Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

​I’ve got nothing to do today but smile. – Paul Simon

Hello CREW… πŸ’˜              

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                      but they are close to being fixed. πŸ˜‰
15 Alumni visited Alfredo’s Italian Restaurant.
           Good Food, Good Service and Good Folks.
Pic. L – R   Harvey Baker, Sandy Baker, Mai Phillips, Bruce Claflin, Gerri Dutcher, Helen Granger, Sherri Gentry, Jack Crockett,  Tall Indian? Ann Driskill, Clark True, Priscilla Firkins, David Alexander, Lois Atkinson. 
Thank you George Reinhart for the picture!
                     SERVER:   Joe was very efficient. 
GOOD NEWS!Corinne Bowley CHS’61 
         Per Ann Driskill is back home and doing well.
DO YOUR PART!    Today is  –  Crush a Can Day
          How flat can you squish it? Use  it as a stress  reliever to take out all of the frustrations of your day.
Try it, now don’t you feel  better?
Next Event:    October B-Day Party at Ashley’s
  Visit: # 112    Last:  09-05-18
Alumni October Birthdays: 5  Ginger Fine   18  Sandy Brannin   19  Bob Evans  20  Allen Scott   27  Spencer Payne   28  Sarah Policicchio 32   Helen Wait 
​I’ve got nothing to do today but smile. 
                                                         – Paul Simon
Sent from my I-teepee  Smiling while I crush beer cans!

Today is National Checkers Day! Do you want the red or black?


Bill Hardy
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Bravo Alfredo’s?   YES!  It was good!   2nd Visit. 

  Next HAPPY HOUR CREW  event 
     5 PM   Wednesday   September 26, 2018
  Alfredo’s Paradiso Italian Restaurant
                   217 Crockett Blvd  M.I.  453-6119
          Behind Burger King in the Crockett Blvd Plaza 


Florida πŸˆ Football Teams:
 FSU – won, Gators – won, UCF – won, Miami – won.
                         Viera 49  –  Cocoa 42   sigh! 

No Pain!        All Good.     Flu Shots don’t hurt. 
Tiger still roars!  Currently leading in Golf event.
Did you notice?   Friday 6-21  –  Summer Solstice.
Today is:         National  Checkers  Day
                          Do you want the  red or black? 
Being powerful is like being a lady.
       If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t. 
                                                –  Margaret Thatcher 
Sent from my I-teepee,  Many Tribe Chief’s learn this lesson.

1st pizza was sold in Naples Italy in 1738.

Hello CREW…                                                 09-20-18


17 CHS Alumni  enjoyed fish/shrimp – Fl Seafood


Harvey Baker, Sandy Mangum,

       Helen Granger, Gerri Dutcher, Gerry Trammell,

     Clark & Marylin True, Bill Weinberg, Carole Saxe,

        George Reinhart, Lois Atkinson, Randy Revels,

        Jack Crockett, Ruth Bryant, Ann Driskill, Indian.

         Gregg Seitner.  SERVER:  Maria was Excellent!

Darn!   Lois Atkinson took pictures but computer

            decided not to allow me to attach!  πŸ˜² ugh!

Corinne Bowley CHS’61   –    Get Well Soon!

REMINDER:  Don’t forget!  Get Your FLU Shot! 

 Senior Discounts:      Click here a 2018 List.

                     Wow!   Even the  D.Q.  offers a discount! 

Today is   –   National Pepperoni Pizza Day

               A day to celebrate America’s favorite Pizza.

                1st pizza was sold in Naples Italy in 1738.

                                   Were any of you there?  πŸ˜‰ 

Next event:     Alfredo’s Italian on M.I.

                                   Visit: #2     Last:  01-31-18

Football   🏈  is a mistake.

It combines the two worst elements of American life. 

   Violence and committee meetings.   –  George F. Will 

Sent from my I-teepee, no violence during teepee meetings!  πŸ˜‰

A famous Football Coach (B.B.) at half time said … If we lose, I’ll still luv you & your mommas will luv you but I can’t make any promises about your girlfriends!

Hello CREW… πŸ’˜    09-16-18


                  Let’s  Go  Fishing  🐟   

Next HAPPY HOUR CREW event: 
        5:00 PM   Wednesday  Sept. 19, 2018

            480  West Cocoa Beach Causeway

                Cocoa Beach, Fl   32931   784-0892


                              Plan to arrive before 5 PM.

Conrad Koch CHS’59      Visit this site to hear our

                Classmate sing some songs we luv!  😊


September 16th  –  Mexican Independence Day

           Freedom from Spain,  Β‘OlΓ©! (means BRAVO!) 


Is your personality RARE or Common?  Take this test.



A famous Football Coach (B.B.)  at half time said…

   If we lose, I’ll still luv you & your mommas will luv you

but I can’t make any promises about your girlfriends! 😲


Those who do not remember the past are condemned

                               to repeat it.  – George Santayana 

Sent from my I-teepee,  ugh!  where were we last week?


Honest disagreement, often a good sign of progress. – Mahatma Gandhi

Hello CREW…  πŸ’˜                                              09-13-18<


19 CHS Alumni enjoyed dinner @ ICE HOUSE.



Pic 1    (1st 4 on left)      Laura Minor, Jack Crockett,

Mai Phillips, Bruce Claflin, (1st 4 on right) Judy Denny,

         Mary Laycock, George Reinhart, Lois Reinhart.


