Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Hello CREW… 06-24-10 Dick (not Bill) Nelson and Gerry Heller-Baines Show Up

Hello CREW… 06-24-10

Our visit to Corky Bell’s was another good one!  Some new folks

attended which is always nice, and did I mention the catfish were delicious!

This was the CREW’s 5th visit and it put a smile on all our faces!

ATTENDEES: Dick Nelson & wife Pat, Clark True,  Mary Laycock & Ralph,

Billy Weinberg, did not Drive Miss Daisy tonight :-(((( Myrna Swindell,

Dan Shoemaker,   Sandee Natowich in her CORVETTE!!!  :-))  Varrrooom!

New folks, Gerry Heller-Raines and husband Bill!  Plenty of fun conversations

and a lot of catching up on classmate status.    Gerry is retired and Bill

is still busy with NASA at KSC.    Bill *(Really Dick)  Nelson and wife Pat are enjoying their

Golden Years in Ovideo, Fl!       Hope to see them all at future events!

Take a look at Conrad Koch’s new Toy!   A Classic 1950 Ford 8N Tractor!

Pictures are available at Darn it…    Just when I

think I have all the  TOY’s my friend Conrad comes up with a new one!  lol

Later, Ole  B-T-B wanted to go to J.D.’s for a Cold One but the Rockledge PD

had Barton Blvd. blocked for road construction…  Will  it  ever  be  done?

What?  No Beer???    Almost a catastrophe!     No………. fun!    ugh!
( Indians luv white man’s “Fire-water”!  lol )

Hey!  What ever happened to Susan Ellinor?  Is her computer broke again?
Hope I don’t have to go back to using Smoke Signals!    luv ya B-T-B

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.
It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another CHS human being.
We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”
Albert Schweitzer

The preceding is an un-paid  “Thoughtful” comment by the HAPPY HOUR CREW!
Wanna get  rekindled? Attend the next CREW event!
F.Y.I.  encounter’s help keep  Tee-Pee  (tipi)  a warm and happy place!
Ha  Na  Tochie!

Conrad’s 60 Year Old Workhorse “400 Clild’n ACITF”

Thirty five Years ago when my niece was about 3 yrs old, she was riding with me in a field on my 1952 Ford 8N.  We were preparing to plant crops and  were singing appropriately, “Ya Picked a Fine Time To Leave Me Lucille” the song popularized by Kenny Rogers.  Instead of “Four Hungry Children And A Crop In The Field”, Lara, my niece,  mutilated the words and out came the now famous chorus  “With Four Hundred Clhildren All Crappin in the Fileds”.  Now, 35 years later, I bought another 0ldie … a 1950 Ford 8N.  I couldn’t help but name her “400 Child’n ACITF”

Because of an  engine problem and the need to modify some things to accommodate the Front End Loader I decided to give the old girl a fresh coat of paint.  Not finished yet as I still have the gray parts to straighten out, fill, smooth, prime and paint, but the thing is starting to look like it did when it was new.  Just thought I’d share some photo’s with you all.

Hello CREW… 06-17-10 at Lea’s Bistro … Learn about Fidel Castro’s Bro

Hello CREW… 06-17-10

Lets see… Brad Pitt, Danica Patrick, Lone Ranger, Superman, Spiderman,

Charlton Heston, Kim Novak, Dean Martin, Jennifer Aniston, Lady GaGa,

Jimmy Johnson, “Smoke”, Glenn Beck, Jay Leno…        just some of the folks


ATTENDEES: Ralph & Mary Laycock, David Alexander, Clark True, Dan Shoemaker

Billy Hardy and server/owner Lea from Cuba!   What a treat!  The lobster bisque &

portabella sandwich were  DELICIOUS! Everyone enjoyed their meals & desserts!

Poor ole  B-T-B didn’t get any dessert! sniff! sniff! whimper! whimper!  Lea, the

owner entertained us with stories from CUBA!  Did you know Fidel’s Brother is GAY?

Roul’s wife?  Has 8 children fathered by Fidel?  O.M.G.!      Oh the shame of it all!

Lea’s Bistro was fun and a place we will visit again in the future!  :-)))

Opps!   Cancel the car show Friday at Sand Point in Titusville… 
Upon further review it is at an Assisted Living Home! Not 4 me yet!  lol
However, this part is still good!    Classmates/Friends,  Friday meet  B-T-B at
Normans Sports Bar in Cocoa from 5 – 7 PM  and he will buy your first  20 draft beers!
Giddy-up! Don’t miss this!
Norman’s is definitely NOT an Assisted Living Home!  lol!

