Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

BTB Says “Best Time Ever” at Kelsey’s 28 Sept 2011

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                                        09-29-11

This week at Kelsey’s Italian was the  most fun  Party smile  we have ever had!

      All were laughing and enjoying the latest in classmate antic’s!
Attendees:   Geo & Lois Reinhart, Clark True, Billy Weinberg, Ann Rudd,
                     David Alexander, Jerry & Dot Fisher, Harvey & Sandy Baker
                          Charlie & Mary Black, Carole Saxe,  ole  B-T-B 
                              Server:  “Devin” was efficient and pretty!
                               And the Italian meals were Fantastico!
Wow!  A surprise appearance by!  Mr. “E”  Phil Eschbach!   Great to see him!
              He said… nice to see ya’all and there will be a test MONDAY!! Sad smile
And now the news!  Hot smile
Harvey Baker told us he is enjoying his recent retirement, has a lot of To-Do’s!
Patsy Ponce-Garcia has joined the HAPPY HOUR CREW!
Sara Crockett will be arriving in Cocoa this Friday.
Priscilla Ferkins and husband Buck are back home after their summer travels.     
                    We hope to be seeing them at an event soon!   Where
Sad to note the passing of  Charlie Provost (71)  last Tuesday. Condolences.
What?   I knew that there were Cougars  on M.I.  Have seen them in
             local Sports Bars lol   BUT NOW,   according to the Today NP,
                        there are Coyotes  thriving on North M.I.
                         What Next?   Cheetah’s  in Cocoa!  lol
Fortunately…  the Ole Indian has a special ceremony to take care of those
               Cougars, etc…   Now if he can just remember what it was!!  Crazy  lol

Eureka!    Women will be allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia in 2015!
              However,  if they are caught driving a car they will receive
      10 lashes with a whip!   Hummmm  Are they allowed to wear dresses?

Next week:    CREW   October  Birthday   Birthday cake   Celebration  at  Ashley’s!

                       Only have 2 listed, do I have YOUR name and birthday date?  Email Me!

Charlie Black…   Informed us that there would be a Special Celebration

                          next Wednesday!   Ref: Jim & Becky Griffin  More later!

“When  in  doubt, tell  the  truth.”   – Mark Twain     Stress

 Sent from my i-teepee in Cocoa!  

Kelsey’s Pizzeria on 28 Sept 2011

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                              09-25-11

       Consente di avere un italiano cena di stasera!
    ( Lets have an Italian dinner tonight! )      Visit # 5     Last visit  July 13, 2011
Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event:   5:30 PM    Wednesday,  Sept 28, 2011 

        Kelsey’s  Pizzeria 

1954 US Highway 1, Rockledge.    321 433-0095
Take a left at the 3rd red light south of Ashley’s.
That is the Eyster (sp?) Road Light!

     Ciao amico mio! Avete fagioli neri e riso per Ralph?
               Hello my friend!  Do you have any black beans and rice for Ralph? 

Where is mine?  Bill Gates has given away 28 BILLION in donations!

Good Grief!         Gas is 12 cents a gallon in Venezuela!
Sports Section:  GATORS beat Kentucky   48 – 10     Go Gators!
                           Clemson beat the Noles   35 – 30  Where  What next?
Breaking News:   Lois R.  doesn’t have a thing to wear to the wedding!
                                    However,  skinny  Geo R. has an new look! 🙂
                                        Kudo’s to Geo and his… It Works Diet!
 “A pessimist is a man who looks both ways 
       when he’s crossing a one-way street.” – Laurence J. PeterSent from my i-teepee in Cocoa!  

FishLips the Place to Be Seen on 21 Sept 2011

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                                                   09-22-11

Wednesday 5:05 PM   Arrived at Fishlips.   It was suggested that we sit Up-Stairs.