Pic 2  (1st 5 on left)  David Alexander, Priscilla Firkins,

                 Gerri Dutcher, Bill Weinberg, Carole Saxe. 

          (1st 5 on right)      Amber Forrest, Sherri Gentry,

                     Helen Granger, Ann Driskill, Clark True.

SERVER:  Mathew did his best!

Indian – took pictures. Use Lois Atkinson’s camera.

Ugh!   NO fire for smoke signals!    

Bill Hardy CHS’59  Attended  USS Springfield CLG-7

       Reunion in Buffalo N.Y.  Relived old memories

      and shared  Sea 😁 Stories  with his Shipmates.

HEALTH πŸ’“ ALERT Don’t forget to get a Flu Shot!

September 13th   –    National Peanut Day!

     Peanuts – one of America’s favorite snack foods. 

Next Event:    Florida Seafood  –  Cocoa Beach

Visit: # 34      Last:  06-27-18

Honest disagreement, often a good sign of progr

– Mahatma Gandhi

Sent from my I-teepee,  hummm  I honestly agree with that! 

1st milkshake was made in 1885, contained whiskey, eggs and cream. Served in bars.

Hello CREW…πŸ’˜                                 &nbsp


Aye Aye Classmates!     LATE on delivery this week.

   Back from USS Springfield Reunion Buffalo N.Y.

              Lot’s of fun and SEA STORIES!  πŸ˜‰

Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW  event:

  5 PM   Wednesday   Sept 12, 2018


   165  Barton  Blvd  Rockledge, Fl  32955  338-7655

                      Visit: #4      Last: 05-09-18     

How much  $$$  do you need to retire?

              One million will last:   22 years, 29 days in FL.

September 12th  National Chocolate Milkshake Day

   An opportunity for chocoholics to savor and enjoy

     a favorite drink.  1st milkshake was made in 1885,

    contained whiskey, eggs and cream. Served in bars.

Ok Alumni…  it’s almost midnight, a long day for me.

            I hear the Rack-Monster calling, long nap time!  

The Gods do not deduct from man’s

             allotted time, those days spent at sea! 

Sent from my i-teepee yea 4 extra years 4 me!  lol 

A halo has to fall only a few inches to be a noose. – Dan McKinnon

Hello CREW… πŸ’˜   &





14 CHS Alumni enjoyed B-Day party – Ashley’s.

       Clark & Marilyn True, David Alexander,

        Judy Denny, Bruce Claflin, Mai Philips, 

      Bill Weinberg, Carole Saxe, Ruth Bryant,

    Mary Laycock, Jack Crockett, Lee Barnhart

                   Roy Tharpe, Token Indian.

             SERVER:  Christie – Outstanding!

Sorry Classmates…   no pic’s available. πŸ˜ž

  Took two but the glare from the window was

      too much for my  Brownie Holiday Camera.

Big Thank You!    Jack Crockett CHS’62

 Shrimp appetizer’s for all the Classmates!  πŸ˜‹

ALL  CHS  Reunion.   Recently it was noted

          a plan is in work.    Info on Face Book. 

           Search on:   ALL CHS YEAR REUNION.

            Attached;   an application to attend.

            Scheduled for Nov 2nd and Nov 3rd. 

Will add more info as received.  

September 6th       Read a Book Day

           No, this isn’t a homework assignment

    from Mr E.  Just a day to enjoy a good story.

        My favorite:   Louis LaMour – Cowboy stories.

190 written, this  INDIAN  has 144,  still collecting.

      Many Hollywood movies made from LaMour books.  

Next event:  Ice House Sports Grille Rockledge 

Visit: # 4   Last:  05-09-18

A halo has to fall only a few inches to be a noose. 

                                                   – Dan McKinnon 

 Sent from my I-teepee, be honest, don’t lie about your age.

You should eat to live;not live to eat. – Socrates

Hello CREW… πŸ’˜                                    10-02-18

 Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW  event 
   5:00 PM  Wednesday  September 5, 2018          

        Ashley’s  Restaurant

               1609  Highway 1    Rockledge, Fl   636-6430


                        Visit:  # 111     Last:  08-01-18 

Alumni September Birthdays: Do I have yours?

           1  Clark True   9  Shirley Pomeroy   10  Gerri Dutcher

      11  Mickey Griffis   11  Jerry Fischer   12  Maryann Rector  

       18  David  Alexander   22  Cheryl King   22  Conrad Koch

      23  Darwin Shiflett   26  Buzz Phillips   28  Gerry Trammell

                            28  Lois Butt        32  Guido Sarducci


Happy Belated Birthday!     007 is 088 

    Sir Thomas Sean Connery aka James Bond

        Born  Aug 25, 1930   Edinburgh, Scotland


September 5th        Cheese πŸ• Pizza Day

    A day to enjoy one of America’s favorite meals.

                 Ashley’s  –  free pizza for Happy Hour!

Chomp in Swamp!   Gators  53 – Charleston So.  6

                  U of F  unranked but moving on up? 

25 million die each year from contaminated water. 

  Equal to population of Canada.  – Random History

    Solution:  Like Europeans, drink more beer/wine.   

You should eat to live;  not live to eat.   –  Socrates

Sent from my I-teepee, Ha  ole Soc must not have tasted Pizza!