Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing


Hello CREW… Emoji                                                                   09-27-15

9-28-15   10:29 am    Alive and well in Boone, N.C.
Cloudy, rainy, and cool.   The computer at the Timeshare
is older than DIRT and the Library in Boone opened today.
Soooo   Better late than never…  lol

Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW  event

    5:00 PM    Wednesday    September 30, 2015 
    Malibu’s Sports Bar and Grille
              165 Barton Blvd Rockledge, Fl    636-5090
          On the left after turning west on Barton Blvd. 
You will be amazed at the menu selections.
            i.e.   Flying Squirrel Burger w/peanut butter & bacon?

  Hope  SOMEONE?   will take notes and maybe a picture of 

the next CREW event while I am gone? luv ya, an ole Indian. 

BTW, some one should call Malibu’s & tell them CREW is visiting!

Not a lot of  “Stuff”  to report, so this will be short.
Gas in N.C.  is  $1.89 per gal.   This visit by me will
be for  R & R   and  NOT   I & I   NAVY lingo!    lol)

Watched the Gators do an amazing come back an win
on  4th and 14  and seconds remaining!
Way to go Water Lizards!   lol

Watched  NASCAR and was pulling for ole Jeff Gordon #24
to win one more before he retires,  but, no luck…  sigh!

Email this CREW item, a little shopping and sight seeing
Probably will start a Louis LaMour Cowboy book later.

They think too little who talk too much.  – John Dryden

Sent from my I-teepee, hummm  I have nothing more to say!

YOU should have been there!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                                09-24-15

Brano’s was EXCEPTIONAL!   An experience to remember!            

   12 CHS Classmates  attended and all were pleased!  Emoji 
                      YOU should have been there! 
Attendees:   L – R    George Hamilton, Suanna Bird, David Alexander, Helen Granger,
                                      Bill Weinberg, George Reinhart, Gerri Dutcher, Jack Crockett,
                                                Bill Hardy, Bill Raines, Gerry Heller, Lois Atkinson.


Special Thanks to our SERVER:   David!   He made sure
   everyone was happy with their meals,  AND he even sang
 a song for the Ladies!  THEN, went above and beyond
   normal duties.  He came outside and took the CREW
picture in front of Brano’s welcome message on marquee.

    With out a doubt this was a very SPECIAL CREW EVENT!

College Emoji  Football.    Noles  –  no game this week.

                                             Gators    vs   Tennessee
    arrrrrrrg…   GO GATORS!  Emoji

Back to Reservation?  Naaaaaa  a trip to a timeshare
            in Boone, N.C.  Plan to do a little trout fishing, a little
   sight seeing,  AND  sit in a rocking chair on the cabin front
   porch and read a couple of Louis LaMour Cowboy Books…
                 That’s  AFTER…  I take a NAP of course!   Emoji
    Hope  SOMEONE?  will take notes and maybe a picture of 

the next CREW event while I am gone…   luv ya, an ole Indian.  

Cheap Gas…   Wow!   Gas is down to $2.02 per gallon.
                              Check your zip code for best deal:

Next event:  Malibu’s Sports Bar and Grille, Rockledge

                                       Visit: # 7     Last:  06-10-15 

He who does not prevent a crime when he can,

                                                               encourages it.   – Seneca 

Sent from my I-teepee while filling out my CWP application!  😉

Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                                   09-20-15

    Mmmmmm!   Can almost taste the Pasta and Wine!  Emoji
                       Life is short… stop and smell the GARLIC! Emoji
Next   HAPPY  HOUR  CREW  event          
           Brano’s  Italian Grill
                                Visit: #3     Last: 06-22-11
           5:00 PM   Wednesday  September 23, 2015  
                             3680 N. Atlantic Avenue
                                   Cocoa Beach,  Fl  32931
                                            321  783-6031

            Early bird dinners   from 3 to 6 PM  $2 off all entrees
  Happy Hour  3-6 PM, offering 2-4-1 draft beers/house wines.
COUPONS available in  TODAY NP – TGIF and Wed inserts
offer a free bottle of house wine with 2 entrees at full price.

 Celebration of Life for Elma Atkinson  1 PM Sunday Sept 20,

      at Old St. Mary’s Church,  56 Barton Ave, Rockledge, FL.
   Burial will follow at 3:30 p.m. at Florida Memorial Gardens,
                                                             U. S. #1, Rockledge, FL.
Don’t miss… this Secret video of good ole Harvey B. during 
          a recent visit in Africa to give some dance lessons!
                    Man o man that Harvey can dance!  Emoji
College Emoji Football:  Noles 14  vs   0 Boston College “Eagles”
                                  Gators  14   vs   9  Kentucky “Wildcats” 
Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk.
          That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.
                                                       – Ernest Hemingway
Sent from my I-teepee,  can’t talk right now, sipping FIREWATER!

Beef O B. was bawdy, boisterous & bodacious!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                                       09-17-15

      Per reports,  Beef O B.  was bawdy, boisterous & bodacious!
                                  While ole Indian is away… CREW  will play! 

