Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Cocoa Crew Review - A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

Hello CREW…                                                          05-31-15
    Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event

      5:30 PM  Wednesday  June 3, 2015

                Ashley’s  Restaurant

                     1609  Highway 1    Rockledge, Fl   636-6430


June –  CHS Classmate B-Days
  3   Corinne Bowley    5   Bobby  Likon    8   Jerry  Smith

          9   John Manuel    12   Myrna Swindell    14   Judy Scherer

           15   Bill Weinberg    17   Carole  Saxe    21   Charles Ward

              24   June Cox    30   Dick  Bankhead    30   John Estes

                          32   Uncle Remus       33   Brer Rabbit

Pickled eggs?     Hard boiled eggs cured in a brine.
Done to preserve the food so that it could be eaten
months later.  They were a favorite snack in pubs,

          bars and taverns…  anywhere  beer  is served. 
Do you remember having them at the Triangle Bar? 

 Now  Hot Wings   or  Oysters  seem to be the favorites.

       Ugh!   One of my favorite’s…    Buttermilk and Fritos!  lol 

Things you need to know? 

           Kangaroos can’t walk backwards.

   The electric chair was invented by a dentist.

Human’s are the only species that makes plans..

I have not failed.

          I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

                                                    –  Thomas Alva Edison

Sent from my I-teepee,  planning to try one more time!

Viva Cuban Cuisine!

Hello CREW…  Emoji                                                    05-28-15

     Viva Cuban Cuisine!   The dessert was awesome! Emoji 

     10 folks visited and enjoyed;  Platanes Maduros,
    Black Bean Soup, Emoji   Ropa Vieja, and two happy
folks savored the awesome Cuban Paella!  mmmmm
    Don’t know what these are?   Ya gotta visit Roberto’s.  😉
         Say Hello to excellent Interpreter and Server…  Zoe!  
ATTENDEES:  Jack Crockett, Gerri Dutcher, Clark True,
                Dan Shoemaker, Mary Laycock & her guests,
         Sharon & Judy, BTB, Gerry Heller & husband Bill.
          Sorry no pictures taken, we were enjoying the meals and
               having toooo much fun!   Ya should have been there!
Hot Diggity Dog!    Today is National Emoji Burger Day!  

You think it’s hot?       Extreme heat wave in India

  has taken over 1400 lives.   Gov’t urging people to
  stay out of the sun! Duh!   Temps near 117 degrees.
   How about that Road Trip?      Saturday, May 30th 
        Join  CHS Classmates  on a Caravan for lunch at
             Captain Hiram’s Restaurant Sebastian, Fl.
  Meet @ Planet Fitness, Rockledge,  10:30 – 10:45 AM
     R.S.V.P.  or  Questions?   Bill Weinberg  636-0530 
Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man.
        What is first, you ask?  Landing, of course!           
Words of wisdom rec’d from a couple of CHS Aviators:
Next event:   Ashley’s in Rockledge   June B-Day Party
                                      Visit: #73     Last:   05-06-15  

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include
    the freedom to make mistakes.  – Mahatma Gandhi

Sent from my I-teepee thinking, a mistake?    

               Welcoming Christopher Columbus to our lands.  Ugh!  


Hello CREW…Emoji                                                              05-24-15

               Monday  May 25th is Memorial Day.
   Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event
   5 PM   Wednesday    May 27, 2015
  No need to arrive before 5 PM, that is when they open the doors.
Roberto’s Little Havana Restaurant 
                        26 North Orlando Ave  Cocoa Beach, Fl.

                                                866 339-7042 

        Across the street from the Heidelberg German Restaurant 


Go to the website & print your coupon for free dessert.

ENTERTAINMENT:    Jacob Toliver was on American Idol Show.

