Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Hello CREW… 05-30-10

It’s time for the CREW Birthday event for JUNE! Wow!  A lot of Classmates!

Our next     HAPPY HOUR CREW event will be:

at  Ashley’s   5:30 PM   on  WEDNESDAY   June 2nd
1609  HIGHWAY 1  Rockledge, Fl

Tel. 321.636.6430  ▪  Fax. 321.636.6206

June, 2010: Looks like we will need a lot of   CAKE!

3    Corinne Welborn     5   Bobby  Likon     8    Jerry  Smith     12  Myrna  Phillips

15    Billy  Weinberg    17  Carole  Saxe-Gordon    30   Dick  Bankhead

Way to go Rick! Ricky Nix Class of 59 was presented the
Volunteer of the Year award in Rockledge!

After a discussion with the ATTENDEE’S last week, we are trying a new method of
selecting the next EVENT site. We will make a list of suggestions and a VOTE will be
taken while at dinner.  Hopefully this method will please the one or two classmates who have expressed  “Un-Happy” comments about the past selections!   Please remember there is no way to make EVERYONE happy so if you want to help make a future decision, Be There and Vote! Suggestions were: Steak n Shake on M.I.
Leah’s Bistro, Cocoa   Jimmy’s, Rockledge Thai Thai, Cocoa

The majority vote for the JUNE 9th event was for: “Jimmy’s”  in Rockledge 🙂



Gotta get ready for the INDY 500 race so  nuff 4 now!  Luv ya, B-T-B

I used to think I was indecisive, but now I’m not too sure!  –  Anonymous

Hello CREW… 5-27-10 “Wow, I am having too much fun?”

Hello CREW… 5-27-10

Gee! Have you ever thought…  “Wow, I am having too much fun?”

last night  WE ALL DID!  It was a very pleasing event at Bizzarro’s.

ATTENDEES: Bill Weinberg, Mary Laycock & Ralph, Gerri Dutcher, Clark

& Marilyn True, Dan Shoemaker, Myrna (looking trim & fit) Swindell, David

Alexander, Harvey & Sandy Baker, & Welcome Back Sandee Natowich

The SOUP & Food were Fantistic!   Server  “Anna” did a great job!  :-)))

Awesome Work!
Have you visited lately?
Check out the awesome job Classmate Lois Atkinson-Reinhart
did with the Class of 1960 Reunion pictures!  “Kudo’s” Lois  B-T-B
Elma McNairy took the pictures.

“Right click on the image and you can save it.”  Lois

LOTS of Classmate News: every one is leaving Florida?  lol

Thanks for the updates BTB. You guys have fun at Wed. night crew this week (Italian my favorite).
Wayne and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in Paris having dinner in the Eiffel Tower and a cruise down the Seine River. So excited,,,  will share some pics with you when we return! Bonjour, Sandy Jenkins Spurgeon
( l’amour est dans le ciel,      Love is in the air,    ahhh Paris, beautiful! B-T-B)

Suzanne Gasper-Worland and her husband are on the road in their RV for the
summer.  She says they will be up north where it is cooler!  I am envious!  lol

Carolyn Kiser Stallings: Heading to the N. Georgia Mtns. for the summer!  Ditto!

Email from Priscilla & Buck Southworth

We are off in the morning to do our tractor show in Wapakoneta, Ohio – take some pictures to show us! Got a call from a friend that told me her partner was in the same hospital room as John Manuel (1960) – he had a hip replaced & is doing good.
Get well soon John! 🙂

Yea!  Someone is coming back to Florida for a visit!
Good news email from Sara Crockett:  “I will be seeing you in about 2 weeks!”

A Reminder:      Super job Conrad!   Kudo’s!
Classmate, Conrad Koch has created a website where all of us can post info! Check it out!
Past CREW emails are there and if you have anything you would like to share
with your classmates please do.  We would luv to hear what your doing?  lol

Bad news from Myrna last night!     WHAT? J.D.’s Sports Bar is moving!
Seems the Landlord is jacking up the rent!  J.D.’s will be moving a half mile south
to a location on Barnes Blvd!   Rats! A longer crawl to get home!!
Don’t know who the Landlord is but he/she has to be an IDIOT! Just look around
at all the empty business locations!  Even in the Village Green Center (JD’s home)
there are numerous EMPTY locations.   Ahhhh shucks, ole codgers do get cranky
if someone messes with their play pens!  lol

Next week: Classmate Birthday Celebration at Ashley’s!  Luv ya B-T-B

“It’s lonely at the top, but you do eat better!”   –  CHS Classmates!!!!

The New Busy is not the old busy. Search, chat and e-mail from your inbox. Get started.

Hello CREW… 05-23-10 Few Women admit their age, few Men act it!

Hello CREW… 05-23-10

Upon a careful review of the CREW Historical Records, we haven’t been to

Bizzarro’s in over two months!!!   Last visit March 24th.

Sure would be nice to visit server, ANNA again!    (a great lady!)

