Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Hello CREW… 04-29-10

Hello CREW… 04-29-10

Mummmm!   The Bar-Be-Cue was terrific and the gathering of CHS Classmates

was extra special!  There was a big turnout to welcome… Jack and Linda Young

back to Cocoa!   Jack Young, Class of 59 is in process of retiring!   He said he

still has some ties with the company, but will  winter in Cocoa an visit in New

Jersey during the summer! Other last night  ATTENDEES: Clark True,

Carole Saxe, Chairperson Corinne Bowley, Mary Laycock and Ralph, Billy Weinberg,

Gerri Dutcher, Ty Epling, David Alexander, Harvey and Sandy Baker and a visit by

John Dean!  All came by to Welcome Jack and Linda!    Server Chelsea was good!

UNDER THE WEATHER: Dan Shoemaker, fighting flu.   

Email from Sandee Natowich:

Dear Billy,
Art recv’d such a nice card from Corrine today, (Corinne sends cards on behalf of the
CREW to various Classmates. Thanks Corinne!  ) but I don’t have her email address
and he wanted me to thank her.  He was admitted to CCH today but overall is in a lot
better shape than some of his other admissions.  They are running tests to discover
what it wrong, but I think he has another urinary tract infection–I’m not a doctor,
just a professional wife, but I hope we have gotten a jump on it this time.
Please let the Crew know how much we appreciate everyone’s support.    Sandee
Last night the ladies came up with a great idea!  Normally we visit  ASHLEY’s on
the first of the month to celebrate CREW birthdays.    The 1st Wednesday of May is
May 5th    Cinco de Mayo!   Oh Lay!

So we have decided to  slip the Birthday event to the 2nd Wednesday May 12!


The next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event will be:

5:30 PM  Wednesday  May 5th  at  the

Chaparral Mexican Grill

1341 N. Cocoa Blvd (US 1)  Cocoa Fl     321 576-9800

A couple of hundred yards north of Byrd PLaza on the West Side of US 1

2 for 1  Margaritas come early till 6 PM  
(early bird specials)

¡esto debe ser un gran acontecimiento del EQUIPO!
(This should be a fun CREW event!)    luv ya, B-T-B

( How true! )       Women and cats will do as they please,

men and dogs better damn well relax and get used to it!

Hello CREW… 4-12-10 … Crew Event for 4/14/2010 at Dogs

Hello CREW… 4-12-10

While you were having Cheesecake at the last  CREW event,  I was just barely

hanging on while sipping Rum n Coke and eating lots of Pumpkin Soup, Sheppard

Pie and Jerk Chicken at Sandals in Jamaica!    I did  “hoist one”  for the CREW

last Wednesday and the Jamaican’s thought I was a little drunk!  Hummm???

The last time we visited Dog’s was…  Jan 20th.   Soooooo!    woof!  woof! 

The next         HAPPY HOUR CREW event will be:   

5:30 PM   Wednesday   April 14th, 2010  at

Dog’s Family Sports Bar and Grille! check out the menu! 

1580 E. Merritt Island Causeway,  Merritt Island, FL 32952


Located in front of the  Walmart on Merritt Isl.   S.E. corner.

Guess what I missed while in Jamaica?   The Sunday Funny’s Section!
If anyone still has this section…   let me read it at the next event!  lol    B-T-B

“There is only one success, to be able to spend your life in your own way.”
Christopher Morley

Hello CREW… B-T-B, back from Jamaica late today! 4-12-10

Hello CREW… B-T-B,  back from Jamaica late today!        4-12-10

Quick comment: As usual Sandals in Montego Bay, Jamaica was continuous
party, dining, drinking, fun and sports games!  It is a great place to go and
do all of the above or if you choose, just relax, enjoy the beach and read a book!
Irie! Mon!  And don’t worry…  there is still some RUM left in Jamaica!

This CREW REVIEW sent to me by our Classmate Gerri Dutcher Tx Gerri!  


Hey B-T-B,
Looks like I’ve been elected to send you the particulars of our Crew mtg.
Attendees: Mary and Ralph, Myrna Phillips, Bill Weinberg, Susan Ellinor, Clark True, David Alexander, Ty Epling, Barbara Bolte Mills, and yours truly. In CREW tradition,

we toasted our Birthday Day girl,  Judy McAllister Mallette, along with all our CHS Classmates and ate a wonderful cheesecake which Corrine had dropped off.
We didn’t really discuss the next venue so I suppose an executive decision will
be in order. (I did hear someone mention not having been to Red Lobster in awhile, or Dogs for that matter… )
Trish was our waitress and was cute, funny and as efficient as usual….

