Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Hello CREW… 9-30-10 Don’t forget …. “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood”

Hello CREW… Red rose 9-30-10

Well Gee Whiz! It was great to be back with the CREW! After missing last week it

was a pleasure to  “Hook-up” as the kids say!  lol     for another really fun event!

ATTENDEES: David Alexander, Greg Seitner, Corinne Bowley, Billy Weinberg,
Carole Saxe, Myrna Swindell, Clark and Marilyn True, Lynn Krnoul & husband Lee.
Roger Greek stopped by to say hello!                 Our Server Tina was very good,
got it right the first time!   Sadly…  no Succubi attended!  Sad shucks! no dessert!

Bon voyage! Buzz and Myrna…  headed to Atlanta with friends to watch the
#1 Alabama vs Florida football game this week!  Go Gators!  :-))

Lynn Krnol & Lee, headed to Miami U of M to watch them play the FSU Seminoles!
GO  NOLES!    heh! heh! heh!      B-T-B   Sneaky FSU Class of 70!

A SPECIAL THANKS! From B-T-B and CREW to Sara Crockett for sending us a
box of her home grown peppers!   Awesome!   You are a SWEETIE! Red heart
Most went to the CREW and a few were left for   Tommy the Chef
at JD’s to put in his special Fajitas!  He was pleased!  Yummm!

Let’s Getter-Done! Hey CREW! Don’t forget the  ANNUAL MULLET FESTIVAL this
Saturday 11-3PM  in beautiful   MIMS Florida! The Miss Mullet Pageant is open to all
the ladies who attend!    Heck I might even enter the  Mullet Toss Competition! Stress
Details ===>

Email from Alice Barron: Writing from Camden, Maine. Bill and I drove up here on
Fri., Sat. and Sun. last. Camden is a tremendous, quaint village and full of lobster
rolls and mussels to feast upon. he weather is dramatically cooler…….marvelous!
Alice…  Sounds yummy, send rolls and cool weather down to us!   😉

MORE FOOD?  lol Tonight 6-8 PM ole Chef-Boy-Hardy will be serving up PIZZA
at Cocoa American Legion Post 22  (near the water tower)
Large Pizza with lots of toppings  $7.00  hummmm  hummmm  GOOD!
Cold Beer and other libations will be available to all!

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” -Tom Robbins
(Become a CREW member and see how it happens!   luv ya Red heart B-T-B)

A succubi will be at JD’s 9/29/2010

Hello CREW… Red rose 09-26-10

Well after missing the last CREW event,  I am looking forward to this week!

By majority vote: ( don’t know who was 2nd, 3rd or 4th  Bizzarros?  lol )

The next   HAPPY  HOUR  CREW event:
5:30 PM   Wednesday   09-29-10

JD’s  Sports Bar and Grill
( the old Boarshead Lounge)
1644 Fiske Blvd Rockledge, FL 32955
634-1811‎ – Bar 634-1841‎ – Fax

Hey Classmates… Be sure to read this Sunday’s Today NP.   Page 8D  Smile
One of our good friends has his picture there…  top left corner!   (Roy Tharpe)
Hummmmm I  would be smiling too if I was surrounded by pretty girls!  lol

History lesson for today! Reebok’s in the late 1990’s marketed a woman’s
tennis shoe with the name  Incubus… Incubus is a male demon who
comes upon women in their sleep and has his way with them!   What
Reebok pulled them from the market after disappointing sales.   duh?
Female equivalent is a demoness who targets men and is known as a “succubus” !

One of these little GEM’s a.k.a.  succubi (singular)  occasionally visits JD’s!
Does she or doesn’t she? Be sure to attend this week’s event for your
chance to possibly observe this unique creature!  Where
Oh Yeh!   At least one male demon is there every night!

