Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Where It All Started

Man is the Only Animal that Blushes. Or needs to. – Mark Twain Β 

Hello CREW… πŸ’˜                                 02-23-20

Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event:

      5 PM   Wednesday  February 26, 2020

 Applebee’s Grille and Bar on M.I.

      100 Sykes Creek Pkwy, M.I. Fl  32953   455-9898

Visit: #3      Last: 12-19-18

Did you miss it?  National Margarita Day
Margarita – Spanish name for a daisy.
Feb. 26  National Pistachio Day,  πŸ₯œ  a nutty day!
Chinese call it the “Happy Nut”, they are nutritious.

Early notice! 

2020 Census info:    Starts  Wednesday April 1st. 
      Has 9 questions, will  NOT  include Social Sec #,
Bank acc’t or ask for Donations. Beware Scammers.
Man is the Only Animal that Blushes. Or needs to.
                                                              – Mark Twain
Sent from my I-teepee, Have you seen a  REDSKIN  blush?  πŸ˜‰

Only the educated are free. – Epictetus, Greek Stoic

Hello CREW… πŸ’˜                                02-20-20

  15 CHS Alumni   &  Friends luv a good Steak.

Attendees:  L – R β€‹    Jack Crockett, Mai Phillips,
         Bruce Claflin, David Alexander, Carole Saxe,
     George Reinhart, Bill Weinberg, Priscilla Firkins,
         Ann Driskill, Harvey Baker, Sandy Mangum,
              Gerri Dutcher, Roy Tharpe, Bill Hardy. 
                  SERVER:  Wanda was Wonderful.
Thank You:   Lois 🌹 Atkinson for CREW picture.
Jack Crockett for sharing appetizer.
Kudo’s Mgt.  Our table, set up and ready to go!

Today Wednesday Feb 20th 

                National Hoodie-Hoo Day!

      Northerners go out at noon, wave their hands
          over their heads and chant  “Hoodie-Hoo” 
          to chase away winter and bring in spring. 
Big MAC sale!   McDonalds made  $1.6B  –  2019
Next event:  Applebee’s 🍎 – Merritt Island 
                                    Visit: # 3      Last:  12-19-18

Only the educated are free. – Epictetus, Greek Stoic

Sent from my I-teepee, Thanks Cocoa High for my education.

No man is a failure who is enjoying life. – William Feather

Hello CREW… πŸ’˜                                        02-16-20
   Steak πŸ₯©   It’s what’s for dinner!      

Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event 

         5:00 PM   Wednesday  Feb. 19, 2020 
                 770 East Merritt Island Causeway
     Merritt Island, Fl  32952    456-5559


Note:  Seating is a bit limited, so don’t be late. 
Zoom, zoom πŸš— Today!
   62nd Daytona 500 πŸ  Sunday, Feb. 16th 
              Start time 2:30 p.m.    Live on Fox TV.
  POTUS  to give the command:   Start Your Engines!
Tomorrow   –  Presidents Day 

      Space X  launch:  πŸš€   Monday  9:59 AM
No man is a failure who is enjoying life.
– William Feather
Sent from my I-teepee, you never fail enjoying a good steak.

62nd Daytona 500🏁  Sunday, Feb. 16th  Start time 2:30 p.m. Live on Fox TV.

Hello CREW… πŸ’˜                                02-13-20
18 CHS Alumni  & Friends enjoyed Sonny’s BBQ!
Pic 1 
Steve & Michele Westman,
Indian, Clark True, Mary Laycock, Laura Minot,
Virginia Hartville, Mai Phillips, Bruce Claflin, David
 Alexander, Gerri Dutcher, Jack Crockett, Lois Atkinson,
Pic 2   

Judy Freese, Bob Berghult, Tom & Gloria Tinker.   
  Thank you,  George Reinhart for the pictures.
        Thank you,    Jack Crockett for the appetizers.
  SERVER:  Haley was very efficient! 
Good work!πŸ‘ Thanks to all who helped with
   Mosquito Beaters mail-outs.  More details later. 
CHS Classmate:   Gerry Heller  1943 – 2020
February 13th  –  Get a Different Name Day.
Not happy with your given name… ok change it.
     Warning…   It Ain’t Easy!  πŸ€” BillyTwoBeers. 
Tomorrow a V.D. event!  
  Send your  “Sweetie” a Valentines ❀️ Day Card. 
62nd Daytona 500🏁  Sunday, Feb. 16th 
Start time 2:30 p.m.    Live on Fox TV.
Next event: Longhorn’s Steak House – M.I.
Visit: # 36     Last: 09-11-19
Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, 
             and liking how you do it.   – Maya Angelou
Sent from my I-teepee, Ole Indian Savors feeling successful!

