Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

17 Classmates attended at Kelsey’s on 10/26/2011

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                                       10-27-11

How do we do it?  Winking smile  CREW, events just keep getting better and better!

                                17 Classmates   attended at Kelsey’s Italian last night!
                                  You would have thought it was a class reunion!  Party smile
Attendees:  Chairperson Corinne Bowley, David Alexander, Barbara Thomas,
                     Jack & Linda Young, Clark True, Geo & Lois Reinhart, Ann Rudd,
                       Bill Weinberg, and some 1st visit  folks;  Charlie & Liz Butler,
                    Steve & Michelle Westman.   Great to see Mary Laycock & Ralph.
                        Ralph had a fight with pneumonia..  RALPH  WON!  Yea!
                               And ole  B-T-B          Server:  Devin was great!
Trick or Treat:  Halloween almost here!   Little folks “just wanna have fun”!
                            Stock up on the good stuff and put smiles on their faces
                           this weekend!  Ya Don’t Want Your Windows Soaped!  lol

Could it be?   Thursday, October 27, 2011   Today NP    Style Section,  P.7E
                     Jennifer THARPE?   Daughter of Roy & Barbara?  I think so! 
                             Wow!  She is almost as pretty as her  Red rose  mom!!!
 Next week:   Back to Ashley’s  for the November CREW birthday celebration!

                                       02  Jimmy Sisco    11  Fred Tucker       13  Judy Frese

                                       18  Suanna Bird    24  Lynn Krnoul      26  Alice Barron

                                       26  Anne Barron   27  Helen Granger   31  James Bond

                                               Are you on the list?  Let me know if you not!    

A look back:        From good friend, Conrad Koch in New Hampshire.
“A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who
you are on Halloween.” – Erma Bombeck
Sent from my I-teepee in Brevard County!

So you think the US is pulling out of Iraq … Think again folks!!!

 Tell me again … I forgot  …. Why will we need 20,000 people in Iraq???


Read on  and realize that our  “wonder” filled leader is twisting facts with fiction … again!


Here’s just a snipit

The US embassy – the largest and most expensive in the world – is in a green zone of its own in Baghdad, supplied by armed convoys and generating its own water and electricity, and treating its own sewage. At 104 acres, the embassy is almost the same size as Vatican City. It is here that the US is transforming its military-led approach into one of muscular diplomacy.

State department figures show that some 17,000 personnel will be under the jurisdiction of the US ambassador. In addition, there are also consulates in Basra, Mosul and Kirkuk, which have been allocated more than 1,000 staff each. Crucially, all these US staff, including military and security contractors, will have diplomatic immunity. Essentially, the Obama administration is reaping the political capital of withdrawing US troops while hedging the impact of the withdrawal with an increase in private security contractors working for a diplomatic mission unlike any other on the planet.



Over that period,1995 to 2008, total federal outlays grew to $2.982 trillion from $1.515 trillion, a 5.3 percent average annual growth rate.

Both parties tend to promote Big and Bigger Government.

Look at this statment from today’s  MISES Daily article.


Stripped to its core, politics is nothing more than an egregiously expensive exercise in self-aggrandizement and frustration. Once you get past the preening and rabble-rousing, all democratic government is Fabian government. Democratic government always grows. That Limbaugh consistently persuades his putative 20 million daily listeners that Republicans are champions of the free market and small government is a tribute to charismatic oratory. Republicans are nearly as progovernment as Democrats. The great Republican revolution lasted from 1995 to 2008. Over that period, total federal outlays grew to $2.982 trillion from $1.515 trillion, a 5.3 percent average annual growth rate.


The article ends with the assertion:

There is a salutary effect to minding one’s business: the more one withdraws from politics, the more one realizes how trifling politics actually is, while concurrently realizing how cooperation and freedom provide the best solutions to the greatest number of problems.

Whoops … Be At Kelsey’s Oct 26 not Sept 28 2011!


Ole B-T-B  Got the date wrong!!!    
Note:   Thanks to Conrad Koch’s keen eyes…   NO MISTAKE SHALL GO UN-NOTICED!  LOL
Hello CREW… Wilted rose
My HUMBLE  apologies to all…     Please note the CORRECTED date  below!
You may have heard me say…
 “Ole Geezers are expected to make mistakes AND do dumb things!”
             Soooo  I try not to disappoint anyone!   lol
Hummmm  My last mistake?   Back in 2007 I think!  lol
Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event:

   5:30 PM    Wednesday,  Oct 26, 2011 

        Kelsey’s  Pizzeria

                                    6th visit!    last:  9-28-11

1954 US Highway 1, Rockledge.    321 433-0095
              Take a left  at the 3rd red light south of Ashley’s.
That is the Eyster (sp?) Road Light!
Sent from my  HUMBLE  I-teepee in Cocoa!

Ron Paul Dialog with Meet The Press

Take a look at this Meet The Press dialog

Don’t you think Ron Paul is right on target as to the severity of the problems we face as a nation and equally on target as to the disgusting way in which many leading contenders use valuable debate air-time to pick on each other’s character by discussing non-issues like  “Who is mowing Mitt Romney’s lawn?

Come-on …. wa’da’ya’think folks?  It’s also on if you want to comment.

5:30 PM Wednesday, —- OCT — (not Sept) — 26 — (not 28), 2011 Be At Kelsey’s If You Got Nothing Better To Do!!!!

