Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

A New Record High For Attendance.

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                                     02-26-15

Ahhhhh Soooo!    The Chinese event held at 

  Ginger and Garlic in Rockledge attracted…

Emoji   A New Record High For Attendance.  Emoji
  29  Cocoa High Classmates and Friends!
              Starting in  2008  our number’s were normally
                         10-12  with a previous HIGH of 28.
      Aren’t you glad you were there?  Way to go TIGERS! 
Jack Crockett…  a great guy who deserves a break,
                                   was the lucky winner of a free dinner!
               An ole Indian,  stopped by and held a contest!
            With help from David Alexander & Gerri Dutcher, 
             one playing card was dealt to each of the CREW.
           Everyone then turned over their card and the one
            who had the   JOKER  Emoji    won the free dinner!
       Hummm  who was that masked man?   OOPS!   I  Mean Indian!
 Attendees:  L – R 
Gloria Tinker, Gerry Heller, Ann Driskill,Tommy Tinker, Bill Hibbard, Karen Kamin, Elma Atkinson, Linda & Jack Young, Gerri Dutcher, Bill Hardy, Tom & Marge Newbern, Jack Crockett, Becky Alexander, Julie & Bob Armacost,  Bill Weinberg, David Alexander, Carole Saxe, Gregg Seitner, CorinneBowley, Clark True, George Reinhart, Bill Raines, Sherri Gentry, Mary Laycock, Joyce Kubler.
  Special thanks to Lois Atkinson Emoji for the picture!
  The meals were great and the service was special!
Did you know!  Emoji  
Feb 28th is National Bachelor’s Day.
  Occurs on the last day of February. 
 A tradition that allows women to initiate
dances and propose… marriage?   naaaaa a hug!
Next event:       Ashley’s in Rockledge  –  March Birthday Party
                                                   Visit: # 70     Last:  02-04-15
There is no end.  There is no beginning.
     There is only the infinite passion of life. – Federico Fellini
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Ahhhhh Sooooo!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                      02-22-15

      Ahhhhh Sooooo!  Emoji   A visit to a NEW location! 

  Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event
    快乐时光乘员组     (Happy Hour Crew)
    5:30 PM   Wednesday   Feb. 25, 2015 
Ginger and Garlic – Chinese 

                                  “Gluten-Free and Friendly”
                     1172 US Highway 1  Rockledge,  Fl 32955
                                             (321)  632-8888   –  see menu 
  This will be the  CREW’s  1st  visit to this restaurant.
                   Flag down a  Rickshaw  and attend.
                           You might win a free dinner?  Emoji
     Happy Birthday Today!    George Washington 
Daytona 500  Emoji   Today – Feb 22   1:30 PM  FOX TV
Reminder:   Happy Hour Crew  mission statement.
                         No Rules, No Dues, and No Work! 
              CHS Classmates who Just Wanna Have Fun!
Party Directions:
   Tequila –  Sunday, 22nd is Nat’l Margarita Day  O’lay! 
        Chili –   Thursday, 26th is Nat’l Chili Day!
 Go  4  it!   Mix up a batch of each and have a party!   
Another opps?    Darn it!   Under the picture last week
   at Bizzarro’s, Tom Norwich was incorrectly identified
               as Tommy Norwood, my apologies Tom.
                           Ugh!   Darn computers!  lol
11 min – 30 sec.      When you have the time view this
        updated video.   Listen to the music, see America’s
        favorite Chevy’s and remember the 50’s songs and
                              who you liked to danced with.

 (SIMILAR  Think)

Whatever can happen will happen.    –  Murphy’s Law
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Viva la Cucina Italiana! Delizioso!

Hello CREW… Emoji 02-19-15

Bizzarro’s…    Viva la cucina ItalianaEmoji  Delizioso!
                                     Long live Italian cuisine!  Delicious! 
                                 Another awesome CHS Classmate event!  
Bizzorro's 02-18-15