                                   Very few customers were there.   Server “Pedro”  was quick
                                     and accurate with the orders.  All were pleased with the
                                        service and the food!    Before we left it was almost
                                            Standing Room Only!        What a crowd!   Party smileAttendees:  Dan Shoemaker, Dick & Pat Nelson. David Alexander, Gerry Trammell,
           Clark True, Myrna Swindell, Geo & Lois Reinhart, Billy Weinberg, & ole B-T-B 
Duly Noted:    Lately attendance for the CREW events has been low.  Where  Lot of folks
                       have been on vacation or have gone north to escape the hot weather!
                        Even ole B-T-B spent a week in North Carolina.   Ole Indians luv the
                      cooler weather in the Happy Hunting Grounds of the Appalachian Mtns.
The Buzz:    The CREW  discussed the recent passing of three of our classmates.
                     Sadly, we all know it is a topic we will be facing for years to come.
                     We “toasted” our Classmates of Cocoa High!  Where ever you are
                        and what ever your doing we hope you are well!   Go Tigers! 
Attended:    The Celebration of Life for Fred Gay.  90 – 100 folks participated.
                       Fred was admired by all.   A true leader and always a friend!
With regret:   Forgot to mention that the  FSU Seminoles  were beaten
by Oklahoma Saturday night…  23-13!   sniff sniff  Sad smile
At one point it looked like there might be a WIN   but…  Crying face
                    the Noles managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!
                  It was a good game but the  #1 Sooners  were not to be denied!
Oh!  Yea…  The  GATORS  beat Tennessee 33-23!  Go Gators! 
Ma Ma Mia!    Next week…   Kelsey’s Italian in Rockledge.  Last visit July 13th.
Home Again:  Classmates it’s good to be back with you and attending the events!
                       Really enjoy the company of Cocoa High Grads!  luv ya Red heart B-T-B
“You can never do a kindness too soon,
                         for you never know how soon it will be too late.”
                                                                              – Ralph Waldo Emerson
 Sent from my i-teepee in Cocoa! 


Bachman, Perry and Gingrich each had something to say about the Fed today!  They said it as if it were news that the Fed ought not to be printing money because of the inflationary impact, they said it such that it was news that the Fed has unbridled powers and is at fault for helping to create the recession.  They said more things as if to say the claims had never been said before.

They are out there making claims and assertions that Dr Ron Paul has made his entire congressional career.  I have an empty feeling however.  I think that few of us have paid  much attention to Ron Paul. During the last general election, I was that way .  Between then and now I lost my butt in trying to make millions in developing waterfront real estate in Cocoa Beach.

I had no idea that we were at the tail end of a horrendous housing bubble.  I was oblivious to the notion that economics plays such a pivotal roll in all walks of our society.  I began a study of economics and discovered too late that Ron Paul had predicted the bubble and the economic down-slide we are suffering as a result.

I have become an admirer of Ron Paul while having become disenchanted with virtually all other candidate.  The disenchant stems for my belief that they will say anything that people want to hear as long as it helps get them elected.  Now I hear them saying what Ron Paul has been saying for decades.  Why then is the press so reluctant to give Paul the kind of coverage they give to those talking heads on empty shirts and blouses?

Take a look at the email I got form a Ron Paul volunteer.  It brings up some very valid points.  I may be wrong about Ron Paul. I would appreciate, therefore,  anyone out there to share with me their feelings as to his candidacy.  One of our friends gave me some feedback that suggested he was too inflexible and incapable of compromise.  I appreciate that may be the case, but what’s worse … Paul’s inflexibility or _____________”s (fill in the name  of name another candidate) insincerity.

Lemme know what you think.   I’ll put this on the BLOG  under RonPaulPress  just in case anyone wants to enjoy some  semi public debate.

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: End Ron Paul Censorship
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 12:30:51 -0700
From: Ron Paul 2012 Volunteer <>
To: Conrad P Koch Jr <>

Dear Conrad P,

Do you think Ron Paul is getting the media coverage he deserves?

If you’re like many folks, your answer is a resounding “NO!”

After all, polls consistently show Ron Paul polling within the top three nationally, but he’s still virtually IGNORED by the national media.

Can I count on you to do something about it?

The truth is, by censoring Dr. Paul’s message of small, constitutionally-limited government, the media is acting as a roadblock to this campaign.

Of course, it is important to remember that bad press and bad press relations will only hurt Dr. Paul and his message.

So it is important to present facts and enthusiastic support for Dr. Paul in a civil manner.

