Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Formerly Classified Images of WWII

These photographs were classified during WWll.
Many of us have not seen photography like this before. Beautiful, stark black and white pictures, about 110 of them, of historical significance in this collection. At the end of the pics there are some interesting comments.
For many of us, our fathers and/or grandfathers participated in this action…
World War II: The Pacific and Adjacent Theaters.

When you feel good about yourself, others will feel good about you, too!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                     01-30-14

Fla Seafood   yummmm  Go Fish!   Luv the Rock Shrimp!
         11 Classmates and friends braved the cold rainy
  weather to enjoy another Wednesday night CREW event!
Fla Seafood 01-29-14
Attendees:  L – R  Judy Anderson friend of Mary Laycock,
  Bill Weinberg, Jack Crockett, Tom Tinker & Gloria Tinker,
  George Reinhart, Clark True, David Alexander, ole BTB.
                  Lois Atkinson Emoji took the picture.
                   Server:  Amanda was very good.
NEW TO CREW!  Emoji   Donna Lyndon “D.J.”  CHS 1959
                  now receiving CREW emails.    See ya soon?
NEW RESTAURANT!    “Mason’s”   is opening today near
    the Bealls stores, Rockledge.  Serving Oyster Po-Boy’s!
                         Ole Indian will check it out! 
What?     Snow in Florida?  Emoji    Near Panama City?
   Hey up there…  CHS Classmates Alice Barron 1959 and
            Robert “Boots” Evans 1960 do you have snow shoes?  lol   
Ahhhh   Do U remember the good old days?
Hummm   Big  Pow Wow  is near! 
        The National Champion FSU football team will hold its official
        celebration of the BCS title Saturday, February 1 at 12:00 p.m.
        inside Doak Campbell Stadium.       Event is free as is parking
       and will conclude no later than 2:00 p.m.    Gates open 11 a.m
                   Ugh!  Wonder of ole Paint could make the trip?
Next event:    Crew Birthday Celebration @ Ashley’s.
                                   Visit:  # 57    Last:  01-08-14
February Birthdays: 

                  1    Bill  Hardy    1  Jimmy Pitts    1  Glenda  Nelson

                5   Charlie Black    6   Ty  Epling   11   Brenda  Graves

            13   Gloria Tinker   15   Ben Young   15   Caroline Fulford

               16   Gerry Heller   19   Dexter Beck   19   Dick  Nelson

                  20   Ann Driskill   24   June Cox   25   Nancy Grothe

                                                 29   Cupid

 Help!  CREW photographers Geo & Lois Reinhart won’t

     be able to attend.  Need volunteer to take a picture?

When you feel good about yourself,
    others will feel good about you, too!  – Jake Steinfeld 
Sent from my i-teepee while  feeling good about being an ole Indian! 

The last Dance… Everywhere … CHS GYM, TeenTown

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                01-26-14
Lets Go Fishing!   Emoji     Hope to catch some Rock Shrimp! 

      5:30 PM     WEDNESDAY     January 29. 2014    


                                 Will there be     Rock Shrimp?
480 West Cocoa Beach Causeway
Cocoa Beach, Florida  32931   784-0892
Speaking of fish!  Emoji
Great White Track:  Katharine is moving North off
                   New Smyrna Beach area.  Phew!  For now!
                      Lori Anne is off shore at Ft Lauderdale.
              Remember these are JUST the ones that have been tagged.
The last Dance…   Everywhere;  CHS GYM, TeenTown,
   Tiger Den, The Daytona Pier, Orlando Youth Club,
      Melbourne Youth Club, Patrick NCO Club, etc
This was the last  “Slow”  Dance before closing!  Sigh!
CREW “Stuff”:   Visit Conrad Koch’s website for Info.
Mosquito Beaters Reunion!     March 14 – 15, 2014?
                    More info as it comes available.
Never regret,  (fishing?)  If it’s good, it’s wonderful
         If it’s bad, it’s an experience.  – Eleanor Hibbert 
Sent from my i-teepee while looking for my Rock Shrimp Net!  

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.

