a new Shell filling station had been built directly across Semoran Road from the notorious, most highly priced gas station in the country operated by Suncoast Energy.

That Shell station priced their regular grade fuel at more than $5.29 per gallon …. almost $2.00 more than the average price of fuel in the region.  Since I refuse to participate within an obviously corrupt enterprise I sought another station.  After paying the $1.25 toll  to travel on Rt 528 West I paid $2.42 to fill my automobile with gas.  After paying another $1.25 toll to travel on the road to the Airport I was finally able to return my Hertz Rental.

What follows is the perception with which I am left.
1.  Construction of On-Airport Rental Car facilities was completed within the last year or so. Most likely payment was made at the  expense of the Florida Taxpayer.   Major rental car companies now operate within the physical jurisdiction of the Orlando International Airport Authority

2.  Since completion of construction, the several filling stations where one could once purchase gas at an average price have been closed.  Walgreens, among other businesses have replaced them.  Collusion appears to have played a role in the closing of those filling stations.

3. As added revenues for the Highway Commission, fuel customers are now expected (or at least it is hoped) to  pay tolls  in order to access gas at a non-usury price.

Who are the winners?
1.  The Rental Car companies, given that customers are aware of these corrupt practices, stand to gain with the sale of their over very highly priced fuel.

2.  Suncoast Energy (who may in fact own both the Chevron Station (I think it is)  and the Shell Station stand to gain by criminally bilking the unsuspecting customer  with their outrageous fuel costs.

3.  The Highway Toll Commission stands to gain for those preferring to buy average priced fuel and accept the fact that the State is chiseling them out of an extra $2.50.

4.  In order for this outrageous situation to exist,  my bet is that someone in your government had been paid off and has gained handsomely.

Who are the Losers?
1.  Every honest Florida Taxpayer is footing the cost of the atrocities

2.  Visitors like me regard Orlando as well as the Florida State leaders as being “rip-off”  artists of the lowest human form.

3.  Tourists hate to be ripped off.  Consequently they are apt to eventually seek alternate tourist  locations.  I for one will do everything I can to avoid traveling to and from Orlando International.

What I am asking you to do.


1.  Investigate the apparrent wrong-doing or

2.  Explain to me and whoever reads my letter in the Orlando Sentinel, where my perceptions are blatantly erroneous.

Ay, caramba! The Alamo VISIT was a HIT!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                           08-29-13


            What a surprise…  18 Classmates & Friends
               attended this inaugural event!    Ole Lay!
    No Mexican Hat Dance but the 2-4-1 margaritas
        definitely put everyone in a festive mood!  Emoji
      Especially BillyTwoBeers, has low tolerance for Firewater!

Attendees: L – R  Michelle Westman, Wilt Wagner,

               Donna Price, Tipsy Indian?, Corrine Bowley,
             Bill Weinberg, Mary Laycock, Helen Granger,
       Lois Atkinson, Sherri Gentry, Elma Atkinson, Jack
Crockett, Myrna Swindel, Clark True, Dan Shoemaker,
       Gerri Dutcher, George Reinhart, Steve Westman.
Do U have Monophobia?   Come to  CREW  events
           (Fear of being alone!)        we can cure you!  Emoji
End of World? 2060  The latest prediction however,
                      it will have to be postponed due to the
             Class of 59  plans for their 101 year reunion! 
1st 18 years!  Average cost to raise a child is $250K
                         Ahhhh gee Mom…  just give me the money!
Here boy!    Darn…  we missed it?   Monday 8-26-13

                     was National Dog Day!  Woof!  Emoji  Woof! 
Next event:   Sept 4 birthday celebration @ Ashley’s
                1   Clark True   10   Gerri Dutcher   11   Mickey Griffis
11   Jerry Fischer   12   Mary Ann Rector   18   David  Alexander
           22   Cheryl King   22   Conrad  Koch   26   Buzzy Phillips

                                28   Gerry  Trammell         31   Kilroy

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.
                                                             – e.e. cummings

Sent from my i-teepee while looking for Alka-Seltzer!  Ugh!   

Time for a Mexican Event! … No not… Cynco de Mayo it’s… Veintiocho de Agosto!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                08-25-13

No not…  Cynco de Mayo it’s…  Veintiocho de Agosto!
                            May 5th                                                                 Aug 28th
  Time  for  a  Mexican  Event! 
                                 Visit # 1   A  first!