A compliment is a gift, not to be thrown away carelessly, unless you want to hurt the giver. – Eleanor Hamilton

Hello CREW… πŸ’˜                                      02-09-20

              🐴   Giddy -Up!   🀠
   Let’s mosey over to Sonny’s for  Cowboy  Fixin’s. 

      Want to SAVOR  πŸ˜‹  ribs, beans and garlic bread?  

  Next HAPPY HOUR CREW event
              5 PM   Wednesday   02-12-20
  Sonny’s  –  Real  Pit  Bar-B-Q 
          10 N.  Courtenay  Parkway  M.I.   Fl  32953
      On the East side of Courtenay Pkwy.   449-9102
Updated Info:  Service for  Gerry Heller  CHS’61  
         2:00 PM   Feb 29th   M. I.  Presbyterian Church.
         Intersection S. Tropical Trail & Cone Rd.  S.E. corner.
Wednesday Feb 12th   Volunteers  YOU!  needed, 
  Stuff, Stamp, Seal – Party  –  Mosquito Beaters Mailouts.
Launch tonight:  Atlas V πŸš€Solar Orbiter 11:03 PM
Today is  –  National Pizza Day πŸ• Mmmmm! 

CHS Alumni 
    Maintained by Lois Atkinson CHS’59
Happy Hour Crew info: 
Maintained by Conrad Koch CHS’59
          Thank You      both for your efforts.  πŸ‘
A compliment is a gift, not to be thrown away carelessly,
   unless you want to hurt the giver.   – Eleanor Hamilton

Sent from my I-teepee, Cocoa Tiger Alumni  are the Greaaatest!. 

🐴   Giddy -Up!   


Eighty percent of success is showing up.Β –Β  Woody Allen

Hello CREW…πŸ’˜                                                02-06-20

15 CHS ALUMNI& Friends – February B-Day at Ashley’s.

F.Y.I.Rockledge”  attachment above Below for your review. 
 Gerri Dutcher, Jack Crockett, Myrna Swindell,
Ann Driskill, Clark True, David Alexander,
   Bill Weinberg, Carole Saxe, Mary & Charlie Black, Indian.
George Reinhart, Lee Rolle, Lynne Krnoul.
SERVER:     “Christie”🌹  another… as always GREAT JOB! 
Thank You!     Lois 🌹 Atkinson for the excellent pictures.
                             Carole πŸŒΉ Saxe for the CREW birthday cake
                             Jack Crockett for the Shrimp πŸ˜‹ Appetizer.
Sad News: Gerry Heller  CHS’61  passed this week.
 No details available at this time.
“Foodie” website:  πŸ˜‹ 321 Flavor  on Face Book
Info on local area restaurants. 
Next Event:   Sonny’s Barbecue  –  Merritt Island
Visit: # 20           Last: 10-23-19

Eighty percent of success is showing up! – Woody Allen

Sent from my I-teepee,   CREW events – Successful if  YOU  attend.

​Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. – Maya AngelouΒ 

Hello CREW… πŸ’˜                                    02-02-20

 Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event 
    5:00 PM   Wednesday   February 5, 2020     

             Ashley’s  Restaurant

         1609  Highway 1    Rockledge, Fl    636-6430


CHS Alumni  & Friends  –  February Birthdays:

       1  Bill Hardy   1  Glenda Nelson   1  Jimmy Pitts

     5  Charlie Black   6  Ty Epling   11  Brenda Graves

13  Gloria Tinker  15  Ben Young  15  Caroline Fulford

   16  Gerry Heller   19  Dexter Beck   20  Ann Driskill

           25  Nancy Grothe       30  Homer Simpson   

Leap Year! πŸ™„     There are 29 days in February.

Feb 2nd!   Ground Hogs Day – Punxsutawney Phil

early spring, less winter days. 

 Today is also a  Palindrome Day…  Say what?