C’ya next week??    Gerri Dutcher
P.S.  Is this CREW reporting a paid position?
Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

In closing…  No Gerri!   No money involved in the CREW reporting job!  lol

Just the company of good friends, Classmates and some occasional CHEESECAKE!

Hummm almost midnight!!  think I’ll do the HAPPY HOUR CREW 04-14-10 tomorrow!

Bye for now! B-T-B woof!  woof! 

The New Busy is not the too busy. Combine all your e-mail accounts with Hotmail. Get busy.



Gee!  Was so  EGGcited when I woke up this morning…    EGGpecting to get

a visit from the Easter EggBunny!  Possibly a small EGGfilled basket?  Maybe a

huge basket so an EGGordinary racy Bunny from Playboy would jump out?  

I raced to the door and looked out.. 

What I got left me  EGGaperated! NOTHING!!!

Where have all the EGGBunny’s gone?  After an hour of EGGtremely sad feelings,

I being an EGGtrovert am still EGGtremely EGGuberant and EGGhilarated over

the fact that I would be able to    EGGpress and  EGGclaim to you…

Let’s all count our blessing for receiving another EGGample of an EGGcellent day

to celebrate…       EASTER (EGG) SUNDAY!

Yea! Yea! By now your probably thinking…    the only possible EGGplanation

for this EGGtravagant EGGultation is that,  ole  B-T-B has  had  two  to many

beers and has finally slipped into the childhood fantasy world!    Hummmm   YEP!

This effort, (my opinion) of of EGGemplary and possibly EGGcusable conduct???

has left me EGGausted and with EGG on my face!  BUT IT WAS FUN! B-T-B
Conrad Koch,  Hope I get your blessings on this EGGeffort?   My spell checker gave me poetic license! 🙂

It’s time for the  CREW   Birthday  event!    Only one name for April.

April 22 Judy McAllister Mallette

Our next HAPPY HOUR CREW event will be:

5:30 PM   on  WEDNESDAY   April 7th  at  Ashley’s

1609  HIGHWAY 1  Rockledge, Fl

Tel. 321.636.6430  ▪  Fax. 321.636.6206

CREW it is a pleasure to be part of a HAPPY CREW of CHS Classmates and

to share good times and events with all.  I will be in Jamaica for a week so

if someone would take a roll call and a few notes at the April 7th event and

email them to me I will try to send out a  “catch-up”  REVIEW when I return.

Special Thanks again to Gerri Dutcher for her email notes on the 03-31-10 event!


If you have not already read the Today  NP  Sports Section and the article about

the Class of 1960  State Basketball Champions…..   DON’T MISS IT!

Go to this Website:

It is a truly Great Tribute the to Team Members and their Coach…


” ‘Twas Easter-Sunday.

The full-blossomed trees filled all the air with

fragrance and with joy.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Hello CREW… 4-1-10

Hello CREW… 4-1-10

Hummm  How many of you were caught with an  APRIL – FOOL Joke? lol

So far…  I have had 2 calls that my house was burning down and someone

stole my 56 Chevrolet!!!!!      Now that’s cruel and nasty!    

Darn those  FORD guys!   There will be a CLASSIC CAR SHOW in

Rockledge this Saturday April 3rd.  Starts at 4 PM.   Noooo Foolin!  lol

Didn’t attend the CREW event last night at Corky Bell’s, had to be at a

WELCOME HOME CELEBRATION for an Air Force guy!   Duty Calls!  🙂

THIS JUST IN: Received a few notes about last nights event!
(Special thanks from note taker… Gerri Dutcher!)

ATTENDEES: Clark True, Harvey & Sandy Baker, Dan Shoemaker,

Carole Saxe, Bill Weinberg, Barbara Bolte-Mills, Dick & Pat Nelson,

Gerri Dutcher…        ole codger Billy Hardy was absent! 

Our server was Krysti who did a superb job – the place was packed!!

And the food was outstanding as usual. Class of 60 reunion was discussed

with everyone who had attended agreeing that they had a great time!

“The first of April is the day we remember what we are
the other 364 days of the year.” – Mark Twain

(Hummm was ole Mark trying to tell us something?   luv ya  B-T-B)