Alamo Mexican Restaurant 

      5:30 PM   on   WEDNESDAY    August 28, 2013
                  5885 U.S. 1  Rockledge, FL 32955
(321) 632-2549
              Check out  SENIOR  WEDNESDAY
TV ready?       COLLEGE  Emoji  FOOTBALL    is near!
             Gators – Sat.  Aug 31      Noles –  Mon.  Sept 2
Levis?     My 1st pair = $3.75    Now = $39.95   Ugh!
Want to stop sales calls?       Go to this website,
     follow instructions to  STOP SALES CALLS!   Home & Cell.
Bucket List:    After watching the movie have you
            written up your list?   Have Fun & Stay Young!
Top Gun:      Test Question…    Did  Iceman  cause

       Maverick’s  accident resulting in  Goose’s  death?
Be yourself, everyone else is taken!  – Oscar Wilde
Sent from my i-teepee while getting ready to go help JD’s move!
        Yep!  I did!   Volunteers needed who have trucks & trailers!

JD’s Last Supper! They R closing, but a lot Fun

Hello CREW…  Emoji                                               08-22-13

JD’s  Last Supper!  They R closing,  but a lot Fun!

Attendees:     L-R    Corinne Bowley, Ann Driskill,

              Mary Laycock, Myrna Swindell, Elma Atkinson,
       Sherri Gentry,  CONRAD KOCH (picture!) ole Indian,
                      😉   Didn’t want Conrad to miss this event!
         Lynn & Lee Roll, George Reinhart, Bill Weinberg,
   Helen Granger, Gerri Dutcher,  Lois Atkinson took pic.
        Not in picture:  Roger & Pam Greek, Jack Crockett.
          Server:   Sumher… cute, courteous & competent! 
                       Yep!  That’s how she spells her name!  😉   

Mr. E’s  Party!       Lois Atkinson Emoji added a slide show

    on the website she maintains.
          Visit and see who was there!   Yes! There was a Token Indian!
CREW  Wishes…    Barbara Reinholdt Tharpe EmojiEmojiEmoji
           a speedy recovery from her recent back surgery!

Don’t miss seeing this!        The Bucket List!

                          5:30 pm Friday 8-23    OWN  CH 52
               A  mandatory  movie for all  Tigers  over 50!
QUICK and EASY Battery Test?
               Have not tried it yet but?   It seems so simple!

Next week:   Alamo Mexican Restaurant – Rockledge

    Be sure to attend the inaugural event!  Senior Nite!
                        Wed August 28th       Visit # 1    Oh lay!  
       Dos por uno de maragarita de los compañeros
                        2 4 1  margarita’s  for  classmates!
If you have to ask yourself whether your are happy,
        then you will cease to be so.”  – John Stuart Mills

Sent from my i-teepee while pretty sure I am Happy!   😉

JD’s Sports Bar has been forced to close/move

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                  08-18-13

 Sigh!    JD’s Sports Bar has been forced to close/move.
    Ugh!   2 million strong protest march on the capital is in work!
 Just in case that fails!  CREW will visit one more time!

Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event

                  5:30 PM   Wednesday   08-21-13   
       JD’s  Sports Bar and Grille
               1644 Fiske Blvd   Rockledge, FL 32955
634-1811‎ – Bar

Follow-up:   Other folks at Mr. Eschbach’s party. 

  Mr. E  Junior, Darlene McMillan; Betsi Moist; Arthur Dodzweit;
         Bobbie Hill Herlong; Laurie Downey; Janet Shoemaker;
Jim & Jeanne Kenaston; Jack & Brenda Kelley; Charlene Richard;
       Laura Herbaty; Kathie Murray; Jack Smith; Sandy Vance;
Sue Lindemann; George Speedy Harrell; Sue Ingram; Dabney Davis;
Richard “Froggy” Davis; Chuck Tornahene; Sarah Kiser; Bill Hodge;
     Frank Repass; Eddie Legge; Vicky Shephard; and Julie O’Hare;
                  Sherri Harris; Marilu Dykes & Buzzy (her son).
Got Ur Ticket?     No winner on Saturday drawing!
       Fla Lottery will be over 50 million on CREW night!
                           Cocoa High Cheerleaders:
2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar!   Win 1  for the CREW!   
Got – A – Story?     CHS Classmate  Tom McFarland
     is collecting stories, pictures and anecdote’s for
  the next issue of the Mosquito Beaters Memory Book.
      If you have anything you might like to submit ?
  Contact Tom at:  or  321 454-4265
               Must be submitted before Dec 1st!
     btw…   Kudos!    He did a terrific job last year!   
Duh!!!   Emoji   The CIA officially acknowledges Area 51.
            However, they won’t discuss Area 52.   Emoji                                        
Success is how you bounce
                   when you hit bottom.
                                         – George Smith Patton, Jr