   Click here… scroll down and click on the guy at the piano.
                          You have heard it before but this is  SPECIAL! Emoji
IRL Indy 500  today:       Emoji   Green Flag @ Noon on ABC
Nascar Coca Cola 600:   Emoji   Green Flag @ 6 PM on FOX
                                                             Go Chevrolet! Emoji 
What are these?    Third Shift, Magic Hat, Fire Rock,
         Canoe Paddler, Goose Island, White Wing, Torpedo,
  Nooner?  Emoji   Dog Fish Head, Sea Dog, Rogue, Harpoon,
  Castaway, Wild Blue, Omission, Purple Haze, Turbo Dog,
                  Red Hook, Snapshot, Flat Tire, Skinny Dip?
    Ans.    Go to Publix and look at the  BEER  DISPLAY.
                  Does anyone remember  BUDWEISER?  Emoji
So U wanna  Road Trip?    Sat, May 30th    A Caravan

  for lunch at Captain Hiram’s Restaurant Sebastian, Fl.
  Meet @ Planet Fitness, Rockledge, 10:30 – 10:45 AM
      R.S.V.P.  or  Questions?   Bill Weinberg 636-0530 
We come, not to mourn our dead soldiers,
                          but to praise them.   – Francis A. Walker

Sent from my I-teepee remembering lost brave Men and Women.

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                          05-21-15

      Ahhhhh  Norman’s…   a lot of good memories here! 

Norman 5-20-2015

Attendees: L – R  Tom McFarland, Lee Rolle, Lynn Krnoul,
   Harvey Baker, Sandra Mangum, Jack Crockett, Ole BTB,            Gerri Dutcher, Bill Weinberg, Priscilla Firkins,     Sherri Gentry, Joyce Kubler,   Earl “Mac” McFarland!     Jerry Smith and wife Connie stopped by to say hello.                 

Servers:   Joe and Shelby kept us happy.

            Thanks to Gerri Dutcher Emoji for the picture!
Memorial Day Ceremony @  McLarty Park, Rockledge.
   Sunday May 24th  2 PM        More Info?  305-4975

Open House!  
  The Valiant Air Command in Titusville
                   (TICO)  is hosting a free Memorial Day visit.
                                 Saturday & Sunday  9 AM – 5 PM 
How about a Road Trip?   Sat, May 30th    A Caravan
  for lunch at Captain Hiram’s Restaurant Sebastian, Fl.
    Meet @ Planet Fitness, Rockledge, 10:30 – 10:45 AM
        R.S.V.P.  or  Questions?   Bill Weinberg 636-0530 
Really?     During the chariot scene in the 1959 movie
           “Ben Hur”  red car can be seen in the distance.
             Hummm   Ole Tom Caples had a red 1959 Chevy Impala?           
May 21st…     National Waitresses / Waiters Day
          No question!  Christie Emoji at Ashley’s is the BEST! 
Next event:   Roberto’s Little Havana Restaurant  C.B.
                                         Visit: #8     Last:  12-10-2014
Interesting how everyone loves each other,
    but no one really likes each other.   – Stephen Chbosky 

Sent from my I-teepee thinking, might be a few folks like ole Indians?

Visit to the starting place!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                         05-17-15

 Visit to the starting place!  Laugh   2008.                 
Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event 
      5:30 PM     Wednesday     05-20-15
   Norman’s Raw Bar & Grille  
              3  Forrest Avenue,  Cocoa  433-0872 
KUDO’s…   for  jobs  Well  Done! 
        Lois Emoji Atkinson – Reinhart:  
 Current   CHS   info –  
       Conrad Emoji Koch:
             Current CREW info –
Some types of common headache’s:  
      According to an article in Today NP  5-14-14  P.5D
       1.  Tension Headache’s    2.  Migraine Headache’s
3.  Cluster Headache’s   4.  Allergy-induced Headache’s
   Hummmm they forgot  Emoji   5.  Not To Night Headache’s  Ugh!
A cure?     Recent survey reported in Today NP.
         85% of women say Chocolate made them HAPPY!
                  Might just be the cure for # 5  heh heh heh
Botox by Bug…    While mowing the grass I made a
     nest of Yellow Jackets mad.  One stung me on the
 upper lip.  Ugh!  Instant Botox Swelling!   Immediately
  placed ice on it and after an hour things were normal.
             Don’t recommend this…  Nature’s Way Method! 
3-2-1 Emoji   Atlas V Launch with X-37B   Wed.  10:45AM
Road Trip for Lunch!   Sat, May 30th  Join the Caravan
         to visit Captain Hiram’s Restaurant Sebastian, Fl.
    Meet @ Planet Fitness, Rockledge, 10:30 – 10:45 AM
        R.S.V.P.  or  Questions?   Bill Weinberg 636-0530 
                  Hey Bill…    Ugh!  They serve Buffalo Jerky?
You wouldn’t worry so much about what others
       think of you if you realized how seldom they do.
                                                               – Eleanor Roosevelt 
Sent from my I-teepee wondering if anyone thinks of ole Indian?