By establishing a good relationship with the media, we can encourage more and friendlier coverage of Dr. Paul which will help expand support for Ron Paul’s campaign.

The media is always looking for great stories, so you can help Dr. Paul by being a great source of information.

To start out, you only need to ask the question, “Why are you censoring my access to Ron Paul’s views?”

Because censorship is precisely what is going on.

So take some time to courteously discuss these important FACTS with the media to explain just why Ron Paul is a serious contender:

***    Ron Paul polls consistently in a dead heat with President Obama (Rasmussen, Gallup, CNN, Rasmussen);

***    Ron Paul consistently places in the top three in major Republican Primary polls;

***    Ron Paul is number two in fundraising and number one for individual donations;

***    Ron Paul has more military donations than all other GOP candidates combined, as well as President Obama;

***    Ron Paul is a twelve-term Congressman and has spent his entire career defending the Constitution;

***    Ron Paul is the only candidate to accurately predict the housing bubble, economic crises and the devaluation of the dollar.

Once you establish the legitimacy of Dr. Paul’s candidacy,  you can then ask, “Why isn’t there more coverage of someone who meets all the requirements of a serious candidate?”

By presenting the facts in a civil manner, you can spread Dr. Paul’s message of liberty and help him win the Republican nomination.

Please contact the national media — and your local media — today, and remember to treat them with courtesy and respect.

For Liberty,

Jerry Shidell
National Volunteer Director
Paid for by Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee

This message was intended for:
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click here.
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Sadness fill the heart of many as we learn of Jessica’s, Fred’s and Dale’s passing from this earth.

When I originally posted I hadn’t heard of Jessica’s passing.  

Let us find some solace in the fact that all those friends who have gone

do live forever in the thoughts that fill our hearts and occupy minds.  

Sorry to bring you more sad news but a memorial is scheduled today for Fred Gay.

A Celebration of Life will be held at the Rockledge Country Club on Sunday,
September 18, from 2-6 p.m. Additional parking will be available at Golfview Elementary

and Rockledge Garden Club, Fiske Blvd., and shuttle service provided by Quality Pontiac.


|   Visit Guest Book

Fred Gay of Rockledge, eldest son of Dudley and Nell Gay, and one of the most respected business and volunteer leaders in the Brevard Community passed away at home on September 14, 2011. Freds joy in life was helping friends and anyone else in need. His advice and counsel were sought by many and his concern for their welfare was always genuine.Fred was born on March 31, 1941 in Sylvester, GA. He and his family moved to Brevard County in 1954. At the age of 18, he entered the Florida National Guard and he went on active duty during the Berlin crisis. He returned home as a 2nd Lieutenant and continued to serve in the National Guard until he left the service as Company Commander in 1968.While a student at Cocoa High School, he worked in the parts department for Bob Ennis Olds Cadillac on Merritt Island, then he worked as a salesman, sales manager and finally a general manager. After ten years as general manager at Bob Ennis Dealership, Fred be came a partner at Marconi Pontiac, and in 1987 be came the owner of Quality Pontiac GMC Trucks. He always loved a game of chance, and he believed the game of golf was a four hour waste of time, that is until he learned that wagers were accepted. He eventually turned into a golf fanatic. Rockledge Country Club became his home away from home, and the club members were grateful for his leadership and involvement.His community and volunteer service is Legendary! There is hardly an organization in Brevard County in which he didn’t participate, contribute, or lead. Giving back to the community was an important part of his life.

Fred is survived by his wonderful and supportive wife, Jana; Daughters, Michelle Gay North, Nicole Gay Lato, Dottie Matteson. Sisters, Trena (Bob) Hopkins, Kathryn Gay Gutierrez, Marilyn Gay Winkler (predeceased); Brother, Don (Beverly) Gay. Three Grandchildren, One Great Grandchild, Eleven Nieces and Nephews, and Three Grand Nieces and Nephews.

A Celebration of Life will be held at the Rockledge Country Club on Sunday, September 18, from 2-6 p.m. Additional parking will be available at Golfview Elementary and Rockledge Garden Club, Fiske Blvd., and shuttle service provided by Quality Pontiac.

In Lieu of Flowers donations should be made to the Brevard Community College Fred Gay Golf Academy.