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                                  10-23-11

What?  Stress  After the RAPTURE,  your still here???   Most of our CHS
             Classmates were NOT  taken!  Hummm Have not heard from:
   John Dean, Susan Ellinor, Barbara Thomas, Ed Murphy, Amber Forrest,
            Janet Sewell, Roy Tharpe, “Luigi Caples”, Sandee Natowich,
           Patsy Reed, Ralph & Mary Laycock, Jimmy Sisco, Ellen Needle,
     Ann Barron, Shirley Pomeroy,  AND YOU!   Have you departed? Crazy
The Future?  Next Doom’s Day prediction is scheduled for:  12-21-12 ! 
                 ( read the CREW emails for the latest  IMPORTANT  updates!  lol )  

Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event:

   5:30 PM    Wednesday,  Sept 28, 2011 

        Kelsey’s  Pizzeria

                                    6th visit!    last:  9-28-11

1954 US Highway 1, Rockledge.    321 433-0095
              Take a left  at the 3rd red light south of Ashley’s.
That is the Eyster (sp?) Road Light!
SAFE & DRY!   Email from Allen Scott… (living in Bangkok Thailand)
                         Told me he is in a area safe from flooding so far.
                              Some shortages of food and bottled water,
                         (being sent to flooded areas)   However, he did
                    manage to find a couple of drinks so he could celebrate
                      his Birthday!   Hard to keep a CHS Tiger down!  Sneaky
What Next?    This possible future event warning sent to us by
                    Tom & Gloria Tinker!   Good Grief!!  More bad news?
                     Don’t know when, but it looks like we might have a
                   7-8 hour warning?   Watch the videos for information!
Per Tom, We will be back in town the 27th if it’s   NOT TOO WET!  LOL 
Check This:   IF  you made it through the Rapture go to this website to
                          see how Medicare folks compare local hospitals and
                           their performance!  Interesting!  What do you think?
Ahhh Shucks!  Nuff doom n gloom, as ole Mr. Revels used to say before
           every football game!  “I predict we are going to win!
“A jury consists of twelve persons
      chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.” – Robert Frost
 Sent from my i-teepee in Cocoa! 

To the Baja Tavern & Eats!

Hello CREW… Red rose                                                                     10-20-11

Bravo!   To the Baja Tavern & Eats!   A great experience!  Arrived at 5 PM
            and as the CREW appeared we elected to sit outside!  The weather
      was cool & the whole evening was a pleasure! While dining we watched
     two cruise ships depart. Everybody waved and wished we were onboard!
Attendees:  Sarah Crockett, Jackie Lane, Lois & Geo Reinhart, Bill Weinberg
                     Clark & Marilyn True, Ginger Fine & Gary, Ruth Bryant & Arron,
                         Gerry Heller & Bill, David Alexander, and surprise visits by
                        Jack & Linda Young, Wilt & Donna Wagner!   also ole B-T-B 
Make Plans:    Tomorrow, Oct 21  Bejesus and Bejibbers   The  Rapture?
                      Had my annual physical, my flu shot, paid my bills, found my
                     Passport, DD214, loaded my S&W 45, filled up the gas tanks,
                         got my hair cut, checked my Medicine Man Pouch, and 
                     renewed my Cherokee Tribal Dance Certificate.    I’m ready!
                     ( only problem… just the good folks are going!  sniff sniff  I will be staying!)
             The ole Indian plans to go to Norman’s, drink firewater,
                 and try to capture a squaw for one last  PARTY-HARDY!   lol
                     If the Rapture doesn’t get you… join me for a Cold Draft!
Happy News:  Judy Parker recently had a diagnosis of cancer. After scans
                   and tests it was determined that it had not spread and can be
                treated.  She says THANKS everyone for the prayers & support!
                               Luv you Judy & Mick,  Red heart   The CREW!  
From Conrad Koch:                    “Hey Man!”
                           I just posted the images you sent of Ronnie Likon’s Woody
and your 56 Chevy  to the   BLOG site.
                          If anyone has images that they would like to share with the
                               rest of us I would be more than willing to post them!
Maybe you can put the word out in one of your posts.
Conrad Koch:
Next Week:      Kelsey’s  Italian  in  Rockledge!
A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth
                    has a chance to get its pants on. – Sir Winston Churchill 
 Sent from my i-teepee in Cocoa! 


This shoud convince folks why Ron Paul Really Should be President

If this doesn’t convince people that the only guy running for president that understands how to fix the economy is Ron Paul, then I am afraid we are doomed to wallow in ignorance perpetuated by those serving their own greed and self interest while our great nation marches on its path to oblivion.

Please feel free to comment if you agree or don’t agree. Let’s do the right thing!!

Banned Interview (apparently) because he is telling it like it is??? I think So!

Catching Obama in his lieing ways

Ok!   Remember Ronnie Likon’s ole Woodie!       Sure you do…  🙂
Here are some pictures his son Craig sent to me!    Thanks  Craig!
In one….    Bobby Likon, Ronnie’s older brother, is standing next
to a 55 Chevy!   That was a preacher’s car and I tried to buy it from 
HOOPER MOTORS M.I.   At that time I was a Senior at CHS and had
very little money!  Crying face  Dad said…  “Wait till you graduate & get a job!”
Well Bobby bought it and it was…  the fastest 55 Chevy in Cocoa!  lol
In another pic…     a year later, that’s me and my 56 Red heart Chevy!
And for a while it was…  the fastest 56 Chevy in Cocoa!   yee – haw!
  ( yep! it was fast but didn’t have as much  pick-up-power  as the Woodie! lol )
The other pictures are of  Bobby with his girl friends… 
Wow!  That ole Woodie had    PICK – UP – POWER!  LOL   
See if you recognize any of  Bobby’s friends.
I saw one…  Libby Hodges, a cutie!   (My first REAL  Love 2 KISS!  yikes! )