Attendees:  L – R  Clark True, Tommy Norwood, Ann Driskill, Mary Laycock, Elma Atkinson,
                                        Bill Weinberg, Gregg Seitner, Harvey Baker, Sandy Mangum,
                                  Sherri Gentry, Joyce Kubler, Lois Atkinson, an Indian? Jack Crocket,
                              David Alexander,  George Reinhart took the picture.  THANKS GEORGE!
                                          SERVER:  Anna, (50 Shades?)  was very friendly and good!
CHS Classmates send condolences to the Cain family.
    Tom Cain’s wife, Judy Burrows-Cain, passed on Monday 2-16-15.
Zoom!    Daytona 500  Emoji   Feb 22  Sunday  1:30 PM  FOX TV.
R U ready?   Crazy        National Hoodie-Hoo Day!
Friday Feb 20th folks go out at noon, wave their hands
over their heads and chant “Hoodie-Hoo”.  It’s a day to
chase away winter and bring in spring. Everyone in the
northern hemisphere are sick and tired of winter at
this point and a little crazy being cooped up inside not
seeing the sun!           Hope it works this year!    
 Bet Conrad Koch in New Hampshire, while pushing
   the snow around with his tractor, will be sure to yell… 
Hoodie – Hoo!  Emoji AND Happy B-Day Ann Driskill!  
                                                 We don’t want Ann to disappear!   lol
CHS 1959-60-61 – 55th Reunion Celebration Dinner
    March 2, 2015, final deadline to make reservations
$55 per person. Make check to CHS Classes of 59-60-61

  If you have not sent in your payment, please remit to

      David Alexander  <>

         with the names you prefer on your name tag:

   David Alexander   202 Sykes Loop Drive  M. I.  FL  32953-3073

        More Info:

Do U know Tacko Fall?   You will be hearing about him
     very soon.  7′ 6″  he can touch the rim w/o jumping!
             CHS Tiger Basketball Team  could have used him!  lol 
Next event:     Ginger and Garlic, Chinese – Rockledge
                             Visit: # 1   Today starts the Chinese New Year,
                                             the year of the Sheep.  Baaaaaa!
                                    so it is appropriate to try this new location.
You can’t wait for inspiration.
         You have to go after it with a club. – Jack London
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“Winnie” Will Be at Mosquito Beaters This Year

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                     02-15-15


   5:30 PM   Wednesday   Feb. 18, 2015 
       Bizzarro’s  Italian  Restaurant
        325 East Merritt Island cswy   453-2610
February 18:  National Battery Day!   R U charged up?
                            Come to Bizzarro’s and try their pasta!
Mosquito Beaters Reunion:    March 13 –  Mar 14
         Opps!  Gregg Seitner CHS ’63  also helped with

    the mail out effort last Wednesday.  Thanks Gregg!
Good News!      Winifred “Winn” Barnes   CHS ’59
                Rec’d an email saying she will be attending a
              CREW event & the Mosquito Beaters Reunion.
Phew!  Nobody I know.  Emoji   lol!  This week starts Chinese Year of the Sheep!

Job openings?      90% of Catholic Nuns are  60+.

                              Hummm   new recruits needed?  EmojiBetter keep yourself clean and bright;

           you are the window through 
                               which you must see the world.
                                                    – George Bernard Shaw Sent from my I-teepee while cleaning the teepee windows???

Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                                        02-12-15

Norman’s…    Delicious food and great service put

                                      big smiles on the  Happy Eleven!  
Norman's 01-11-15

Attendees:  L – R      Clark True, Carole Saxe, Joyce Hubler,

                  Sherri Gentry, Ole BTB, Gregg Seitner, Mary Laycock,
                          Elma Atkinson, Bill Weinberg, Jack Crockett.
            Special thanks to Ann Driskill Emoji for the classmate picture.
  Server:  Kaitlin was very efficient.
Kudos:    Carole Saxe, Bill Hardy, Ann Driskill, Clark True,
                Bill Weinberg, Rick & Kay Nix, and Austin Mansberry.
        A  “Well Done”  goes to these  CHS Classmates  who helped
         prepare over 2400 Mosquito Beater mail outs Wednesday.
                                          Way to go Tigers!  Emoji
        It was a 4 hour event that went smoothly with all your help!
           IF  your on the mailing list you will be receiving info soon.
            Event scheduled for:  Fri. March 23 and Sat. March 14.  
50 Shades?  Emoji or Emoji   The movie, opens this weekend.  
     Three book’s, labeled Mommy Porn and at one time banned
      from the Cocoa Library, are now a movie…   a happy ending?
               Hummm  will we get a review from you Ladies?  Emoji

Have had requests to provide this website address.

                             It has a huge amount of information and how to find more.   