Published in FLORIDA TODAY on September 15, 2011
On Sep 14, 2011, at 9:04 PM, Lois Reinhart wrote:
Billy Hardy or B-T-B  is out of town and I am reporting
to you from my teepee in Cape Canaveral.

Hmmm…Billy may have some competition thanks to

my Indian ancestor.   Lois R.

Hello CREW… <ids_emoticon_rose.gif>                                                                          09-14-11

Longhorn Steak House:  Small turnout but great company. We talked until way after 7:00 pm.

Attendees:  Barbara Thomas, Judy McAllister Mallette,

   Shirley Terryn Turner visiting from St. Mary’s, GA,
   Cheryl King Beckman spending the week here from Maitland,
   Bill Weinberg, Lois and George Reinhart.

  Next Week:  Fishlips at Cape Canaveral

Sad News:  Dale Dixon passed away on Sept. 8.

Memorial services will be held at St. Lukes Episcopal Church,

  5555 North Tropical Trail in Merritt Island, on Saturday,
  September 17, 2011 at 3:00 p.m.


Dale Dixon Cocoa Gone, to finally rest in peace, Retired Officer Dale Dixon, of the Cocoa Police Department, passed from this life on September 8, 2011. Born in Detroit, Michigan on February 23, 1941, he came with his parents, sister, and brothers to Florida at an early age. He graduated from Cocoa High, worked in air conditioning for awhile until he was able to join the Cocoa Police Department around 1965. Police work was his life and he honored it by his presence. He retired after 30+ years on the force, but continued to work with the Police Department after wards on many cases. Dale was one of a small group of officers who origi nally founded the Brevard County Police Benevolent Association (PBA), and served as President from 1976-1980. He then moved to Tallahassee and served as Vice President of the Florida PBA from 1980-83, returning back to the Co coa Police Department to serve out his career. Dale never stopped working for his fellow police officers, even during the last 2 years of retirement. During his career as police officer, accident investigator, vice, and detective, he worked with and trained many fellow officers who, to this day, respect and admire him for his efforts. Dale was a devoted son and loving father and faithful friend. He is sur vived by his mother, Patricia E. Dixon; his three children, Craig Dixon and family, Catherine Dixon, and Clay Dixon; his broth ers, Gary Dixon (wife, Susie-Detroit), Michael Dixon (St. Augustine), and sister, Judy Tonger (Palatka); and, his many nieces and nephews. Waiting for him in Heaven is his father, Edward Dixon, and his brother, Mark Dixon. Dale will always be missed, always be loved, and never forgotten. Memorial services will be held at St. Lukes Episcopal Church, 5555 North Tropical Trail in Merritt Island, on Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 3:00 p.m., followed by re freshments in his honor in the Fellowship Hall. St. Lukes is located off of State Rd. 3, half way be tween the Barge Canal and Kennedy Space Center. In order to honor his dedication to his fellow officers, the family asks that, in lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Dales memory to the Florida PBA Heart Fund, 300 East Brevard Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301. Funeral Solutions (321-638-1373) is en trusted with final memorial arrangements.

Sent from my  i-teepee in Cape Canaveral – Lois Reinhart

Good Times at LongHorns

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                                  09-15-11

Info from attendees:     Good times at  Longhorn Steak House!

Attendees:       Barbara Thomas, Judy McAllister Mallette,
Shirley Terryn Turner visiting from St. Mary’s, GA,

           Cheryl King Beckman spending the week here from Maitland,
                         Bill Weinberg, Lois and George Reinhart.
Next Week:  Fishlips at Cape Canaveral       (Thank you for the CREW info Lois! Red rose)
Ole B-T-B:          Still in Boone, NC trying to catch a trout in between…

 Smoke-Signals 101 Classes.  Winking smile      Weather here:  clear skies and cool!

 Lot of stories to tell but with the sad events going on, will skip them for now.  

More sad news…  Jessica Perry Onesty died Wednesday, September 7, 2011,
                            in the early morning from a sudden heart attack in her home
                                  in Littleton, Colorado. Arrangements are pending.
Jessica Perry Onesty
18 Canyon Cedar
Littleton, Colorao 80127
Keep in touch with your friends and classmates!   luv ya  Red heart  B-T-B
“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”
                                                                                     – Charles Thomas
 Sent from my vacation  i-teepee in Boone!    