Ahhh…                 (  Ugh!  I am late with the review!  ) 
        Back from the USS Springfield CLG-7 Reunion Charleston, S.C.
              was a  BUCKET LIST  thing and I am very glad I attended.
                   The days were packed with tours, events, dinners,
            and meetings.  ALL GOOD!    Only one of my GM Division
          Shipmates attended and it brought back lots of memories,
                   most were with smiles and laughs!  Emoji  GO NAVY!
                         Aye! Aye! Mates… William T. Hardy  GMM2
Beef O Brady’s  09-16-15  
 Beef O Brady  09-16-15

L – R  Tom McFarland, Lois Atkinson, Joyce Kubler, Sherri Gentry?
            Helen Granger, Jack Crockett, Ann Driskill, Clark True,
                 George Reinhart, Priscilla Firkins, Suzie Shearer.
                      Special thanks to  Gerri Emoji Dutcher  for the picture
                                    and the list of the CREW attendees. 

Note from George & Lois Reinhart.

  Celebration of Life for Elma Atkinson  1 PM  Sunday  Sept 20,
      at Old St. Mary’s Church,  56 Barton Ave, Rockledge, FL.
   Burial will follow at 3:30 p.m. at Florida Memorial Gardens,
                                                          U. S. #1, Rockledge, FL.

Next event:    Brano’s Italian in Cocoa Beach

                                                 I can already hear…    AT LAST!!!   lol 
Everyone has talent.  What’s rare is the courage to follow it
        to the dark places where it may lead.      – Erica Jong

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Aye Laddie’s and Lassie’s, time for a wee bit of Irish flavor!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                                  09-13-15

  Aye Laddie’s and Lassie’s, time for a wee bit of Irish flavor!

  Next   HAPPY  HOUR  CREW event:

5:00 PM   Wednesday   September 16, 2015

             Beef  O’  Brady’s   
            1450 N Courtenay Pkwy  Merritt Island 32953  459-6665 
                      North on Pkwy, 1st right after Wells Fargo Bank. 
Sunday, Sept 13      Today is  Grandparents Day!
                                            Sigh!   Miss them!   Emoji 
UGH!  No Show!     Ole Indian –  won’t be at CREW event.
Attending USS Springfield CLG-7  pow wow in South Carolina.
A Volunteer?   will take picture, record attendance/comments,
and email info to me for a CREW REVIEW when I return.
                                      Sigh!   Will anyone miss me?  Emoji   Note from George and Lois Atkinson-Reinhart.

  Celebration of Life for Elma Atkinson  1 PM  Sunday  Sept 20,
      at Old St. Mary’s Church,  56 Barton Ave, Rockledge, FL.
   Burial will follow at 3:30 p.m. at Florida Memorial Gardens,
                                                          U. S. #1, Rockledge, FL.

College  Emoji  Football     Noles  34    vs    South Florida  14  

                                            Gators  31    vs   East Carolina  24    Life isn’t about getting and having,
                          it’s about giving and being.  – Kevin Kruse

Sent from my I-teepee trying to be a good ole Indian while in N.C. !  

Mmmmmm Sonny’s Barbecue was… De-licious!

Hello CREW…Emoji                                                         09-10-15

 Record attendance  for the Sonny’s location on M.I.

          20 CHS Classmates & Friends
 Mmmmmm   Sonny’s Barbecue was… De-licious!  Emoji
Sonny's 1

L – R  Gerry Heller, Gregg Seitner, Mike Robinson,

             Bill Raines, George Reinhart, Jack Crockett,
      Harvey Baker, Sandy Mangum, Clark True, BTB               
Sonny's 2

L – R  Bill Weinberg, Mary Laycock, and Mary’s

                                         friends Laura and Sharon.
Sonny's 3
   L – R  Ben Young, Ruth Zedalis, Tom McFarland.
    BTW  Per Tom… Dad “Mac” is progressing well.
                  SERVER:   Sherri did a good job.
   Not shown: Joey Crisafulli, Richard Hall and YOU! Emoji
Special Thanks to Lois AtkinsonEmoji for the pictures.

Color test:     SEE  Emoji    how you do?

Next event:       Beef  O  Brady’s    Merritt Island, Fl.

                                        Visit: # 7    Last:  09-24-2014 

The best way to live is by not knowing what will happen
     to you at the end of the day.    – Donald Barthelme

Sent from my I-teepee…   what?  is the day over?

“Kicking the Mules”, written by Lt. Phil Eschbach

Hello CREW…  Emoji                                                             09-06-15

 Yee! Haw!  Giddy-up, time for some Sonny’s Bar-be-cue!

        Chomp on some ribs, beans and garlic bread!  Emoji 
Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW  event
        5:00 PM  Wednesday   09-09-15
   Sonny’s – Real Pit Bar-B-Q

             10 N. Courtenay Parkway  M.I.  Fl 32953

         On the East side of Courtenay Pkwy.   449-9102


Books are in!  Per Gregg Seitner more new copies of

        “Kicking the Mules”,  written by Lt. Phil Eschbach our

English teacher, now available @ Historical Library, Cocoa.

Call!  Reserve yours and find hours of operation. 631-9075

                   Ole Indian read the book and it was GREAT!  

College  Emoji  Football     Noles   59   vs   16  Texas State   

                                          Gators  61   vs   13  New Mexico State


Take this test.     I was amazed…  AT WHAT I DIDN’T KNOW!  Emoji lol
                                            READ ON..  then click on  START.
                            to sit quietly in a room alone. – Blaise Pascal

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