Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Despite the cost of living, have you notice how it remains so popular?

Hello CREW…  Red rose                                                             04-29-12

R. U. Getting….. Better?     CREW  Birthday’s  Birthday cake  at  Ashley’s!

Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event:

            5:30 PM   on  Wednesday   May 2nd

             Ashley’s   Restaurant

              1609  Highway 1   Rockledge, Fl  636-6430


May Birthdays:  2  Tommy Tinker?   5  Judy Parker   n/a  Karen  Martin
                        13  George Reinhart   18  Delores Peavy   18  Donnie Olsteen
                             29  Charlie Murray     30  Ed  Murphy     32  Quasimodo
Classmate visit!      Email from Sarah Crockett say’s she will be on her way
                                       to Cocoa this week!   🙂    See ya soon Sarah!  Red rose 
Hummus:   Yummm! No cholesterol, High in manganese & vitamin B6

                            Do you like it?   I  do!    Ole Indian viagra?  lol 

It’s a fact:         Army Col. Titus defeated Col. Rice in dominoes!

      If Rice had won it would have been…  Riceville, Fl.  ahhh sooooo! 

                                                              ( Go Riceville Rockets!  lol  )

 Cynco de Mayo:   Due to conflicting events,  the CREW celebration

          will be: el nueve de mayo,  at the Chaparral on Wed the 9th!

The Latest:       Don’t forget to visit and

               great sites to keep up with

                                the latest info on the  COCOA TIGERS!

                 Thanks To Lois Atkinson-Reinhard and Conrad Koch 

                                 for your efforts at these websites!

Despite the cost of living,

               have you notice how it remains so popular?

                                                                           ~  Anonymous

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Hello CREW… Red rose                                                             04-26-12

Howling success!    Dog face   Meal time at ole Dog’s  was a new trick!

                Good food, good service & a Senior Citizens 10% Discount!
Al, George and I were very pleased with the Sheppard Pie!
                 Sheppard Pie, Caesar Salad & Texas Toast  $6.42 wow!
                   Lots of reminiscing and story telling! Great to be retired!

Attendees:   Left to Right in the attached picture.

          Linda Young, Donna Price-Wagner, Wilt Wagner, Al Ballenger,
            Gerry Heller-Raines, Ann Driskill, Bill Weinberg,  an Indian?
             Bill Raines, George Reinhart, Clark True, Jack Young, and
                Lois Atkinson-Reinhart took the pic!   Thanks Lois!  Red rose
                   Server Amanda was pretty and pretty darn good!
In good spirits!  Sara Crockett was out shopping & feeling energetic!
                              Might be down for a visit around Mothers Day.
Traveling:   Wilt & Donna Wagner will be traveling North for a while,
                   Gerry Heller & Bill will be out of town on a trip!   They all
                 donated their piece of B-Day cake to the ole Indian! yumm!
Perk up Hooters!     Texas based  “Twin Peaks”   is the latest in
      the Breastaurant  category!  Uniforms are in the Daisy Duke style!

Red heart   Ugh!   Ole Indian donate  one  pint blood 3 moons back…
get two  strings of beads!    White-Eyes… foolish traders! 

Next week:   5-2-12  Ashley’s  B-Day event    Visit # 36   last: 4-4-12
                                5  Judy Parker   n/a  Karen  Martin   13  George Reinhart
                            18  Delores Peavy   18  Donnie Olsteen   29  Charlie Murray
                                    30  Ed  Murphy     31 Your B-Day?     32  Quasimodo

Be nice to your kids.
       Someday they might be choosing your nursing home! 
                                                                             ~  Judge Judy

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Woof! Woof! Time (4/25) for the CREW to visit the Dog’s!

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                            04-22-12

Dog face  Woof!  Woof!     Time  for  the  CREW  to  visit  the  Dog’s! 

Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event

5:30 PM   Wednesday   April 25, 2012

Dog’s Family Sports Bar and Grille!                

                        1580 E. Merritt Island Causeway,   
In front of the  Wal-mart  on Merritt Isl.   S.E. corner.  

                               They have   Shepherd�s  Pie!   yummm! 