Hello CREW… Emoji                                               01-23-14

Viva Mexico!          LaBamba’s  was  Magnífico!    Emoji
       Good food, service & the Hot Sauce was HOT!
 LaBamba's  01-21-14
Attendees:  L – R   

Wilt Wagner & wife Donna Price, Dan Shoemaker, Jack Crockett, Lois Atkinson, Bill Weinberg, a little Indian, George Reinhart, Corinne Bowley, Shirley Pomeroy & Don, Linda & Jack Young, Clark True.  SERVER & Photographer  ” Pedro ” did a great job! 

Ole Indian rides a B-17!   Emoji  A  THRILL!   See  pic’s.
       Another item checked off of my Bucket List!  lol
                             Hummm  Not many things left!   Ugh!
Below a video of the  B-17   I flew on:  Nine-O-Nine! 
If anyone can pass this comment on to Bob Roth, a
WWII B-17 Instructor Pilot he might get a chuckle!
                  One of his students fly’s his plane!  lol 
Can I get thru here
Bill taking a picture.
What! This is not a Chevy engine!
Don’t miss this:    Sent from classmate Alice Barron
                      This one has the songs and the videos!
Next event:     Florida Seafood @ Cocoa Beach
                                Visit: #16      Last: 10-09-13
If we did all the things we are capable of,
        we would astound ourselves.  – Thomas Edison 
Sent from my i-teepee while updating my Pilots Log Book.

Captain Billy “Two Beers” Hardy … the B-17 Ace

On 1/22/2014 12:19 PM, 56 CHEVY wrote:
Hey…  Friends  and….              Aviation  Fans!
Yesterday…   What a THRILL!  Emoji    ( almost as much fun as girls!  heh heh heh  )
The flight yesterday was AWESOME!   (attached a couple of pic’s)
Bill taking a picture.
What! This is not a Chevy engine!
Can I get thru here
Don’t want to bore ya with the details but it definitely was exciting!
Another item  checked off of my   BUCKET LIST!
Bill Hardy      Newest  B-17 Pilot!    ( ho ho ho )

Conrad asks

We know this guy don’t we?




BTB Replies

Hi Conrad…

   He is: Capt Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger III   born Jan 23, 1951.
The pilot who landed his jet in the Hudson River!    His co-pilot is in video also. 
                                    Two   AMERICAN  HERO’s
See where you are really getting some cold weather up there…  ugh!
Stay Safe and  Try to Stay Warm

Americans eat 1.23 Billion Wings on Super Bowl Sunday alone!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                              01-19-14
Ca-rumba!  Senior’s & Senorita’s  are you ready for
                   some Mexican Food and Drink?   O’lay! 
   Next    HAPPY HOUR CREW   event
   5:30 PM   Wednesday   January 22, 2014
   La Bamba Mexican Restaurant  
     411 Barton Ave Rockledge, Fl 32955  (New Location)
                         (321) 637-9607    Click for info:
           Wonder if they have  Emoji a good bowl of Chili!  Emoji
U Like Chili?   What better way to warm up your day!
          As some of you know ole BTB is a  Chili-Nut!
                 Never met a bowl of Chili I didn’t like!  Emoji
 Luv’s chili!  Won 3 Chili Cooking Contests!  22 of his
       favorites are published in “CHILIMANIA!” a book
               written by  Herb & Chris Geltner of M.I.
 Here are some website recipes:  Easy to fix! 
                  Don’t forget the jalapenos!  lol 
More HOT Wings?    Americans eat 1.23 Billion Wings
            on Super Bowl Sunday alone!  Originally named
  Buffalo Wings they were created in Buffalo NY – 1980
               as a cheap snack for hungry college students.
R U Hungry Now?   Ok, nuff  FOOD TALK!   Time to get
                  ready for the football games this afternoon!
Pretend to be completely in control
        and people will assume you are. – Steve Jobs
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Kelsey’s Merritt Island … Cheer! Cheer!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                    01-16-14