Ahhhhh Soooo! Ginger & Garlic – A delicious event!

Hello CREW… Emoji                                                          05-14-15

Ahhhhh Soooo!  Emoji   Ginger & Garlic – A delicious event!

          17 CHS Classmates were ver… leee  happeee!  
                            The Hot and Sour Soup was the best!
           No cake, but after dinner the management provided
                  a serving of Krab Rangoon for every classmate! 
                                   ( Deep Fried Sugar Coated Dumplings)  Emoji
With out a doubt the food & friendly service were OUTSTANDING!
Very pleased to see CHS Teachers, Julia Beckman
                 and Phil Eschbach attending our CREW event.
     Did you know Mr. E.  flew B-26 Martin Marauder’s
during WWII?  56 Combat Missions.  Originally nicknamed
   the Widow Maker, because it was so difficult to fly. 
We were thrilled to hear Phil recall his flight experiences.
     B-26 Marauder, a World War II twin-engined medium bomber.
If interested, view video:  Here comes Mr. E?   Awesome!
  A Totally restored A-26 flying.  Provided by Clark True.
                     F.Y.I.    A-26  =  Attack       B-26  =  Bomber
    Priscilla Firkins, Phil Eschbach, Bill Weinberg.
Ginger and Spice 5-13-2015
 Attendees:   L – R    Sandy Mangum, Carole Saxe
          Julia Beckman, Bill Weinberg, Phil Eschbach,
            Priscilla Firkins, Linda Young, Jack Young,
 George Reinhart, Mr. E’s wannabe co-Pilot BTB Emoji 
              Jack Crockett, Ann Driskill, Clark True,
 David Alexander, Shirley Pomeroy, Harvey Baker.
 Lois EmojiAtkinson took picture.  Thanks Classmate! 

 BTW   Door prize drawing, a table top Oriental

         Water Garden was won by Priscilla Firkins.  Emoji
CHS Reunion Slide Show!  
     Thanks Lois Emoji Atkinson for putting it together! 
Road Trip for lunch!  Sat, May 30th  Join the Caravan
        to visit Captain Hiram’s Restaurant Sebastian, Fl.
  Meet @ Planet Fitness, Rockledge, 10:30 – 10:45 AM
      R.S.V.P.  or  Questions?   Bill Weinberg 636-0530  
Next event:    Normans Raw Bar and Grille, Cocoa
                                     Visit: # 12       Last: 02-11-15
There are  OLD PILOTS  and there are  BOLD PILOTS,
  but… there are  NO OLD – BOLD PILOTS!  – Anonymous 

Sent from my I-teepee just before TAKE-OFF to practice pilot skills!