ARE YOU ONE? Sadly this Friday about 700 KSC workers will be laid off!
Most likely some of them will be classmates and friends.   We wish them all
the best of luck in their future endeavors!  After my 30 years at KSC, I too had
a period-of-adjustment to go through.  It took almost a year but now I realize
“These are some of the best years of my life!”   luv ya Red heart CREW! B-T-B

“Be happy for this moment.  This moment is your life.”
Omar Khayyam

Hello CREW… 09-23-10 … BTB says “A Colonoscopy is fun!”

Hello CREW… Red rose 09-23-10

Longhorn Steak House Merritt Island.  Great food and the CREW had a good time!
Bummer for me!  Wish I could have been there!  Sad smile

Attendees: (info from Clark True, Thanks)     Bill Weinberg,  David Alexander,
Greg Seitner,  Clark & Marilyn True,  Barbara Thomas  and  Myrna Phillips.

Also by a unanimous vote, next week’s event will be at JD’s Sports Bar in Rockledge!

Getting old isn’t so bad, but sometimes it is darn right uncomfortable!  lol
FYI: My medical exam today went well!  Doc said  NO PROBLEMS and I will see
ya in 5 years!      Hummmm   The Cherokee Indian is a lucky ole geezer!  Wink
Special thanks to Billy Weinberg for providing a ride home afterward!

New to me?
Do you know what a  WOOF is?    You might be one!  lol   (see below)

Info from Conrad:  For the Jazz folks!  Jazz Festival in New Smyrna Beach

Email from Sara Crockett: Reference her visit here last WEDNESDAY.
I am home and will be picking those peppers tomorrow and shipping them quickly.
Loved seeing you guys and can’t wait to get back down there!  Sarah

WOOF =   Well  Off  Older  Folks, you know kinda like Billy Weinberg! Stress
Gee it’s fun to kid the older guys!   (my friend!)

At my age…  material things really don’t matter!
The important things are your family, friends & classmates!  – Bill Hardy

Hello CREW… 09-19-10 … Longhorn’s is the Place to be on 22 Sep 2010

Hello CREW… Red rose 09-19-10

Suggestions were: Kelseys,   Corky Bells,   Florida Seafood,  Longhorns

By majority event attendee vote!  The next…    Party smile


5:30  Wednesday  September 22, 2010 at


770 East Merritt Island Causeway
Merritt island, FL 32952
(321) 456-5559


I bet Billy Weinberg that NOBODY will come!  Tongue heh heh heh!

Centenarians Day Sept 22nd
A day to recognize and honor individuals who have lived a century or longer.
A day to not only recognize these individuals but also to listen to them discuss
the memories, filled with historical information—they have of their rich lives.
Hummm I have nothing to say!  lol  Maybe Billy W. has a word or two!  What

I didn’t know about this! Surprised smile
Do you have any local weather questions?  Check out these two sites!

Looking for a job?
McDonald’s is Brazil’s largest employer. Where c  ya   B-T-B

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls
and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison

Hello CREW… 09-16-10 … Nobody was There???

Hello CREW… Red rose 09-16-10

Ahhhhh    YES!   When I arrived at Fishlips  5 PM !

Nobody was there!  ha  I told you so!
pause….   Jim Nobody is the bartender! THE LAST LAUGH! LMAOl       luv ya!  Red heart B-T-B

Around 5:15 some of the CREW arrived!:   What
Carole Saxe, Chairperson Corinne Bowley, Billy Weinberg Tongue Lois Atkinson,
Gerry Heller & Bill Raines, David Alexander, Clark True, Greg Seitner, Ty Epling,
Ginger Fine & husband Gary, Sara Crockett visiting from Tennessee!  Jackie Lane,
Gerry Trammell, & some NEW CREW, Shirley Terryn, Hazel Terryn & Judy McAllister
Nice to see new faces at the event!   Food was good and our server Nikki was great!