Next event:      Bizzarro’s Italian on Merritt Island

                                          Visit: # 27    Last:  9-17-15  
Even if you are on the right track,
                         you will get run over if you just sit there.
                                                                                        –  Will Rogers

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It started here in 2008 … i.e., Normans Raw Bar and Grill

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                     02-08-15 

    It started here:  Laugh   in 2008.  Emoji   
Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event
      Wednesday    5:30 PM     02-11-15
    Norman’s Raw Bar & Grille  
             3  Forrest Avenue,  Cocoa  433-0872 
We need You!    Wed   Feb 11th  10 AM 
                Come on down!   Mark your calendar!   
           Mosquito Beaters Reunion Folks would like
           you to meet at the Florida Historical Library

         on Brevard Avenue, the old Cocoa Post Office,
            and help prepare the mail out invitations.
A few good “CHS Tigers” are needed in this effort! Emoji
                    Ugh!  Ole Indian will be there, will you?
Lois Emoji Atkinson – Reinhart:  
Current  CHS info at  
Conrad Emoji Koch:
            Current CREW info at  
Space X Falcon 9  Emoji       Launch today @ 6:10 PM.
                   A deep space mission to study Sun activity.
She left!    After a brief visit to New Smyrna Beach
                     Katherine the tagged,  Great White Shark,
                       has headed north and is off Jacksonville.
            Phew!   Might be safe to go skinny-dipping at the beach? 
THANKS CREW!   For your generous donations to the
                  Tea-Pot fund.  More B-Day cakes for us!  EmojiIf we all did the things we are capable of doing,
                         we would literally astound ourselves.
                                                          – Thomas Alva Edison Sent from my I-teepee while astounded by the CREW email. 

28 Alumni & Friends, ties the old record!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                                              02-05-15

Ashley’s…    28  Alumni & Friends, ties the old record! 

        Another happy event with lots of good food, laughter and fun! Attendees:

Ashleys  Feb 4, 2015

L – R   Mary Laycock, Lynn Krnoul, Shirley Pomeroy, Ann Driskill, Bill Weinberg,
              Elma Atkinson, Lois Atkinson, Gregg Seitner, Carole Saxe, Clark True,
       Jack Crockett, Joyce Hubler, Sherri Gentry, David Alexander, Corinne Bowley
            SERVER:  “Christie” Emoji     Happy Indian,    Gerri Dutcher,      Lee Rolle.
                               Thanks to George Reinhart for providing the picture.
Nice to see!  Elma Atkinson Emoji return to our CREW activities.  Good Health is a blessing!
 Ashley's 01-04-15

L – R  Bob Armacost, Frank – Ruth’s husband, Myrna Swindell & her guests Isabella & Amelia,
                          Sandy Brannin, Becky Griffin, Ruth Bryant, Julia Armacost.
                                      Thanks to Lois Atkinson Emoji for the picture.
                                            Noted:  New hire SERVER,  Shelby did good! 
Did you know?    2015 started the 8th year for our CREW events.
                                          Gee!  and we are still having fun! 
Stuff, seal and stamp!   Will  you  help?  Emoji  It’s actually fun!
        Mosquito Beaters Reunion is in March but before this
    happens YOU  are needed to meet @ The Florida Historical
        Library on Brevard Avenue, the old Cocoa Post Office,
                        and prepare the mail out invitations.
        Wednesday  10 AM   February 11, 2015 
          A few good “CHS Tigers” are needed in this effort!
                            Ugh!  Ole Indian will be there, will you?
Ladies beware:            Stay alert…   Emoji
            Purse snatching is an increasing crime in Brevard.
Grab a Kleenex  Emoji   This video will bring tears of joy!
                       THANK YOU…  Tom & Gloria Tinker for sharing! 
Next event:     Norman’s Sports Bar & Grille, Cocoa
  Visit: # 11     Last: 10-08-14
Without music, life would be a mistake.
                                                       – Friedrich Nietzsche
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Super Bowl XLIX

Hello CREW…                                                      02-01-15

Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event

    5:30 PM  Wednesday  Feb 4, 2015

      Ashley’s  Restaurant

               1609  Highway 1    Rockledge, Fl   636-6430


 Feb B-Day’s:    1 Bill Hardy   1 Jimmy Pitts   1 Glenda Nelson

                     5  Charlie Black   6  Ty Epling   11  Brenda Graves

              13  Gloria Tinker   15  Ben Young   15  Caroline Fulford

                 16  Gerry Heller   19  Dexter Beck   20  Ann Driskill

                           25  Nancy Grothe         29  Jack Sparrow

Super Bowl  XLIX  49: 

             Sunday   Feb 1st   6:30 PM ET   NBC

                                Patriots  12-4   vs   Seahawks  12-4

Something  fishy?     Katharine the Great White

      is back, swimming in ocean between New Smyrna

       and Cape Canaveral Sea Shore.  She is just one of

        the “tagged” sharks out there!   See for yourself.


 With a smile:    

   Line Dancing

  I didn’t know that.

About the time we can make the ends meet,

somebody moves the ends.

                                                                  – Herbert Hoover

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