Hello CREW… Emoji                                                       05-10-15

    快乐时光乘员组     (Happy Hour Crew)

   5:30 PM   Wednesday   May 13, 2015 
Ginger and Garlic  – Emoji Chinese Emoji
       The CREW loved this place… will we set a new record?
                  Gluten-Free and Friendly”
                   1172 US Highway 1  Rockledge,  Fl 32955
                                           (321)  632-8888   –  see menu 
 This will be the  CREW’s  2nd  visit to this restaurant.
                Flag  down  a  Rickshaw  and  attend.
                           You might win a door prize?  
May 13th:      Emoji    National  Leprechaun  Day!
                      Hummm are there Chinese Leprechaun’s? 
Road Trip for lunch!   Sat, May 30th  Join the Caravan
         to visit Captain Hiram’s Restaurant Sebastian, Fl.
    Meet @ Planet Fitness, Rockledge, 10:30 – 10:45 AM
        R.S.V.P.  or  Questions?   Bill Weinberg 636-0530     
Giddy up!        Department of Energy Info Admin
                 expects gasoline to drop 32% this summer!
Scary…    Article in the Today NP  (05-08-15)  stated,
                24% of Florida Drivers have NO insurance!On the whole, human beings want to be good,
 but not too good, and not all the time. – George Orwell

Sent from my I-teepee, sometimes being BAD is GOOD!  Emoji 

Hello CREW…                                                                             05-07-15

                              Ashley’s:    A Place for Happy Classmates, & great CARROT CAKEAshley''s 05-06-15

     Attendees:  L – R             George Reinhart, Priscilla Firkins,

                                         Sherri Gentry, Corinne Bowley?  ole BTB,

                                          Clark True, Myrna Swindell, Ann Driskill,

                                       Jack Crockett, (Thanks for sharing the Shrimp!)  

                                   Gerry Trammell, Mary Laycock, Bill Weinberg.

                            SERVER:  Christie… what can we say?  Perfection!

  Special Thanks to our beautiful Photographer

             Lois Atkinson for all the CREW pictures!  Our Beautiful Photographer

    George Reinhart takes pictures also but Lois

                 is  MUCH  better looking!  

Advance Notice:   Boomer Bash and Senior Expo.

     Fri, Nov 6, 10-3PM  Port Canaveral Exploration Tower.

            This looks interesting, will… “track”.     More info later? 

R U  70  years young     or    R U 70 years old?

                 George Carlin brings you up to date.

         Modern Euphemisms.   A laugh at ourselves.

Next event:   Ginger & Garlic Chinese in Rockledge
                                            Visit: # 2      Last:  02-25-15

             Remember?    On our first visit we had a  RECORD

                                               attendance of  29 CHS Classmates.   

Those who let things happen usually lose to
        those who make things happen. – Dave Weinbaum

Sent from my I-teepee wondering What’s Happening to Ragnar?

May – Day! May – Day! Yep! it is MAY!

Hello CREW…                                                           05-03-15

 May – Day!  May – Day!   Yep! it is MAY!

       Well I’ll be darn…   Wednesday is Seis de Mayo!  

                    Hope you have a good Cinco de Mayo!

   Next   HAPPY HOUR CREW event

     5:30 PM  Wednesday  April 6, 2015

                Ashley’s  Restaurant

                  1609  Highway 1    Rockledge, Fl   636-6430


May CHS Classmate Birthdays, is yours on the list?

        2  Tommy Tinker   5  Judy Parker   n/a  Karen Martin

      10  Dan Young   13  George Reinhart   18  Delores Peavy

      18  Donnie Olsteen   29  Charlie Murray   30  Ed Murphy

                       31  Dot Lanier        32  Ragnar Lothbrok

Mmmmm   Rumor?   A Carrot Cake for dessert?

May 2 –  All winners! American Pharoah, Mayweather

                              Princess Little White Dove?

                            My lotto number?     Ugh!  Not yet. 

Reminder:   May 6th is National Beverage Day!

    Beverage Day is a day of pleasure and relaxation.

Grab a bottle, or a six-pack of your favorite beverage.

   Sit down in a comfortable chair…. indoors or out.

      Slowly sip and savor your drink.   Life is good!

                 Couldn’t have said it better myself! 

A field trip?    Rec’d an email from Bill Weinberg stating

that plans are in work for a CREW motorcade adventure.

                         No details yet but stay tuned!

Wishes cost nothing unless

                     you want them to come true.  – Frank Tyger

Sent from my I-teepee, wishing I had said that!