Soooooo with the approval of our Chairperson Corinne…

Our next HAPPY HOUR CREW event will be held:

5:30   Wednesday   May 26th  at

Bizzarro’s  Pizza  (Italian)  on  Merritt  Island

325 E Merritt Island Cswy  M.I. Fl 32952    321 453-2610

Before you ask!  Their  Pasta Faggioli Soup helped make the choice!
( as if you didn’t know, lol )

Classmate News:

Rec’d a nice email from Sandee Natowich thanking the Classmates and the
CREW for all the support over the last few months!   Sandee will try to be
at the next CREW event!     Luv to see ya  Sandee! 

Email Rec’d 5-21-10

Thanks Billy (B-T-B) for sharing all the events going on.
I just got home from the hospital from a total knee replacement and the news
on how everyone is doing is uplifting.  I have never experienced such pain in my life,
but am finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Everyday is better.
After 50 odd years of working, this time resting and abiding has been quite a journey.
Please give my best to everyone.  One of these days, I’m going to surprise you guys
and show up for dinner!  Blessings Judy Scherer Stewart    (soon we hope! )
Close your eyes…  remember Teentown Dances?  All the happy times!
Now go to this website for  DIRTY DANCING! Talk about a connection between
Johnny and Baby! Wow! If there is a next time, I want to be Patrick Swauze! lol
Hummmm   Billy, Carole and the 56 Chevy!   Now there is a thought!  lol

“Dirty Dancing”:  I had the time of my life!  – Patrick Swauze  (me too! B-T-B)

Few Women admit their age,  few Men act it!  – anonymous

C H E V R O L E T F O R E V E R !

Hello Conrad…      O.M.G.  Why  didn’t  I  think  of  that!   lol

Thank you for your talented computer graphic work!  Wild  Bill!

C H E V R O L E T   F O R E V E R  !

Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 11:57:28 -0400
Subject: BTB Picking up his ’56 Chevy

When He Was In TEXAS

Can you imagine Billy Two Beers  going 90 mph on his way from Texas  to  Cocoa, FL with these balloons trailing a few yards behind him?

He took instructions for a fun time on the interstate… as he was down there in Texas pickin’ up his 56 Chev**

He Couldn’t drive fast enough to get out of Texas
Step 1. Tie Baloons to car
Step 2. Drive like a crazy person!
Step 3. Watch people freak out!!!!

Hello CREW… 05-20-10 … an evening at Portabellas

Hello CREW… 05-20-10

Couple of Italian boys Frank S.  &  Dean M. were there last night!  Singing their

favorite songs!   Dinner at  Portabella’s in Rockledge was…    Una bella cosa!

(a beautiful thing!) ATTENDEES: Barbara Bolte, Ralph & Mary Laycock,

Clark True, Billy Weinberg, David Alexander, Dan Shoemaker and our Chairperson

Corinne Bowley Server Jenny did a fine job!  Along with the Italian Food I am

always pleased when the music matches the theme of the restaurant!   Bravo!

While enjoying dinner and talking to Barbara Bolte,  had a vivid    “flashback!

Teentown the 50’s! suddenly remembered seeing Barbara & Classmate “Boots”

Evans rock n roll dancing! Awesome!  Asked if she remembered?    SHE DID!

She told me she luved to dance and always enjoyed watching Harvey and Sandy

Baker!  “They were the best!”. Asked her if she remembered  Billy Hardy and

Carole Saxe dancing together??? She said  Billy Who? Rats, I always

thought they were a great rock n roll couple!   Sigh!   Wimper!   Sob! 


Per email from Allen Scott…
Living in Bangkok, Thailand, with regard to the political turmoil there…
he tells me he is in a relatively safe area but only goes out  once a week
for a cold beer!
(naaaa  just kidding, no problems in his neighborhood!

Per email from Sara Crockett…
Classmate Jimmy Rudd is battling health problems, we wish him the best! 
Jimmy’s words… ” Most importantly, I have a Superwoman for a mate
(Classmate Ann Driscoll) and she has supported with all her heart and soul.”

Next week? Mexican?  Chinese?  American?  GOT SUGGESTIONS? B-T-B

If everything is coming your way, then your in the wrong lane!  – Anonymous

Hello CREW… 05-16-10 Next place to meet and eat … Portabella’s

Hello CREW… 05-16-10

Last night was  “Tip-A-Few” for the  Armed Forces Day Celebration   at  Post 22

of the American Legion!   I did my part! My four years in the U.S. Navy did a

great job of making me  a responsible adult! Then my four years of college (FSU)

did a great job of making me  a KID again! Yaaaa Whoooo!    Luv the Kid stuff!

Are you a “Happy Person”? Check out this 2 minute & 25 seconds of “FEEL GOOD!”

“Sugar, Sugar,” topped the charts for the Archies, voted  “Song Of The Year” in 1969!