Sent from my i-teepee while hoping  JD’s  has a Happy Bounce!

Olive Garden was a great place to be last night!

Hello CREW…Emoji                                              08-15-13

     Olive Garden was a great place to be last night!

  The celebration of Mr. Eschbach’s 90th Emoji birthday
was a huge success.  Mr “E” arrived at 6pm and was
     totally surprised!   Was a pleasure to honor him!
 Special thanks to:    Priscilla Ferkins and June Cox
             for all their efforts!     WELL DONE!
 Over 50 family, friends & ex-students attended!  Emoji
                All that and a chocolate covered cake!
    BTW…  Mr. E taught 7th and 8th grade english to a lot of us!
Phil Eschbach, Priscilla & June
Attendees:   Priscilla Ferkins, June Cox, Lois Atkinson,
                    Sherri Gentry, Helen Granger, Liz Granger,
     Gerri Dutcher, George Reinhart, Janet Sewell & Jim,
     Dexter & Linda Beck, Mary Laycock, Elma Atkinson,
Jerry & Dot Fisher, Ruth Bryant & Frank, Bill Weinberg,
Dick & Pat Bankhead, Jack Crockett,   and  One Indian.
Just a thought!   Ed Murphy…   ya shoulda been here!
         The ole Indian sat next to classmate Janet Sewell
           and you were a topic of discussion & reflection!
      ALL GOOD!  Emoji    Great Memories of our CHS days.

Sorry bout that Conrad…  Emoji
      Most expensive places to live:
           1.  Hawaii    2. Alaska   10. New Hampshire!
      Smile, Emoji  it’s  # 8  on the happiest states to live.



              Hummm Florida didn’t make either top 10 list????
Next event:      JD’s  Sports  Bar  in  Rockledge
                                Visit # 21    Last:  7-24-13
     “Due to big business we have lost the opportunity
    to renew our lease and need to vacate the building
    by Aug 31st.   Kitchen will close Saturday Aug 24th
        which will also be our   Official  Closing  Party!
      The bar itself will close Wednesday August 28th.
   We can’t thank you all enough for the last 10 years
                of continued patronage and support.”
                     Sincerely,    Your family at JD’s
The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge
                         is the power of teaching.  –  Aristotle
Sent from my i-teepee while mourning the closing of JD’s.   sigh! 

Eshbach Gala Coming Up at the OLIVE GARDEN RESTAURANT

Hello CREW… Emoji                                             08-11-13


              5:30 PM   Wednesday    08-14-13
   205  E.  Merritt Island cswy   459-0306

It’s Next!  The 90th Emoji Birthday celebration
                           for a genuine Southern Gentleman! 
                     Please arrive before  6 PM!   
August 14th a  SURPRISE  Birthday Party  and
      CREW EVENT to honor Mr. Phil Eschbach’s 90th.
                 RSVP     June Cox 
                or Priscilla Ferkins
OH!  NO!   Emoji  JD’s Sports Bar   is forced to move!
    Wal-mart bought the whole block for a new store!
      Moving south to the Bourbon House Restaurant,
    the one with the Sail Boat in front of it.  The move
       must be done before the end of September  so…
 Lets schedule  One More Event  at the old location!
              Will be visit # 21     Date:  sooooon!   lol
Get healthy!   Free admission   Health Fair Festival
                           Saturday,  August 17th  8-3 PM
 Ugh! Ole Indian have pow wow with White-Eyes medicine man!
Do U remember?   From Bill Haley to Neil Diamond!
              It’s here, find your favorite and enjoy!   Emoji Luck is what happens when…

               preparation meets opportunity. – Seneca
Sent from my i-teepee while trying to get prepared!