           11/11/1111,  02/02/2020  12/12/2121  mom.                                          

​Feb 12th​   Volunteers needed, 10 AM  Cocoa

Historical Library.    Stuff / Stamp / Seal Party

Mosquito Beaters Mailouts.

​Success is liking yourself, liking what you do,

and liking how you do it.  – Maya Angelou 


Sent from my I-teepee,  ole Indian feels OLDER but successful!

Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence.Β –Β Jorge Luis Borges Β 

 Hello CREW… πŸ’˜                                             01-30-20

  14 CHS Alumni  &  Friends who luv Italian pasta!

ATTENDEES: L – R  Roy Tharpe, Gerri Trammel, Clark True
                 Indian, Carole Saxe, Bill Weinberg, Lois Atkinson,
        Michele & Steve Westman, Mai Phillips, Bruce Claflin,
                                           Gerri Dutcher, Jack Crockett. 
               THANK YOU,  George Reinhart for the picture.
                               SERVER:   Anna kept us happy.   
Sad news:  Carl L. Crockett  CHS’ 57. 
                             (Sarah’s Brother)  passed Jan 24 at age 80.                                               
Super Bowl Sunday!  πŸˆ  Feb 2nd  Fox TV  6:30 PM
            KC Chief’s vs SF 49’ers.    Half Time:  Jennifer Lopez
Cheapest ticket is $4300.  
​              Watch at my teepee…  Squaws get HUGE discount!  πŸ˜‰  

Next event:    Ashley’s Restaurant  –  Rockledge
Visit: # 128      Last: 01-08-20

Don’t talk unless you can improve the silence. 
 –  Jorge Luis Borges
Sent from my I-teepee, Hummmm!  Let’s  QUIETLY  think about that! 

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.- William ShakespeareΒ 

Hello CREW…πŸ’˜                                               01-26-20

Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW  event

  5:00 PM   Wednesday   January 29, 2020 

   Bizzarro’s  Italian  Restaurant
         325 East Merritt Island Cswy   453-2610

                             Visit: # 36   Last: 07-10-19

Next Launch:  Space X  Falcon 9,  πŸš€ Monday Jan. 27th
Time:   9:49 AM
National Chicken Council πŸ” NCC Predicts 1.4 Billion
 Chicken Wings will be eaten during Super Bowl.  
Hummmm  that sounds about right! πŸ˜‹ 
The Movies:  “1917” WWI  ERA   A bit boring.  😴
                              Saving Private Ryan, Awesome!
Flu Shot: 🀧  Never too late to get your flu protection.
   Do it   A.S.A.P.! 

Boeing 777X     1st flight on Jan 25.  A beautiful Aircraft.
More info: 
Sent from my I-teepee, Ugh!  Luv FSU,  No trust Col. Custer.   Doing?

Stop counting your ‘years’ and start enjoying your ‘seasons’.- John Paul Warren

Hello CREW…πŸ’˜                                          01-23-20
14 CHS Alumni and Friends enjoyed  Irish ☘ fare. 
Attendees:  L – R
              ​Jack Crockett, Carole Saxe, Bill Weinberg,
          Leah McCloud, Sherri Gentry, Paul Korby, Indian,
 Gerri Dutcher, Clark True, Ann Driskill, 
          Priscilla Firkins, Randy Revels, George Reinhart.
THANK YOU!   Lois 🌹 Atkinson for the great picture.
SERVER:   Shanna was very good. 
Mosquito Beaters planning mtg.Historical
Library in Cocoa.  Sunday 2 PM  YOU are invited.
Doomsday ClockπŸ•› now at…  πŸ˜²
Scientists moved the clock to 120 seconds till midnight.
    marks a period, danger is high and margin for error is low.
           This is the closest to DOOMSDAY it has ever been.
       Ugh! Hope nothing happens till  AFTER  Super Bowl 54!
Seriously?  Super Bowl LIV on Ground Hog Day.
         Sunday February 2, 2020  6:30 PM on Fox TV
                     Cheapest tickets now at  $4000 +.      
January 23rd – National Pie Day  Chocolate?
Next event:     Bizzarro’s Italian  –  Merritt Island
Visit: # 36       Last:  07-10-19
Stop counting your ‘years’ and start enjoying
    your ‘seasons’.   – John Paul Warren
Sent from my i-teepee,  luv all:  curry, jerk, garlic, cilantro! πŸ˜‰