Kelsey’s M.I.   Cheer!  Cheer!  The CREW was here!   :clap:
              Great Italian food, with fun, friendly classmates!
Kelsey's M.I.  01-15-14
Attendees:  L-R   Clark True, Ann Driskill, Lois Atkinson,
                           Donna Price, Steve & Michelle Westman,
    Tom Tinker, Jack Crockett, Bill Weinberg, Gloria Tinker,
                 Wilt Wagner, David Alexander, an ole Indian.
                          SERVER:  Michelle was very good.
 Special Thanks!  George Reinhart for taking the picture!
Wanna help?   Per Bill Weinberg the Mosquito Beaters
                  group could use help,  2 PM  Sunday 1-19-14
                               at the old Post Office in Cocoa.
It’s back!     Update from Classmate Barbara Thomas.
         If you receive a POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK email
         regardless of who sent it to you.  It could be a virus.
        When opened a Postcard Image “burns” hard disc C.
ALSO…  Today NP says that Florida has the Nations highest
     Identity Theft rate: 361 per 100,000 people. GA. next w/194. 
                       Phew!  Glad nobody knows who  BTB  might be! 
Florida U.S. Senator says!   One in 5  Floridians is living
      below poverty level! **   Hummmm could one of you
    other 4 folks spare $ .84 cents for a cup of coffee?  Emoji
       ** One person with income below $11,490.  $15,510 for two. 
Any Good News?    Ugh!   Ole BillyTwoBeers  finally
             recover from 5 moon’s cold!  Indian say he get
      one cold per year!  Maybe from too much  firewater
                             at local  pow wow  gatherings!  Emoji
Next event:     LA BAMBA’s Mexican in Rockledge
                    They have a new location on Barton Blvd.
                            Visit: # 6   Last:  July 28, 2010  yikes!

A community is like a ship, Emoji
everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.
– Hennk Ibsen

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When you do it, write it down … If you didn’t write it down, it didn’t happen

Hello CREW… Emoji                                               01-12-14
New Place!     Yep!  Lets visit the newest Kelsey’s
                                  on Merritt Island, Fl.
Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event:
      5:30 PM   Wednesday   January 16, 2014 
          Kelsey’s  Italian        
                           Visit # 1      A new adventure!
                     1850 N  Courtenay Pkwy M.I.  32953
                 Publix Shopping Ctr.     (321) 735-4810
2nd Warning!  Emoji
Watch out for Katharine!   Emoji   This 14 ft over
      2500 lb female  Great White Shark  is now in the
               water just off of  Cape Canaveral  and has
                             been tracked heading south.
   This is the tracking website for her and many others!
Local gas prices:       Use this website for a quick
              check to find lowest gas prices in your area.
Jan 14th:    National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day!
Working 30 years at  KSC  taught me! 
         When  you do it, write it down,
 if  you  didn’t  write  it  down,
            IT  DIDN’T HAPPEN.  What
Anyone without a sense of humor
   is at the mercy of everyone else. – William Rotsler
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Happy Day’s are here again!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                      01-09-14

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
 whispering “it will be happier”.  – Alfred Lord Tennyson
  Happy Day’s are here again!  
Ashley’s was the scene
    of Happy Tigers last night.  Good food, good company
                and good service!   SERVER  “Christie” Emoji
Attendees:  Corinne Bowley, Shirley Pomeroy, Ann Driskill,
                        Myrna Swindell, Bill Weinberg, Clark True,
                     Gerri Dutcher, Jack Crockett, David Alexander,
               Pace Hill, Jane Sewell & husband Jim, & ole  BTB.
With a smile!   Emoji         In case you have not heard!
FSU Seminoles – College National Football Champs!
January is National Soup Month!  
      Mom said…  “Eat your soup Billy, it’s good for you!”
                 And I never met a soup I didn’t like!   BTB  Emoji
Hub’s Inn treat!   CHS Classmate Myrna Swindell brought
              a sample of the famous Cranberry Relish that her
         mother made when she owned Hub’s Inn.  Yummm! 
Watch out for Katharine!  Emoji  This 14 ft over 2500 lbs
                  female Great White Shark is right now in the
                  water just off of New Smyrna Beach and has
                             been tracked heading south!
     This is the tracking website for her and many others!
Next event:      Kelsey’s Italian on MERRITT ISLAND!
                               Visit # 1      A new adventure!
                           1850 N  Courtenay Pkwy M.I. 32953
                         Publix Shopping Ctr.     (321) 735-4810
Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
 whispering “it will be happier”.  – Alfred Lord Tennyson
Sent from my i-teepee  still smiling about the FSU Seminole Victory!
                                Dominance  defeated  Destiny!