Respect:   30 – 40  family, friends and CREW members attended
                 the services for “Ralph”  yesterday.  We will miss him!
Hug a tree?      Today,  April  22nd   is    EARTH DAY…     Storm cloud 
V.I.P.   Acronym in Las Vegas  means…  Visibly Impaired Princess!
                                                                  ( drunk chick!  lol )   
D�j� vu ?         Gerry Trammell is moving to Orlando ~   Disappointed smile
New Romance?   Hummm rumor has it,  C.B.  Barbara T. has a new
                  boyfriend!  In love  Was wondering why she as been absent!
Employment SURGE?  Just last week the Secret Service created jobs
                           for 11 professional  young Colombian women!   Sneaky
Green with envy!     Classmates Brent & Gerri Parker are watching
                                beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Key Island with palm tree West!
          Yummmm!!   Bet they are also enjoying tasty Conch Chowder!  
                               Might even be better than Pumpkin Soup!   lol 
“It is better to live rich, than to die rich.”     – Samuel Johnson

Dinner at Longhorns Steak House on M.I. was a HOOT!

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                             04-19-12

Yee-haa!      Dinner at Longhorns Steak House on M.I. was a HOOT!
                     After all the Jerk Chicken, Pumpkin Soup, Callaloo, and
                          rum drinks, it was nice to have a Texas Steak!
Attendees:    David Alexander, Gerry Heller-Raines & Bill, Clark True,
 Bill Hibbard,  Karen is away on a Titanic + 100 yrs boat cruise!
                                Hope she has better luck that the 1st one! lol
                       Lois & George Reinhart, Billy Weinberg, Al Ballenger,
                        Tom & Gloria Tinker, Clark True &  ONE ole Indian.
                     Servers: Melissa Boy & Michelle Girl were very efficient!
Services for:     Eldred  “Ralph”  Bratson.   Mary Laycock’s husband,
                              and our friend!        11 AM  Saturday April 21st
                                                       Atlantic Mortuary and Cremation
                                                         117 Barton Ave, Rockledge, Fl
Best Wishes:   CHS Classmate Robert Pippin, possible surgery on
                                  his knee!   CREW says,  Get Well Soon!
Yea!        Judy Parker-Griffis says she is cancer free!  :-))))))
Sadly,      Dick Clark, American Bandstand passed at age 82!
Ole BTB    Back from Jamaica  Island with palm tree   has sobered up but is still in
                 process of losing the weight he gained while there!
                     Hummm  Lovely Indian Maidens have no demand for
                                   Chubby ole Indians!   sigh!  sniff!  whimper!

DON’T MISS THIS:     Rec’d from Jimmy Sisco, THANKS  JIM!

Watch this video and  RELATE!  Laugh If you add words like Teentown,

A & W, Tastee Freeze and The Hour Glass Grille,  plus all the beach

time & cruising we did in Cocoa  YOU CAN RELATE TO THE VIDEO!

                        Oh!  To be back in the 60’s!  😉

Need a ride!   Nancy Grothe-Head attended our last Ashley’s B-Day

                   celebration and told me she enjoyed it a lot.  If anyone

                lives in the north Melbourne area and can give her a ride 

                                 to future events let me know!

There is only one thing people like that is good for them,

                       a good night’s sleep.  ~ Edgar Watson Howe

Send from my i-teepee near the Longhorn Corral! 

18 April 2012 at Longhorns

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                                 04-16-12

By popular choice:    Tongue          Visit # 12         Last:  Feb 29th

next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event  

        5:30 PM    Wednesday     April 18, 2012

              LONGHORN’S   STEAK   HOUSE
770 East Merritt Island Causeway
Merritt island, FL 32952  (321) 456-5559


                                        ( Some history ) 

Attendees 04-11-12 event at Red Lobster,    Dick & Pat Bankhead,
     Lois & George Reinhart, Dexter & Linda Beck, Tom & Gloria Tinker,
         Ben Young, Tom and George MacFarland, David Alexander,
     Gerry Heller-Raines & Bill, Bill Weinberg,    Red rose  Sandee Natowich,
     Myrna Phillips, Jim & Jean Kenaston.                BTB was absent!  
                   Thanks to Sandee for the information!
He Did What?   Confused         BTB is back from Sandals, Mo-Bay Jamaica.
  The ole Indian really whooped it up!  Lots of fun, food & entertainment!
His last night there ole BillyTwoBeers went Cherokee Crazy! Imagine that!
In addition to the Red Stripe beer, Rum & Cokes, and Salty Dog’s, he was
  surrounded by a pack of white-eyes  from New Jersey who proceeded
  to drown him with  007 Martini’s and Dirty Martini’s!    At that point he
  was singing songs to the  Spirits in the Sky and howling at the moon!
       Although he didn’t end up…  praying at the porcelain altar,
    the next day the ole Indian’s war bonnet was too tight to wear!  Sad smile