Question from a lady classmate, do you ladies remember Villager Dresses?
a.k.a.  Lady Bug?  1965-68
It was a particular brand of dress, one which isn’t made any more.
A Villager dress, a cotton shirtwaist with a round collar, short sleeves
and a straight skirt, in a delicate print of tiny blue flowers on a white background.
It has pearl buttons and rows of tucks on the bodice. Each tuck is stitched down,
and the pearl buttons do not open. The belt is elastic, dyed blue to match the dress,
trimmed in leather, also dyed to match, with a brass buckle.
If you have any pictures of this type dress I hope you might email them to me!
When you bought one it came with a small red lady bug stick pin!
If you have one?    Someone is looking… Winking smile

Reunion committee meets Monday Sept 20th 6 pm Billy Weinberg’s condo.

Email from Ed Murphy:
Had some computer problems, fire damaged home is now fixed,
luv to hear about classmates.   “Hello to all!”  ED

A Celebration of life:
Last Sunday after I had sent the HAPPY HOUR CREW email,  I attended the
Art Natowich   Celebration of Life, at the Radisson Hotel in Cape Canaveral.
Art’s wife, Sandee did an awesome job in the organization and celebration!
CREW members were there along with friends, family of Art and Sandee
It was a wonderful tribute!   Art may be gone but will never be forgotten!

Health Note: Have you had you flu shot yet!   Stress

“You can never do a kindness too soon,
for you never know how soon it will be too late.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello CREW… 09-12-10 … Fishlip’s … Try Pasta Diane

Hello CREW… Red rose 09-12-10

Suggestions were: Sonny’s Barbecue,  Corky Bells,  Fishlips,  Dogs R Us.

By majority vote: Fishlips – Cape Canaveral Port Area  OMG!  Will anyone attend?

The next HAPPY HOUR CREW  event will be

5:30 PM   Wednesday   September 15  at

Fishlips  Waterfront   Bar & Grill
610 Glen Cheek Drive
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920-4557
(321) 784-4533

more info:

If weather permits we may be able to  “Sit Outside”??? 

Secret telling smile This will be the 1st  CREW visit to this location…   should be interesting!  lol
I bet Billy Weinberg that we won’t get 6 Crew Members to show?
Sad but true…  most of the beach side businesses have become Tourist Traps!
Come on CREW help me lose that bet!  Huh

Email from Julie-McLure:
Jimmy Rudd  (wife Ann Driskol sp?)  Class of 59 has been doing as well.
His chemo has greatly reduced the lesions on his brain and in his lungs.
He is now on a maintenance dose of chemo.  Our Best to you!  the CREW

Hey CREW! What the ole Indian is working on a new TEE PEE? naaaaa!

A new Rendezvous for the CREW!  Where
In work…  Planned Opening Fall-2010

(  Details as progress is made?   heh heh heh! )        luv ya!  B-T-B

Overheard at the JD’s Sports Bar:
Secret telling smile Listen “honey”  Don’t gamble with love…   you may hit the  JERKPOT! lol

The problem in the Singles World is that the women are looking for

decent men, while the men are looking for indecent women! – HATCH

Hello CREW… 09-09-10 … “Men are what their mothers made them.”

Hello CREW… Red rose 09-09-10

Tonight was good!   Party smile Not a big crowd but great food and fun company!

ATTENDEES: Clark True, Billy Weinberg, Ralph & Mary Laycock, Ty Epling

and new CREW member  Greg Seitner.  Our server Trisha was very good!

Hummm  Most of us took home enough for another meal!  Delicious!

Sara Crockett sent me a reminder for all of us in the CREW, this Saturday

is  9-11 Day… Display your U S A Flag!   Never forget what happened!

This week the ole Indian went to his regular Doc and to the skin Doc!