Hummmm  Now don’t you feel better!  lol     (remember it’s fun to be a kid!  )

Next    HAPPY  HOUR  CREW event

P O R T A B E L L A ‘S

Authentic Italian Cuisine, Located at Peddlers Village

4657 South U.S. 1  Rockledge, Florida

Phone:  (321) 631-9911     Fax: (321) 631-9111

5:30 PM   Wednesday  May 19, 2010

This will be the first CREW visit and per Billy Weinberg it will be a treat for those of

us who luv ITALIAN FOOD!  Mangi, beva ed abbia divertimento    luv ya,  B-T-B
(eat drink and have fun!)

“Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk.
That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.” – Ernest Hemingway

Hello CREW… 5-13-10

Hello CREW… 5-13-10

Some SAD news last night,  Sandee Natowich’s  husband  “ART”  died Tuesday.

He had been fighting health problems for a couple of months.  We will miss him.

Our visit to Ashley’s was overall, a fun night!   The food and the Classmate’s

company were as always, GOOD!   Our Chairperson Corinne brought a delicious

White Coconut Cake and we celebrated our  MAY Classmate’s Birthdays!

5  Judy Parker-Griffis, n/a  Karen  Martin, 18  Donnie Olsteen, n/a  George Reinhart, 30  Ed  Murphy

ATTENDEES: Mary Laycock & Ralph, Clark True, Corinne Bowley, Billy Weinberg,

Dan Shoemaker, Myrna Swindell, Gerri Dutcher, Gerry Trammel, David Alexander,

Ginger Fine, Harvey & Sandy Baker.   Server  Sandra did a great job as always!

Myrna was pleased with the donations of soap, toothbrushes, etc and money

given to help the Homeless Veterans!    Kudo’s to Myrna and the CREW!

It has been confirmed by Billy Weinberg that   Portabella’s Italian Restaurant

and Pizza House has reopened for business!   If I get some email support we

could have our next CREW event there?

Volete un certo alimento italiano? (Do you want some Italian food?)

A personal comment: CREW, it is never pleasant when we hear of a friend passing.

Art Natowich was a  FIRST CLASS  guy and I am proud to have known him!

I will miss his smile and happy outlook on life!   For those of us still around, try your

best to live each day to the fullest…     The  Gift  Of  Life  is  a  Blessing!

luv ya all!  B-T-B

“The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning
of a happier life for ourselves.” – Helen Keller

Hello CREW… 5-6-10

Hello CREW… 5-6-10

Ay Carumba!   My head…   todavía está haciendo girar de demasiados
margarities! (still spinning from too many!)

Thank goodness I had my  GREEN CARD with me!
(Fla Senior Citizen fishing/hunting license)

What a Fiesta!   It was loud…  it was wild…  and it  WAS FUN!!!

Imagine…  for a few hours while sharing Mexican food & drink nothing bad

was said about illegal’s!  lol        Hummmm   Lets try again next year?

ATTENDEES: Clark True, Jack & Linda Young, Jerry Smith, Ralph & Mary Laycock,

Chairperson Corinne Bowley, Dan Shoemaker (Happy he has recovered from the flu!)

Gerri Dutcher, Barbara Bolte, David Alexander…  and a brief visit from Wilt & Donna

Wagner!  Nice to see you two! There was a very large crowd of folks there and

the service  (Angelia)  was a little slow but everyone understood!

The conversations ranged from aircraft to grand children and yes some politics!

A suggestion was made to celebrate  Cuatro de Mayo next year!    The day

before Cinco so it won’t be so crowded!      Seniors need their space!  lol

A little advance notice…  we will celebrate the May Classmates birthdays next

week,  4-12-10  at  Ashley’s  in Rockledge!  HAPPY MAY BIRTHDAY TO:

May: 5th Judy Parker-Griffis           n/a Karen  Martin           30th Ed  Murphy
Véale pronto mis amigos, (see you soon my friends)        B-T-B

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is
to be continually fearing you will make one.” – Elbert Hubbard

May 5th Cinco de Mayo! Oh Lay! (Boy o’ Boy you can say that again)

Hello CREW… 05-02-10

Yep!  You may have seen this before… Ole Codgers repeat themselves! lol

May 5th    Cinco de Mayo!   Oh Lay!
The CREW decided to slip the Birthday event to the 2nd Wed. May 12!

The next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event will be:

5:30 PM  Wednesday  May 5th  at  the

Chaparral Mexican Grill

1341 N. Cocoa Blvd (US 1)  Cocoa Fl     321 576-9800

A couple of hundred yards north of Byrd PLaza on the West Side of US 1

2-4-1  Margaritas come early till 6 pm  
(early bird specials)

¡esto debe ser un gran acontecimiento del EQUIPO!
(This should be a fun CREW event!)    luv ya, B-T-B
The weather has been kind to us and the only worry is…  Oil Spills! Ugh!
What did we do to deserve this!   Pray for a happy ending???  Not likely!
Hummmm This  Too  Shall  Pass?
indicating that all material conditions, positive or negative, are temporary!