Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

A Compendium of Truths and Support for Ron Paul

Here is a collection of a lot of different Videos I have seen that have compelled me to support Ron Paul’s candidacy 100%!!! Take the time to watch. Try to digest the truth in what he stands for. As you think about it, try to think about the rest of the campaigns. Do any of them even come close tpo being as substantive as Dr Paul’s?

CPI Inflation Calculator



Has the same buying power as:


New Year’s Day Vittles for 1-1- 2012

Hey Friends & Classmates… Red rose                              Dec 28, 2011

Important email so you will be ready for the 2012 New Year!

Wow!     Time is running out!   Clock   2012  will be here very soon!

Have you bought your vittles yet?                 Did you know?

    Vittles  was code name given to Berlin Airlift operation 1948-49,
      strangely using a rare word by usually colloquial Americans.
Stock up on:     Black-eyed peas, a.k.a. Hopping John,  sauerkraut,
                   pork, bacon, collard greens, hog jowls and corn bread!
Pork,  pigs move forward! NO chicken or lobster they move backward!
Bacon:    To add more flavor to your greens and peas of course!
Hog Jowls:  hog jowls traditionally eaten in the south to ensure
                             good health, prosperity and progress.
Black-eyed Peas:   peas, or cowpeas are also symbolic of money.
               Their small, seed like appearance resembles coins that swell
       when cooked so they are consumed with financial rewards in mind.
    Southern custom of serving peas & rice (hoppin john) with cornbread
  or biscuits is a tradition that is actually healthy, but carbohydrate heavy.
Cooked greens, including cabbage, collards, kale, and chard,
                      are consumed at New Year’s in different countries
          for a simple reason � their green leaves look like folded money,
                         and are thus symbolic of economic fortune.
Sauerkraut:   Made from cabbage!   Has German heritage!
Cornbread:    Heck, everyone knows it is easy to make, tastes good,
                             keeps for a long time, and is very useful for
                         mopping up the gravy and sauces after cooking!
                                         a l s o…
Hoe Cakes or Johnny Cakes:
  Origin of the name is the method of preparation:
    Field hands cooked it on a shovel or hoe held to an open flame.
     Can be used, like bread with a meal or can be
       covered with honey or syrup and served as a dessert!  yummm!
Ok CREW…     Hope this bit of info will help you decide on your
                 New Years Day menu and if you follow the instructions…
      You may have a very Healthy & Prosperous NEW YEAR!  Party smile
Opps!   almost forgot…  have plenty of COLD BEER!  ;-)))
                   The preceding New Years Menu has not yet been approved
                                              by our favorite Southern Bell and fantastic Chef,
                                                             Ms.  Sandee Natowich! 
                                                                                       luv ya Sandee!  

Charlie Black Recovering Well After Surgery

Hello all…                In case you have not heard.

 Just rec’d this info…  please share with Charlie’s friends and classmates.

Subject: Re: CREW REVIEW 12-21-11
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 10:26:10 -0500

Just in case you have not heard Charlie Black had neck surgery this past Mon.
Everything went great-he spent 1 night in hospital. He was experiencing
lot of pain in his arm & loss of strength. He has some rehab to do but expects good results.

Sent from my iPhone

Anyone know?     Why is this happening?   Has he changed his address?
                     This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
Delivery to the following recipients failed.
See ya in 2012   B-T-B
Sent from my  i-teepee  near the rehab center in Cocoa

Dinner at Fla Seafood …

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                           12-22-11
Last email of the year!     Yep

Remember:   With respect to the X’mas & New Years Holidays
                           the CREW  will   NOT  be meeting on Wed 12-28!
CREW  it has been another FUN year! Party smile  As we improve with age
            the only really important things in life are family and friends!
               Do your best to keep in touch with both and enjoy it all!
              Hope to see all of you again at the CREW events in 2012.
                         Goooooooooooooo  Tigers!   🙂             

Dinner at Fla Seafood   Wow! The Rock Shrimp were soooo good!

                                    The meals were prompt and all were great!

Attendees:   Gerry Heller and Bill , Tom & Gloria Tinker, Ann Rudd,
                                     Billy Weinberg and ole B-T-B
Howard Payne Class of 59   (email from Dee)
Would appreciate your prayers for Howard and I.  Have found a
tumor in Howard’s Spine, we are blessed that it is NOT CANCER.
He is in lots of pain. Surgery to be done in January.  It is complex.
We need prayers and support for strength. We are fully trusting our
Lord as HE IS IN CONTROL.  Howard is ready.  Will keep you posted.
Thank you for prayers.    Love In Christ, Dee and Howard
Cruise Boat Virus:  While on a 10 day cruise, Mary Laycock & Ralph
                                encountered the virus that hits the cruise boats.
                                       We miss ya both, get Well Soon!
Next Year!   1st event will be the CREW Birthday Party at Ashley’s!
                                    Wed  Jan 4th, 2012!   Yikes!
                     * This announcement approved by Chairperson Corinne Bowley!
              Birthday cake         01 Sue Anthony-Leroy      10  Janet Sewell
                         26   Mary Laycock   30  Jackie  Lane   32  Mortimer Snerd
                                                     ( Do I have your name and birthday? )
Anyone know?     Why is this happening?   Has he changed his address?
                     This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
Delivery to the following recipients failed.
Last…   thought for the year 2011:
Life is an ongoing never ending adventure.
          You can’t get it wrong and you can’t get it all done.
                     So have as much fun as you can along the way.
                                                                         — Anonymous
It’s been a pleasure, see ya in 2012   B-T-B
Sent from my  i-teepee  near the rehab center in Cocoa

21 Dec @ Fla Seafood Grille Merry Christmas

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                                  12-18-11