Everything  turned out  A-OK!   In fact the regular doc, after looking at my

blood tests told me…  “You will never go bald!”    What???? I laughed

and said…   Right Doc, I have never seen a bald Cherokee Indian!  Confused smile
He then said, based on the tests again…
You probably won’t ever get prostrate cancer either!   yippie!   I reminded
him that 5 years ago he told me he would get me to my 70’s!   Well doc, can
I get an extension???  He laughed & said…  I will get you to your 80’s!  :-)))
Now that is something for an Indian to dance about!   Naaaa it’s raining already!
Before I left the Doc said   “Think young and you will Stay young!” Yes, that’s
just what the world needs…  A horney ole Indian with lots of hair!   lmao

Another reminder…   Don’t forget to go to for more

info about our Classmates and Friends.     luv ya Red heart B-T-B

“Men are what their mothers made them.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hummmm  Wonder what Mom would say if she could see me now? Angel lol

8 Sept 2010 At Portabella’s …”Be There”

Hello CREW… Red rose 09-05-10

The suggestions were:      Portabellos – Rockledge       Chapparell – Cocoa
Lea’s Bistro – Cocoa      &    Kelsey’s – Rockledge


The next     HAPPY  HOUR  CREW event will be

5:30 PM      Wednesday     September  8th

Portabella’s Italian Restaurant
4657 US Highway 1 Rockledge, FL 32955
At the Peddler Village Location    Phone:  631-9911

The CREW visited there over two years ago, this will be our 2nd visit!
The food was excellent!  I was not able to find a menu at
their website!   Bet they have great soup! lol

Speaking of SOUP…   OMG!    Potato Chip Soup! YES! Can’t wait to try!

Way To Go CHS Tigers:
Cocoa Tigers defeated Thomas Jefferson (Pennsylvania) 43-7  :-))  Go Tigers!

Yea!  Football season is back! Party smile The Florida teams did well!  Got so involved
with the games that I didn’t make it to the car show!  Stayed home, ate a lot of
Junk Food, drank Beer and enjoyed a day of  I DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING!
Hummm  No Squaw to get beer! – serve snacks!  Annoyed Maybe next Wednesday at
Portabella’s?      Ugh!  Sometime it tough…  to be  Happy  SINGLE  Indian!  lol

Opps!  A correction to info in a past email:
Alice Barron Grow, told me she is not a pilot but has take the aviation pinch-hitter course
designed to learn to fly and land the plane if the pilot is ill.  Alice does GPS navigator work.
After flying with her husband for over 40 years, I’ll bet she knows what she is doing!  :-))

Yikes! September 8th is…   Celebrate Pregnant Women Day!!
Hummm anybody working on this effort?  Practice! Practice! Practice! Winking smile

“When in doubt, tell the truth.”- Mark Twain

ello CREW… 09-02-10 Ahhhh yes… September started

Hello CREW… Red rose 09-02-10

Ahhhh yes…   September started with a   BIG COCONUT CAKE!   ;-)))

A happy  CREW enjoyed the meal and DESSERT last night!

Ashley’s  has re-instated the early bird menu and the selections were good.

Birthdays are really not that bad…  as long as they are someone else’s!   Winking smile

ATTENDEES: David Alexander, Corinne Bowley, Ralph and Mary Laycock,

Bill and Gerry-Heller,  Clark and Marilyn True,  Billy Weinberg, Ty Epling,

Dan Shoemaker, Sandee Natowich.     Our server Christie did a great job!

A lot of spirited conversations about the past, present and the future!

As you might know…   College  football  will  be  starting  this  week!

Go FSU Noles!   Go U of F Gators   Go UCF Knights!  Go CHS Tigers!

To heck with U of M!     lol


Hummm  Corinne returned a  SPECIAL  VHS tape to Billy W.   Who me?
Billy did not comment on the topic of the tape?   MUST HAVE BEEN  HOT!

Ok…   nuff stuff!   Stay In Touch Gang! luv ya  Red heart B-T-B

Weather permitting!  Winking smile Historic Cocoa Village Association    “Cruise In”

Saturday, Sept 4th, 2010.  Time to get the ole 56 Chevy out of the plastic bag!

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” —Charlie Chaplin

Sent to me by Alice Barron  Class of 59,  Thanks Alice!

Did you know Alice is an accomplished aircraft pilot?
She and her husband own and fly a private plane.

Me?  I am currently flying my P-34 in Cocoa.  (my Chevy tag number!  lol)

WHAT?   There really is a  P-34?    Surprised smile

Check it out: