Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Next Event: 100th Visit to Ashley’s in Rockledge

Hello CREW…  💘                                                  08-31-17

Whoo-Rah!  16 HAPPY CHS Classmates  at Bizzarro’s.

         The  CREW  attendance was soooo big,  “Anna”

          locked the doors to keep other folks out!  😁

    A really special turnout of Classmates who enjoyed

                the company and tasty Italian dinning.

     If you were not there you missed an amazing time.  

ATTENDEES:  L – R    David Alexander, Lois Atkinson,

  Helen Granger, Gerri Dutcher, Indian, Harvey Baker,

     Sandy Mangum, Sharon Tyler, Judy McAllister,

         Laura Minot, Judy Denny, Mary Laycock,

            Clark True, Carole Saxe, Bill Weinberg.

               SERVER:  “Anna”  was so special! 

      THANK YOU:   George Reinhart for the picture!


 This will be “HUGE”. 😲   Wednesday Sept 6th

will mark  100  HAPPY HOUR CREW  visit’s to Ashley’s.

      Be sure to attend.    Fun with your Classmates,

delicious food,  SUPER SERVICE – Christie,  door prizes.

  This will be a special event to enjoy and remember.

Note:   Expecting a  RECORD  Classmate attendance.

              Arrive  BEFORE  5 PM  to be part of this event. 

While enjoying the good times  WE  (CHS Alumni)  are

  having,  please take a minute to reflect on the sad 

   events in Texas.  Wishing all those folks safe and

                   speedy recovery in the future.

GOOD NEWS!   Alumni friend,  Roger Greek  has

  recovered COMPLETELY from recent medical issues! 

Next Event:     100th Visit to Ashley’s in Rockledge
                                     Visit: # 100      Last:  08-02-17 

Somewhere, something incredible
                          is waiting to be known.  – Carl Sagan

Sent from my I-teepee,   Hummm  tell me if you find out?  😉 


Bizzarro’s 8-30.jpg


To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals. – Ben Franklin

Hello CREW… 💘                                                         08-27-17

Waited till the last minute, but new Time-Out Sports Bar,

Cocoa is not ready for us this week.  Spoke to a Manager

   they are on  hold”   for Liquor License and paperwork

     from the City of Cocoa.  Could be ready to go for our

                   Wednesday September 13th event? 

Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW  event

    5:00 PM    Wednesday     Aug. 30, 2017

    Bizzarro’s  Italian  Restaurant  
               325 East Merritt Island CS/WY   453-2610 
  Pasta Fagioli Soup is sooo good!   Hummm will Ann be there?  😉

                              Visit: #32      Last:  05-17-17

Plans?  Ideas for the  100th  meet at Ashley’s, Sept 6th,
                 are…  IN WORK.   YOU have a thought?

Hurricane “Harvey”  is still DANCING all over Texas!  😉

What?        You missed the Eclipse?      Be patient!
       See picture attached from Richard LaRue CHS Grad.
                    Next one to see in USA is April 2024.

Looking for Cocoa, Florida?  😉
    Latitude: 28°23′10″ N      Longitude: 80°44′31″ W

To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.  –  Ben Franklin

Sent from my I-teepee,   Ugh!  Pass the pasta and garlic bread!

Learn what is to be taken seriously and laugh at the rest. – Hermann Hesse

Picture – “Texting”…  back in the 50’s!  😉

 If you got caught, it was read to everyone! 

Hello CREW… 💘                                                      08-20-17

  Platanes Maduros, Black Bean Soup,  Ropa Vieja,

       and awesome Cuban Paella!     mmmmm

  Sound Good?   Vamos a mis amigos!  ( let’s go my friends! )

Next  HAPPY HOUR CREW event:

    5 PM   Wednesday   August 23, 2017
Roberto’s Little Havana Restaurant

            26 North Orlando Ave  Cocoa Beach, Fl.    784-1868

      Across the street from the Heidelberg German Restaurant

       NO need to arrive early, doors open at  5 PM.


😲 Go to website & print your coupon for free dessert!

Hurricane Harvey!  🌀    Don’t worry he is a great guy

              and a good friend.  Would not harm anyone. 

Don’t eat a Blowfish?  World’s most dangerous delicacy.

  Chefs train for years to remove toxic parts of the fish.

          1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide. 

                A tiny amount, a pin head is lethal.

Follow up  on the  infamous  CHS “Paint-Job”  

  Rec’d a guess or two.  Do you know any names?

     Remembering!  A token group of 1959 CHS Tigers

painted the Gym Roof!    No not the roof, President of 

1959 Class Ed Murphy shared some facts, it was on the

           walls of a couple of well traveled hallways.

They were caught and were NOT allowed to Graduate

         with their Classmates.   Can you name them?

The Good News…  they all lived Happily Ever After! 😁

Learn what is to be taken seriously

                        and laugh at the rest.  – Hermann Hesse

Sent from my I-teepee – can smoke signals Print Coupons?

Not bad! National average salary for teachers – $58,064.

Hello CREW… 💘                                                        08-17-17

     Sonny’s  Bar-Be-Cue  is soooo good!  😋 

ATTENDEES:  L – R   Jerry Smith, Jack Crockett, Clark True,
  Indian, Lois Atkinson, George Reinhart, Judy McAllister.
         SERVER:  Haley did a great job and took the picture. 

Remembering!  A token group of 1959 Cocoa High Tigers
       painted the Gym Roof!  They were caught and were
          NOT allowed to Graduate with their Classmates.
                                  Can you name them?
                 Nope!  Not me, but I can name a couple!  lol 

Next launch:  🚀  Friday  0801    Atlas V Data Satellite.

Spanish Boca RatonRat’s Mouth, origin of name likely a

colloquial translation, Thieves Inlet  in Biscayne Bay area.

Not bad!  National average salary for teachers – $58,064. 

Next event:    Roberto’s Little Havana Restaurant  C. B.
                                    Visit: # 9      Last: 02-24-16 

Education is when you read the fine print.
    Experience is what you get if you don’t.  – Pete Seeger

Sent from my I-teepee, ole Indian have Heap – Plenty Experience!  😉

There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them. – Joseph Brodsky

Hello CREW… 💘                                                     08-13-17

      Giddy-up!     Time  for  Cowboy  Fixins?
         Let’s  SAVOR  😋  some ribs, beans and garlic bread!  

Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW  event
      5:00 PM   Wednesday    08-16-17
 Sonny’s – Real Pit Bar-B-Q

           10 N. Courtenay Parkway  M.I.  Fl 32953

     On the East side of Courtenay Pkwy.   449-9102


                           Visit: # 15     Last:  02-15-17

Next Launch: 🚀  Space X Falcon 9  Monday 12:31 PM 

Safety fact:   Never put your feet on dashboard:  😲

   Airbags deploy at 100 to 220 miles per hour,

      could send your knees through your eye sockets

          in the event of a crash or accidental deployment.

War, what is it good for?  😢

This is not a political statement, it is a comment from

a Navy Veteran that is hoping another never happens!

Watch  ALL  of the video and I am sure you will agree.

There are worse crimes than burning books.
      One of them is not reading them.   – Joseph Brodsky

Sent from my I-teepee reading my Louis LaMour Cowboy books! 

Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something. – Plato

Hello CREW…                                                         08-10-17

   Longdoggers  –  13 CHS Alumni   Ripped it!  😉  

                                        Rip  –  to surf  (menu)  very well

Attendees:  L – R 

Gerri Dutcher, Indian, Ginger Fine,

            Jackie Lane, Gary, Laura Minot, Lee Barnhart,

                  Judy Denny, Mary Laycock, Bill Weinberg,

                    Carole Saxe, Helen Granger, Clark True.

                            SERVER:  Lea was a good one!

                   BTW  their Conch Chowder was sooooo good! 😋

Some Good News…   Susan Ellinor CHS’59  is alive
     and well.  Plans to join up with the  CREW  soon!

What’s in Your wallet?   What ever it is,  KEEP IT IN
      your wallet.  American’s owe over 1 trillion $$$.
         Ugh!  Exchange rate for beads & buffalo skins is good! 

Just sayin’  –   with current  Tense World Situation, 
           wear your sun glasses 24/7…  there could be
               a blinding white flash ⚡ any day now!  
                 Ugh!  Plan move teepee under ground soon. 

Just sayin’ –  term coined to be used at the end of
                       something  insulting or offensive  to
                      take the heat off you when you say it.  

Next event:     Sonny’s Barbecue – Merritt Island
                               Visit: # 15         Last:  02-15-17

Wise men speak because they have something to say;
    fools because they have to say something.   – Plato

Sent from my I-teepee,  Ole Indian is  SPEACHLESS !  😉

Barn One

Hello CREW…  💘                                                   08-06-17

         Surf’s ξ Up?      Kowabunga!
     Corrupted version of the Hawaiian “kupaianaha,”
         which means “fantastic,”   Now we know!   😲
Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW  event⊆
      5:00 PM   Wednesday   August 9, 2017 
LONG DOGGERS  –  Cocoa Beach

        350 W. Cocoa Beach Cswy in Cocoa Beach!  613-0002


                                 Visit:  # 5       Last:  04-26-17

                  If the weather is good, we could sit outside?

WHAT?  R U Serious?   The old State Theater in Cocoa

 reportedly haunted by former handyman named Joe,

  known to open/close doors throughout the building.

  Naaaa  that was one of our CHS Classmates who opened

      an emergency door to let in kids with no money!  😉 

Thirsty?  Secret Bachelor info, hundreds of drinks!  

                  BillyTwoBeers listed:  “Luv”     ( in 1980’s)  
Two of these and you will  WANT TO !  😈


One more:      Witnessed at a local  “Sports Bar”.

                Horsd’oeuvre‘s?   Small cup of Gummy Bears

                          marinated in Fireball liquor.  TBD   

Every student needs someone who says, simply,

     ‘You mean something. You count.’   – Tony Kushner

Sent from my I-teepee        THANK YOU  –  Mrs. Pomeroy  😉

15 CHS Alumni = A great time at Ashley’s!

Hello CREW… 💘                                                    08-03-17

    15 CHS Alumni    =    A great time at  Ashley’s!

Back Row: Charlie Murray, Jack Crockett, Roy Tharpe, Indian.
Middle Row:     Corinne Bowley, Helen Granger,   Ann Driskill, Clark True.
Front Row:   David Alexander, Gregg Seitner, Mary Laycock, Judy Denny, Priscilla Firkins. 
Not shown in picture, Gerry Sue Murray.
                   SERVER:  Christie was AWESOME as always!
Crew “Thank You Jack Crockett for Shrimp Appetizers!” 
        Special Thanks to Gerri 🌹 Dutcher for the picture!
NOTE:Indian make huge error!  😲

   Date correction, CHS Classmate  Billy Fine,

            passed 8 years ago on Jun 29th.

      My sincere apology for this oversight! 

Remembering…  Today marks  8  years since our
                          Classmate and Friend  Billy Fine  passed. 
         CHS Class of 59 Alumni we will always remember.
 Today is…     National Watermelon Day  🍉

Harvey’s!   –  is open, was old Winn-Dixie in Cocoa.

  The Pentagon reports that a N.K. launched missile
    ACCIDENTLY    returned to home and exploded.
Sources say, the Little Idiot programed it incorrectly.
                        Instead of  TO:  he typed  FROM:  😈

Next event:       Long Doggers  –  Cocoa Beach   

If today were the last day of your life,
                     what would you be doing?  –  Steve Jobs

Sent from my I-teepee, Launching an  ARROW  to  N.K.  Idiot!