Conrad Koch bought & fixed up a  1950 Ford 8N Tractor!  Hummm do I need one?

Then he proceeds to tell me….  
The  26.19 horsepower engine thinks it is a 500 HP behemoth.  Nothing seems to stop the thing …  boulders, tree stumps etc. … you name it!  I even won a drag contest against a ’56 Chevy.  I hooked it onto the Chevy’s rear axle, put it in fist gear  and dragged that baby all over the lot with  the Chevy’s tires smokin like crazy trying to get away from me.  Just wish I had a video of that race!   Connie

Needless to say I am scheduling another trip to NH for a Pink Slip’s showdown!

VERY…  Last Call: R.S.V.P.  453-1423  or by TODAY! June 17th  for
Billy Weinberg’s birthday party Saturday, June 19th  6:30 at Billy’s condo in Rockledge.

Sheesh! It’s  HOT!  Stay Happy, Stay Cool, Stay Out of the Sun!  luv ya B-T-B

“Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

Alice Barron Grow… “Happy Hour Crew”interest

Hi Alice… Judy… Corinne… &  Conrad… 6-16-10

Alice,  Thank you for your nice comments!   WE…  the  CREW try to meet every

Wednesday at different locations for a meal and some camaraderie!   This has been

going on for over two years and it has been well received.  Founded by Chairperson

Corinne Bowley… with her humble assistant little Billy Hardy!       a.k.a  B-T-B

My Cherokee Indian name,  BILLY-TWO-BEERS!  given to him because he can

only handle  2 beers  and  1  squaw per night!  lol   hummmm there has been some

question about that!  lol

My weekly ramblings provide the locations for the next event and any  CHS CLASSMATE

news that might come along! You have been added to the list!  here a actually two lists.

One has 49 people and the one you have been added to has 37.  My email

account won’t let me email more than 50 folks at a time therefore…  two accounts

that are growing!  86 now with you added.   When you have time go to a web site

that Conrad Koch created There are  current and past

issues of the  HAPPY HOUR CREW emails there for your review!  

More info sites: and

Hope to see ya at a future event!   luv ya all  B-T-B

P.S.  Alice feel free to forward any of the CREW emails/info on to other Classmates!  ;-))

Oh! Yea! One more thing!   WILLIAM T. HARDY  FSU Class of 1970  B.S. Management

GO NOLES!   Long live Emperor Bowden!  lol

> From:
> To:
> Subject: Fw: MANY THANX, Billy
> Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 16:41:04 -0500
> Billy, I am forwarding this to you you may want to add Alice to the crew
> list, as she always loves to hear any news involving our classmates…Thanks
> Judy…PS You already know I think you are the greatest for keeping us all
> in touch….thanks again…
> —– Original Message —–
> From: “Alice Grow” <>
> To: “Judy Parker Griffis” <>
> Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 1:35 PM
> Subject: MANY THANX, Billy
> 6-15-2010
> Dear Judy……..The following message will not go to Billy Hardy from my
> Apple machine…..I am using as his e-mail address.
> This must not be his correct e-mail address…??! Will you kindly send
> this (below) message of thanks to Billy H. using your machine?? THANK
> YOU, Judy. I hope your weather is not as sweltering as our extreme
> heat here (100–95 degrees F. all week long). WHEW! (Good ole
> ‘Tallahassee Swamp’.) Do hope Sarah, Clay and Lainey are staying chilly
> up in Georgia—Dad and Mom as well. Warmly, Alice
> June 13, 2010
> Hey there, Billy Hardy! Judy Parker Griffis tells me that you are sort
> of the CAPTAIN of the “Happy Hour Crew”.
> I just wanted to say that you are so cool to ‘herd” and orchestrate all
> the members of the 1959 CHS class (and more). keeping everyone informed
> and encouraging all the various events and activities……..

> that is really  a neat thing for you to be doing, BIlly.
> Take good care and have a terrific 2010……no matter what the oil spills
> are or what our newspapers say.
> Appreciatively, Alice Barron Grow (in Tallahassee).

Hello CREW… 06-10-10 … at Jimmy’s Joint

Hello CREW… 06-10-10

What a nice surprise!  Jimmy’s Restaurant, Rockledge is a great place for

our CREW events!     The service, drinks, food, & prices were agreeable to all!