7 more shopping days till X’mas

    Next    HAPPY HOUR CREW event:

                        5:30 PM   on  WEDNESDAY     Dec 21st  

                       480 West Cocoa Beach Causeway
Cocoa Beach, Florida  32931

IMPORTANT:   With respect to the X’mas & New Years Holidays
                              the CREW  will   NOT  be meeting on Wed 12-28!
                              Next Year!  We will meet for the CREW Birthday
                               event at Ashley’s on Wed  Jan 4th, 2012!  Yikes!
                            * This announcement approved by Chairperson Corinne Bowley!
Jan 2012 Birthday cake:    10  Janet Sewell     26   Mary Laycock    30  Jackie  Lane
                                                     ( Do I have your name and birthday? )
Lets Party!        Now that the WAR is over…   Iraq only!  
                                       Lets all settle back and enjoy our blessings!
 “The older I get the less I listen to what people say

       and the more I look at what they do.” – Andrew Carnegie
            Smart squaws open their minds,                             
                          foolish squaws open their hearts,
                                        and fantasy squaws  open their legs!
                                                       – experienced ole Indian   Angel lol
Short Bus Drive's Avatar   Do you know who this is?  lmao!
Sent from my i-teepee near   The  NO-tell  Mo-tel!     lol

Some food for Thought (54 minutes and some)

Take the time and read this.  

It will certainly give you “cause for pause” as you

contemplate fixing the economic ills of our nation!

Here’s a sample:

For me, a poignant moment of recognition came this month.

Bloomberg news published an article based on confidential sources about how Henry Paulson, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs and the Republican U.S. Treasury secretary during the financial crisis, held a secret meeting with the top 20 hedge-fund managers in New York City in late July 2008. This was about two weeks after he testified to Congress that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were “well-capitalized.”

I knew for a fact that what Paulson told Congress wasn’t true. I wrote my entire June 2008 newsletter detailing exactly why Fannie and Freddie certainly had billions in losses that they had not yet revealed to investors – $500 billion in losses, at least. There was no question in my mind, both companies were insolvent – “zeros,” as I explained.

And yet, in front of Congress, the U.S. Treasury secretary was saying exactly the opposite. Either I was a liar… or he was.

Then… only a few days later… what did Paulson tell those hedge-fund managers?

He told them the same thing I had written in my newsletter. He told them the opposite of what he’d said publicly to Congress. He told these billionaire investors that Fannie and Freddie were a disaster… They would require an enormous, multibillion-dollar bailout… The U.S. government would have to take them over… And their shareholders would be completely wiped out.

How many believe it when a retailer says “Making You Satisfied Is Our Only Mission”


What do you think?

I have just spent three hours trying to get a refund from AT&T  an online cellular  service I ordered  that failed to get to me after my waiting 9 days (when it was to have taken 2 days).   I spent almost 6 hours yesterday trying to activate a phone service  on a handset I bought from WalMart .. one that I bought because the one shipped by AT&T didn’t show up (until today which was too late  … inasmuch as I had already signed on with a new provider) .   Hence the refund I am trying to get.

To make a long story short, AT&T’s Customer Service Reps are trained to come on the phone asking (and I paraphrase)  How They Can Make Me The Happiest Shopper On Earth.    What kind of BS are they trying to peddle?  There is nothing more maddening than having a customer service rep say that when the only thing that matters to AT&T … and Verizon and all the rest as far as I am concerned … is to place as much cash in their stockholder’s  and executive’s wallets as that possibly can.

Customer service went to hell in a hand-basket  as soon as automatic answering systems operated by idiots (i.e., computer systems that have no common sense and no ability to make rational, logical  decisions) began to take over the function.

I would like for a discussion to begin on the subject of how we can rid the universe of such attrocious did-services.

Let’s hear from you!!



Don’t Worry Abut Old Age … It don’t Last Long

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                                         12-15-11

                                    10 more shopping days till X’mas

Si mi amigo!  O’lay!    Dinner at the Chaparral Mexican Grill  was great!
                 The chimichanga’s, the burrito’s, the guacamole, the tostadas
and the Chile Relleno’s were muy bueno  but the 2-4-1 Margaritas
                             la cabeza gira!    Surprised smile    My head is spinning!
             OMG!  Did I ask  Stephanie  the server for a mexican hat dance???
Attendees   Geo & Lois Reinhart, John & Priscilla Beckman, Myrna Swindell
                  Ann Rudd, Ty Epling, Clark True, Tom & Gloria Tinker & ole B-T-B
                    a.k.a.   B-T-M-O   BillyTwoMargaritas & Out, no beer sting here!  lol   
It’s Officially Over!    BAGHDAD — Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta
    marked the end of the U.S. war in Iraq at a highly symbolic ceremonyThursday.

     U.S. soldiers rolled up the flag for American forces in Iraq and slipped it into a

       camouflage-colored sleeve, formally “casing” it, according to Army tradition.

          Most of the remaining Military Folks will be home for the Holidays!


Just in time:    Need some X’mas cooking info?  Go to this website for ideas!
CHS Cruise Update:
  Royal Caribbean  Departs:  Monday March 12th   Returns:  Friday March 16th.
14 so far:  Wagner’s, Young’s, Beckman’s, Hibbard’s, Reinhart’s, Armacost’s,
Natowich, Weinberg. Call David Griffith AAA Travel 1-321 253-9100 for booking.
Next:   Florida Seafood Cocoa Beach.    6th visit    
Over heard at Norman’s Sports Bar:      One ole geezer talking to a 
 curious ole Indian,  Eye-rolling smile “Don’t worry about old age — it doesn’t last long.”
 Sent from my i-teepee near the nursing home!