I’m Afraid That We, the Electorate, Just Don’t “Get It”

Forgive my delving into a political stance but I am really concerned that we as an electorate just don’t “get it”.  We don’t realize that the only thing that really matters in our assessment of a candidate is his or her stance on the basic economic principles  the free market drivers and the way they affect our freedoms.  Forget that it is Fox News producing the program!  Rather just take a look at this interview and share with us why you do or don’t agree that Ron Paul is the only candidate that has any idea of what economics and the free market  is all about  and that he should be our next president!




Weinberg says … Let’s Go To Longhorn’s 14 Sept 2011 …

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                                      09-12-11

By popular vote:  Tongue     Visit # 9     Last  June 8th

next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event  

      5:30    Wednesday     September 14, 2011

              LONGHORN’S   STEAK   HOUSE
770 East Merritt Island Causeway
Merritt island, FL 32952  (321) 456-5559


Sad News:     Monday morning and it is the first time I have checked
                     my emails since last week.     Rec’d notice from several
                   classmates that  Dale Dixon Class of 59, had passed on 9/8.
                Also recd an email from his oldest son Craig stating if you want
                  funeral information to contact him at:
Note:  Dale attended several CREW events and was enjoying his retirement.
           We…  Classmates and Friends express our condolences to his family.
Boone, NC:   The ole Indian arrived late Saturday!  Promptly set up camp
                in his timeshare!  This teepee has indoor plumbing and heating! Winking smile
                It is cool in the mountains, a welcome change from Fla.  Plan on
             some fishing, Louis LaMour book reading, dining and other activities
            tourists do in the mountains!   Will miss the CREW event this week! Sad smile
Nuff 4 Now:   Gotta get back to the fun stuff!    Will be sending more as soon
                                    as I complete my refresher course…
                     Smoke Signals 101    Where                     luv ya Red heart   B-T-B

“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert,

        in five years there’d be a shortage of sand.” – Milton Friedman
Sent from my  i-Teepee  in Boone N.C.

Happenin’s at Ashleys 9-7-2011

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                                          09-08-11

Ashley’s:      ALMOST  rained Storm cloud out!   Some brave souls did attend!  😉  
Attendees:   Ty Epling, Gerry Heller & Bill, David Alexander, Clark True,
         Mary Laycock & Ralph, Billy Weinberg, Lois & Geo Reinhart, & ole B-T-B
                                    Lots of Birthday   Birthday cake   Cake for all!
Traveling?  Very little classmate news this time, a lot of folks are out of town.
Nothing to wear!  In 1930 the average woman had 9 outfits.  Now days
                               the average woman buys 60 new pieces each year!
                               Good Grief!  and don’t even ask about shoes! lol  Crazy
Angel City Celebration:   Last Sunday ole B-T-B was invited by classmate
                              Amos Dawley to attend this annual event.  Lots of fried
                            mullet, chicken, and cabbage palm.   It is very similar to
                            the Mosquito Beater event.   A gathering of good friends
                            and neighbors discussing the present and past.  And did
                            I tell you…  the  fried mullet were fantastic!  yummmm!  
Who cares?      Must  be  vacation  time !
                   The ole Indian is packing up his teepee and trekking off
                 for a week at the Happy Hunting Grounds!    (Boone, N.C.)
             All the  HOT  weather has worn the ole geezer  down to a mere
           shadow of himself! Ghost  Need to get away from it all?    You know…
         the endless party’s, late night pow wows and the constant commercial
          interruptions of FSU  football games!   Plan on Lake fishing, sampling
            the high country vittles, sipping on hillbilly firewater and hummm?
                          might be one other activity  to re-learn!  Wink
                   Art of  Smoke Signals 101   What were you thinking? lol

Next Week:    Survey says!  “Lets go to Longhorns Steak House on M.I.”
I require only three things of a man… 
                he must be handsome, ruthless and stupid!     What
                                                                         –   Dorothy Parker  
American poet, short story writer, critic & satirist known for her wit, wisecracks.
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