B-T-B arrived at 5 o’clock, must be happy hour somewhere! 2  for 1 drinks

with pretzels served by a friendly bartender!  More CREW members began

arriving so we adjourned to the dining area!

ATTENDEES: Ralph & Mary Laycock, Carole Saxe, David Alexander, Dan Shoemaker

Billy Weinberg, Barbara Thomas, Myrna Swindell.   Server, Joyce was very good!

While we were ordering in walks Fred & Jana Gay.  Fred was looking fit and healthy

after his recent health problems.  Wishing you the best Fred!

Do A Good Deed? Billy Weinberg is organizing a “YARD” party at the M.I. home
of Sandee Natowich.   Volunteers are needed for some light yard work!  Rake and
bag leaves and debris!   As you know her husband Art passed away and she has
had a mountain of issues to deal with so a little help from her classmates and
friends would be a nice gesture!  This Saturday Morning  June 12th  10 AM

Call Billy to sign up, get directions and what to bring info!
Hm: 636-0530

Billy Weinberg’s daughter, Jessica is planning a Birthday Party for her Dad!
She has graciously invited the   HAPPY HOUR CREW to attend this…
HISTORICAL  OCCASION! Billy will be  Seventy…  that’s 70 Party date:  Saturday, June 19th  6:30 PM.  At Billy’s Rockledge Condo in one of the
group meeting rooms. Jessica will provide the CAKE , & snacks.
She would like to have Billy’s Classmates/Friends attend!

CREW, You must  R.S.V.P. NO LATER THAN:  Thur June 17th
==>   The host needs this info to prepare the proper menu!

Call or email:    Jessica: or 453-1423

Hummm can’t wait to sing  HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLE CODGER! luv ya, B-T-B

Despite the cost of living, 
have you notice how it remains so popular!  – Anonymous

Hello CREW… 06-03-10 A Record … 23 folks … Turnout at Ashleys

Hello CREW… 06-03-10

Chairperson Corinne and I were surprised & pleased with the turnout at Ashley’s last night!

A new record for attendance!  23 of our CHS Classmates and Friends were there!

ATTENDEES: Corinne Bowley, Ralph & Mary Laycock, Ty Epling, Benny & Susan McLain,

George & Lois Reinhart, Dan Shoemaker, Clark & Marilyn True, Billy Weinberg, Gerri Dutcher,

Gerry Trammell, Dexter & Linda Beck, David Alexander, Jerry & Dot Fisher, Charlie & Mary

Black, &  Barbara Thomas.  GREAT TO SEE Y’all!

Server  Sondra did a perfect job!   She was rewarded with some birthday cake!

We toasted our CHS Classmates, June Birthday folks and enjoyed the Coconut Cake

brought by Corinne A special salute and round of applause went to  Lois Atkinson-Reinhart

for the terrific job she does on the  WWW.TigerTopics website!   “Kudos”  Lois

CREW & FRIENDS… THANK YOU for your contributions to the  TEA-POT kitty,
without it we would have no  Coconut Cake! 

Our Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event

5:30 PM    Wednesday,  June 9th 2010

Jimmie’s Restaurant, at Turtle Creek Golf Club
1279 Admiralty Boulevard, Rockledge, FL 32955
(321) 632-4611‎
This will be our 1st visit.
For more info/directions:,view:text&ei=ZsoHTJPCFJqINcKN8bYI

In accordance with our new,  Nominate – Vote – Go!  event plan…  everyone try to have
a suggestion for the next CREW event location on June 16th!

Billy Weinberg’s daughter, Jessica is planning a Birthday  Party for her Dad!
She has graciously invited the   HAPPY HOUR CREW to attend this…
HISTORICAL OCCASION! Billy will be  Seventy…  that’s 70 on June 15th!
Party to be held  Saturday, June 19th  6:30 PM. At Billy’s Rockledge Condo in
one of the group meeting rooms. Jessica will provide the CAKE , hor d’oeuvres’
and She would like to have Billy’s Classmates/Friends attend.
Ok! CREWYou must  R.S.V.P. to Jessica: or 453-1423

Hummmm  The  GOLDEN YEARS! Just keep getting better and better! luv ya, B-T-B

Always remember you are unique, just like everyone else!  –  Anonymous  lol