Yikes!      Don’t forget  IRS  taxes due on the 17th!   Sarcastic smile

 Live Long and Prosper….    Just don’t let the IRS know! 
                                                                                – CMDR Spock  

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Come see Oklahoma in New Hampshire

‘Oklahoma!’ musical marks Amherst PTA’s 60th anniversary

Thursday, April 5, 2012

imgJen Erdody plays Laurey, and son Ben Erdody is a farm kid,
in the Amherst PTA’s production of “Oklahoma!”

Sixty years later, this yearly fundraiser continues to bring people together for wonderful community theater, all while raising funds to support the local schools and children of Amherst and Mont Vernon.

“Oklahoma!” – the first musical written by famed composers Rodgers and Hammerstein – is the perfect show to celebrate this milestone year with its uplifting story, beautiful scenery and popular music. The story is set in Oklahoma territory, with cowboy Curly McLain, played by Steve Hammes of Milford, and his budding romance with farm girl Laurey Williams, played by Jen Erdody. Erdody is well-known in the area as the music director of The Souhegan Valley Chorus and teacher at Milford High School. Cowboy Will Parker, played by Nick Hammes, a senior at Milford High School, and his fiance, the flirtatious Ado Annie, played by Olivia Vordenberg, a sophomore at Souhegan High School, liven the story with their trials and tribulations. David Ostrowski, last year’s PTA play co-director of “The Music Man” and a seasoned actor from Amherst, portrays the complex, lonely character Jud Fry, a farmhand who soon gets in the way of Curly and Laurey for an unusual love triangle.

“I look forward to being part of this annual school fundraiser,” said Michelle Emmond, a sixth-grade teacher at Amherst Middle School who has been involved with the PTA productions for 33 years.

For her, the most fulfilling part of working on these shows is being able to act alongside the students she teaches.

“It is equally special to me to be able to rehearse and perform with these children, and not just be their teacher or theatre director. It forges a very special bond that I cherish,” she said.

Roger Hurd, who has been involved in the productions since the 2006 play “The King and I,” where he played a palace guard, is making his directing debut.

When asked why they chose “Oklahoma!” Hurd said, “The main reason we selected this particular show was we wanted a classic, well-known musical that had not been done before, and one that allowed us to incorporate an ensemble of all age groups that had participated in the past.”

One of the newest cast members, Helen St. Cyr, a sixth-grader at Amherst Middle School, is in her third production, is cast as an Oklahoma farm kid.

“Everyone plays their roles so well, and the show is so full of life,” St. Cyr said. “It makes me happy to see how the audience reacts to the show.”

Conrad Koch, of Milford, makes his PTA debut as Andrew Carnes, the overprotective father of Ado Annie. This has been a fulfilling trip down memory lane for Koch and a meaningful second chance, as he was cast in “Oklahoma!” many years ago in high school, but his family moved before the performances took place. What stands out to Koch about the PTA productions is the professionalism. “The fact that this was a musical being performed by such wonderful local talent made the viewing experience something very special,” Koch said of last year’s play, “The Music Man.”

Ellen Cunis, of Amherst, also makes her PTA debut as Aunt Eller, Laurey’s wise and good-humored aunt. She has enjoyed working with the cast and production team.

“What a dear group of fun and hardworking children and adults,” she said.

She described what sets the PTA play apart from other local productions.

“We are moms and dads, teachers, neighbors and students, who come together for one cause: to help our schools. It’s a great mix of all ages. The PTA cast is a true snapshot of what it means to be a community,” she said.

As you can see from all those involved, there is so much to say about the Amherst PTA productions. Come see for yourself, and experience this wonderful community event while supporting the local schools.

Show dates are April 12-15 at the Souhegan High School Theatre in Amherst. Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for seniors and students, and can be purchased by visiting or The Black Forest Cafe and Bakery, The Homestead Grocery and Deli, or Moulton’s Market in Amherst, or The Toadstool Bookshop in Milford.


– Submitted by Janine Leffler, Joanne Zeolie and Jackie O’Dowd

Happy Easter to All … C’ya at Red Lobster Wed Night

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                                04-08-12

                      Happy   Bunny  Easter  To  All!  

Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW  event

      5:30 PM  Wednesday   April 11, 2012 

   Red Lobster  on  Merritt Island
              215 East Merritt Island Causeway
Merritt Island, FL 32952
(321) 453-3520

Tribal Duties:   Sadly the ole Indian, won’t be attending!  Confused What?
                  The Tribe Elders have decided to send him on a mission!
                  Ole BillyTwoBeers  will be at Sandals in Mo-Bay Jamaica!
                               a.k.a.  The Happy Party-Hardy Grounds
                             Click on Picture # 8   The Indian and a Squaw?
    He will be in training to deal with Sun, Sand, Surf, Suds, Seafood and
  someWild adult tribal ceremonies  for a week!  Sneaky  Oh the pain of it all!
Hope someone will take a few notes Wednesday, who was there?
                      Was the service and food good?  etc
                                        Irie Mon!  lol

NICE!   Rec’d a couple of emails from the “Youngsters”  CHS 62 & 63,
          telling me that they really enjoyed the  Ashley’s Birthday event!
Since initiating the CREW in late 2007, we have held weekly events
    averaging 10-14  CHS Classmates in attendance.   Take a bow CREW!
               Some groups find it hard to have one a month!  lol
       This pays tribute to the closeness of our    Cocoa  High  Alumni! 
       We know how much fun we had in school,  most of us even got a
        basic education!  Confused   REFLECTING!   Somehow I suspect that the
       CREW Charter & Mission Statement has a lot to do with the interest!
No Rules, No Work, No Dues, No Mandatory Attendance, Just FUN!
           ( Hummmm   AND the Birthday Cake does have a positive effect! )
Oh BTW:   Dick Bankhead and Dexter Beck both played football at CHS!
                    My high school yearbook only  had  59-60-61 players!
                     No offence Guys!   Just another ole geezer snafu! lol
Phew!         The ole Indian is getting a bit windy!  Will close for now.
                 Gotta get busy with last minute details for my next mission!
               Not my 1st time off of the reservation  but it is always exciting!
                        Will Jamaican  Firewater  rejuvenate ole Indians?
Nothing is more dangerous than a friend without discretion;
even a prudent enemy is preferable.” – Jean de La Fontaine

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The Crew Celebrated at Ashley’s on 04-05-12

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                               04-05-12

Ashley’s:  2 bits 4 bits 6 bits a dollar!   CHS Class of 62/63  Did holler!

                      18 Cocoa High Classmates… Class of 58 through 63
            A really great night…  good friends, good times and good food!
                The shrimp, sausage, chicken etouffee was FANTASTIC! 
          The Coconut Cake was sweet!   The CREW had to eat no shows
             Jerry Smith, Billy Hibbard & Judy McAllister cake!  Yummmm!
Note:  Nice to see some of the Youngsters attending the event! 😉
Attendees:     Chairperson Corinne Bowley, Ty Epling, Ann Driskill,
     Howard CHS Running back #19  & Dee Payne, Dick & Pat Bankhead,
        Dexter & Linda Beck, David Alexander, Clark True, Al Ballanger,
           Tom CHS Running back #13  & Marge Newbern, Ben Young,
                        Ginny Howard, Jim Keneston  and ole BTB
                          Server:  Christie was as usual, great!   

T-minus  3 Days!    Island with palm tree      Ugh!   The Tribe has spoken!    Surprised smile

            “Ole Indian start packing!  Grab blanket, teepee & peace pipe
                     and ride south to Happy Party-Hardy Grounds!
                    More gory/boring details in this Sunday’s CREW email.
Well I’ll be darned!       Now I know!  lol          (Today N.P. Page 1D)
    Borborygami:  Those bubble and squeak sounds your tummy makes!
                All this time I thought it was the beer Mug talking to me!  Confused
                         I’ll bet Allen Scott and John Dean knew that!  😉
Mosquito Beaters:    The Mosquito Beaters Planning Group will meet
                         Sunday April 15, 2 PM  at the Baptist Church in Cocoa.
    If you have any spare time these folks could use help to be sure that
    M.B. events will continue in the future!   Pls. support them if you can!

Next week:    Red Lobster on Merritt Island!   Tastee Biscuits!  

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
               committed (CHS) citizens can change the world.
                             Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
                                  – Margaret Mead       GO  CREW!    Sneaky

Sent from my i-teepee while packing for trip to Party-Hardy Grounds!