Cocoa Crew Review

A Compendium of Cocoa Crew's Congenial Carousing

What is the “New Crew Review”?????

It may have been six or seven  eight or nine  nine or ten years ago when Corinne and Billy happened to run into each other at the Alamo.  As they spent a few minutes talking over the "good-ol-days"  Corinne remarked how good it would be to get together with some old school pals.  That was about it!  The thought languished for a couple of years and then a funny thing happened.

Rufo's Muffler shop, now converted  to Normans,   a really swinging restaurant and bar, became a meeting place for a few of the old classmates that Billy and Corinne talked about.  Five or six folks would show up Wednesday evenings and spend a couple of hours chatting and eating and having a generally great time sharing what was left of the memories of years past and renewing friendships that would  last for  years to come.

Soon the word spread and a few more folks would  show up.  Then even more would find their way to what became a weekly Wednesday evening "gathering".   Someone suggested that maybe a weekly change of scene  and  the chance to experience varied cuisine would be a good idea.  That started the "crew's" plans to meet at different venues each week.

As the word spread more and more folks would join the crew.  As many as 25 or 30 people would show up on occasion.  Wow!  What a fun gathering had been created.  Monthly, it was suggested, the crew would meet at Ashleys to celebrate birthdays.  Cake and frivolity would be served.  No one minded getting older.

An idea whose time had come.

A fine bunch of people.

A unique gathering.


What a Kick

What a Crew

What a fine thing to do

Now it's time to get off the dime

And Launch a Cocoa Crew Review

  • Spencer Payne says:

    Greetings All,

    I’ve had a very “colorful life” since graduating CHS in ’60 but I always remember fondly all the friends I made there. Good times and a few not-so-good but a wonderful part of my life took place there. We were all so very fortunate to have had those years in such wonderful company and as far as I’m concerned, a great time in the history of this country.
    I live in Winter Park and have been contemplating a visit with the ‘Crew’ but haven’t managed to do so… so much to do to catching up after my recent vacation. But my butt et al will eventually make it some day!!
    Bill, your blog is great and allows me to keep track of all you alumni. So thanks for all you do to make it happen!
    To all, thanks for being. Period.
    Love, Spence

    September 4, 2014 at 11:03
  • Bill Hardy says:

    A comment to “Thank” Conrad Koch for his efforts on the website. With his help it is another way for CHS Alumni to keep in touch and remember friendships and the best times we shared while in high school.
    We can’t go back but we will never forget. A classmate, Bill Hardy

    February 13, 2015 at 12:58

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